Cognizin Citicoline – Proven Nootropic Ingredient


Cognizin Nootropic Review

Cognizin citicoline is the brand named version of a nootropic ingredient known as citicoline. This powerful compound is designed to enhance memory and overall cognitive functions. In order words, this supplement is meant to make you think faster, smarter, and it helps the overall health of your brain as well.

About Cognizin

Out of all the nootropic ingredients on the market, Cognizin is one of the few ingredients with actual science behind it. There are also hundreds of real, positive Cognizin reviews that speak to how beneficial this supplement can truly be.

Let’s take a closer look as to how Cognizin works.

How Does Cognizin Work?

Cognizin only has one ingredient known as citicoline, which is a chemical naturally found in the brain. Citicoline increases the body’s natural product of two neurotransmitters called phosphatidylcholine and acetylcholine.

Studies have shown that both of these neurotransmitters are essential to the healthy functioning of the brain and that increasing these neurotransmitters in the brain improved memory, critical thinking, and alertness.

Cognizin also supports the health of mitochondria, which are known as the “powerhouses” within the cells in the body that actually produce usable energy for the cells. Studies have shown that healthy mitochondrial function results in high levels of ATP – which is the main source of energy for brain cells.

Finally, citicoline has also been shown to increase dopamine and norepinephrine, two neurotransmitters that influence mood and well being. Increasing dopamine leads to increase well being and pleasure, and makes you feel happier. Both of these neurotransmitters also help “cement” new memories and experiences.

Main Benefits of Cognizin

Although Cognizin mentions quite a few benefits of their products, they insist that there are three main benefits to taking Cognizin. These three benefits are to:

— Fuel Mental Processes
— Enhance Focus And Concentration
Support Healthy Memory Function
Of course, each of these benefits entails much more than what they literally mean. For example, “fueling mental processes” also means critical thinking, productivity, and learning ability. Focus and concentration also increases alertness and productivity.

Side Effects of Cognizin

Believe it or not, Cognizin has been proven to be overwhelming safe for most adults. In fact, it is actually very useful for elderly adults – especially those suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Cognizin has not been tested in pregnant or nursing mothers, although it does not seem likely that it would cause any negative side effects. Still, it may be best to ask your doctor before taking Cognizin if you are pregnant or nursing. We also do not recommend giving Cognizin to children under the age of 18.

For the average adult, it does not appear that there will likely be any side effects. However, in rare cases Cognizin may cause headache or nausea, although these side effects normally are minor and short-lived.

If you do feel a side effect, we recommend you stop taking Cognizin until your side effects subside to see whether or not it is actually Cognizin causing your side effects. If it is, then you may want to discontinue use all together.

Should You Use Cognizin?

Developing a healthier, sharper brain is beneficial to your health at any age. Cognizin citicoline is one of the few ingredients proven to do just that.

If you’ve been thinking about trying nootropics, then Cognizin is definitely a good start. Cognizin will definitely help you enter the world of nootropics and will help you increase your brainpower through enhanced memory, learning, and critical thinking.

Plus, Cognizin is readily available through online retailers including Swanson Vitamins and on Amazon. The price of Cognizin varies from manufacturer and you can even just purchase pure citicoline powder online if you so wish.

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