Bacopa Monnieri


What is Bacopa Monnieri?

Bacopa Monnieri is created from the Brahmi plant which is native to the wetlands of India. This herb goes by many different names including Andri, Bacopa Monnieri, Herb of Grace and Hysope. Brahmi has been a consistent part of traditional Indian medicine for centuries.

This plant has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat a variety of conditions from dandruff to sleep disorders. This herb is processed in different ways, with people hand-processing the herb in India. Often, the herb is dried or processed to create a potent extract.

Effects of Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri works to improve cognitive function in people of all ages. It improves the way the mind works for better memory and clearer thinking. This herb also helps to improve mood. People who take the dried herb or extract report feeling an instant lift in their mood and a new way in which their brain functions.

Those who seek information on Bacopa Monnieri are often amazed at the many ailments this herb can provide treatment for. It can be taken internally or applied topically through an extract made from steeping the leaves of the plant and extracting the precious oils inside.

Why Should I Use Bacopa Monnieri?

If you are one who suffers from memory lapses or feels your mind does not work at the same level it once did, you can benefit from taking Bacopa Monnieri. Unlike many other manufactured drugs, this herb causes few side-effects if any. There is no long waiting period for effects to be noticed so you can rest assured it will go right to work on improving the way your brain works.

Bacopa Monnieri can also be used to treat your anxiety conditions. If you suffer from anxiety that drives you to have panic attacks, taking this special herb can help. Those who take the herb at the onset of a panic attack find the intensity and duration of the attack are dramatically reduced. The herb can also be taken to help prevent attacks from occurring by keeping you calm and feeling at ease.

This special plant is also effective in treating people with asthma. If you have breathing difficulties, this herb can be used to dilate your bronchial tubes for fewer problems with labored breathing. It can be taken just as an asthma attack is occurring and can be used to help prevent them as well.

What are the Side-Effects of Bacopa Monnieri?

For the most part, people rarely suffer from any bad side-effects when taking Bacopa Monnieri. It is well tolerated by people of all ages, allowing people the treatment they need without stressing their health or causing nasty side-effects that make them stop treatment.

The most common side-effects people notice when taking Bacopa Monnieri fade with time and may include:

— Dry mouth
— Loose stools
— Nausea
— Abdominal cramping
— Fatigue

The vast majority of people find any side-effects to be so mild they do not prevent them from enjoying the positive benefits of taking the herb. Those who are pregnant or nursing will need to speak with their doctor to ensure the herb is safe since it can be transmitted to the baby through the placenta and through breast milk.

Those with reduced lung capacity, thyroid conditions, heart concerns and urinary tract obstructions may need to avoid taking this herb since it can in some cases cause increased complications. It is always best to speak with a doctor before beginning any herbal therapy to ensure there will be no adverse reactions with a person's health or the medications they currently take.

User Reviews From Those Taking Bacopa Monnieri

Some reviews state they felt more at ease and less stressed and anxious. Though some reviews do state there were side-effects, the vast majority of users were able to continue therapy without concern. As with any herbal supplement, you will find some reviews state they could not tolerate the herb. This is to be expected but is not a widespread concern.

History of Bacopa Monnieri

Bacopa Monnieri has been used for centuries in traditional ayurvedic medicine treatments. This edible plant is crushed, dried and pressed to create tinctures, dried herbal capsules, and extracts. Indians have used the herb for hundreds of years to treat all types of conditions.

Through ingesting the herb, they soon found improved memory, concentration, relief of stomach ailments, increased mood, and pain relief. This herb has been prized by the Indian people since it was first discovered in ancient times.

Ancient Indians would often keep the herb on them at all times to help them stay focused on their journeys or recover from injury or illness. Though the process for preparation was a tedious one, modern innovations have allowed the processing of Bacopa Monnieri to be more streamlined and effective so as many beneficial ingredients can be saved as possible.

Dosage of Bacopa Monnieri

The proper beneficial dose of this herb can vary depending on what it is being used to treat. Those who are seeking an improvement to their cognitive brain function will find taking 300 milligrams a day is typically the best dose. Health care professionals caution users to take the herb no longer than twelve weeks though many take the herb on a daily basis and have found no major concerns with their health.

There are a couple of dosage options when taking Bacopa Monnieri. Those who do not like the taste of Bacopa will find the dried herbal capsules to be their best option for treatment. This allows them to take the herb without any taste.

The tinctures and extracts are often more effective because they are able to go directly into the bloodstream much faster. Once people grow accustomed to the unique taste, they often prefer the liquid versions of the herb since they are able to notice the effects much faster. When in doubt, it can be helpful to consult with a doctor to determine which dosage amount will offer therapeutic results.

Research Being Conducted on Bacopa Monnieri

As more has been learned about this special herb, scientists and medical professionals continue to research its benefits and uses. A study conducted in 2009 revealed Bacopa Monnieri was found beneficial in treating patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease. This herb seemed to slow the progression of the disease and allowed people to remember more effectively.

Further research is being carried out on how this herb can help people to overcome anxiety and depression by lifting the mood during a panic attack and calming the mind. Research studies continue to show positive results in helping people to overcome the debilitating effects of anxiety conditions that can often cause them to be unable to function normally. As further research is conducted, it is hoped this herb will become more of a permanent part of medical intervention across the world.

Long-Term Effects of Taking Bacopa Monnieri

Though there are no major published studies of the long-term effects of Bacopa Monnieri, most people find they are able to better retain their memory and find they think much more efficiently. Aside from the beginning side-effects of stomach ailments, most people have not reported any long-term adverse reactions from taking the supplement daily.

As with any herbal supplement, health professionals advise their patients to avoid taking the herb on a long-term basis. This is typically the advice given for any medication, including all-natural ones. Since the herb has proven safe for most people, this cautionary approach is often considered too strict.

Short-Term Benefits of Taking Bacopa Monnieri

Unlike many medications that are meant to improve cognitive function, Bacopa Monnieri does not require taking the drug for long periods of time without seeing any improvement. Many people experience improvements to their cognitive function right away while others report seeing changes after days or a week on the herb.

The benefits are often noticeable quickly so people are more apt to take the herb and continue in therapy. This herb immediately begins to give people a sense of an uplifted mood which is why it is often used to treat those who suffer from debilitating anxiety conditions.

Final Thoughts on Bacopa Monnieri

While there is no medical miracle for treating conditions of the brain that affect the memory, Bacopa Monnieri is certainly providing real and measurable results. Many people have found sustained improvement in their brain function, leading medical professionals to conduct further research on the benefits of this amazing herb. When treating cognitive or memory issues, it is important to use the therapeutic dose recommended by a physician. This can help to ensure the best results are achieved without any annoying side-effects that can cause a person to give up on therapy.

If you are suffering from any type of cognitive issues such as difficulty in focus, memory recall or other debilitating issues of the mind, you may want to give this herbal remedy a try.

When purchasing a Bacopa Monnieri supplement, it is best to purchase organic to ensure there are no chemical pesticides that could interfere with your health. Organic Bacopa Monnieri has been found to produce stellar results in those who take it, allowing them to overcome many health concerns and giving them a better overall sense of wellbeing.

As with any herbal supplement, vitamin or medication, make sure you check with your doctor to ensure you are a good candidate for taking Bacopa Monnieri. This will help to ensure you get the best health results without any major complications that could affect your ability to continue treatment. Try this herb today and begin to notice better brain function and increased mood like never before.

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