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Brain R8 Review

Brain R8 is a nootropic supplement that claims to increase your IQ level and boost your cognitive ability. Here’s our review of Brain R8.

What is Brain R8?

Brain R8 is a nootropic supplement that enhances your brain power, boosts your mental energy, and improves your memory and focus – at least, those are the claims made by the manufacturer.

Using ingredients like vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 (the same B vitamins found in many energy drinks), Brain R8 claims to provide superior nutritional support for your brain cells, letting you boost your mental capacity and recalling power.

The nootropic has recently attracted some attention for its free trial, which charges you just $5 for shipping today and lets you try a full-sized bottle of the supplement (however, as you’ll learn below, there’s a big catch to this trial).

How Does Brain R8 Work?

Brain R8 makes some bold claims about its nootropic. It claims to provide all of the following benefits:

— Supports Focus And Concentration
Improves Cognitive Health
— Supports Mental Clarity
Improves Memory Recall

How exactly does Brain R8 achieve these effects? The supplement claims that it provides “advanced brain health support” using specific nutrients and proven nootropic ingredients.

This is where things get a little hazy: the manufacturer of Brain R8 never actually tells us what those ingredients are. Are you putting safe, natural, and effective ingredients into your body? Or are you putting high levels of caffeine into your body? Since Brain R8 never tells us any information about ingredients or dosages, we have no idea how this formula works.

That’s worrying for anyone who wants to control what they put into their bodies. It also seems to suggest that Brain R8 isn’t quite the high-quality manufacturer that it claims to be.

Certain third party websites seem to believe that Brain R8 includes vitamin B3 and vitamin B6 along with compounds like L-theanine, Huperzine A, Alpha GPC, and other nootropic compounds. However, these sources are far from official. Furthermore, no Brain R8 ingredient charts have appeared online thus far – so we don’t know anything about dosages.

How to Use Brain R8

The manufacturer of Brain R8 recommends using it every day in the early morning.

In addition to taking Brain R8 daily, you should also drink an ample amount of water and add fresh fruit to your diet.

How to Buy Brain R8

Brain R8 is currently only available from the official Brain R8 website, where you’ll find a “free” trial offer prominently advertised on the front page.

Just like many free trial offers available online, the Brain R8 trial offer is not as good as it seems at first. You’ll need to enter your credit card data to pay $4.95 for shipping and handling.

Then, the website will ship a full-sized bottle of Brain R8 to your doorstep.

At the same time, your credit card is silently pre-charged a full sales price of $89.97. After your 14 day trial period is over, that charge automatically goes through. Then, the manufacturer continues charging you $90 every month until you cancel.

This autoship program can be devastating to those who don’t read the fine print in the terms and conditions – which is why it’s always important to double check before you enter your payment information anywhere online.

Who Should Use Brain R8?

Brain R8 is a mysterious nootropic supplement that makes big claims about its effectiveness – but refuses to provide evidence for these claims or list its full range of ingredients.

The company also makes claims that the product is manufactured in an FDA registered facility under strict guidelines – but we never find out where that facility is or where the manufacturer is located.

When you add the shady autoship program to the mix, it’s clear to see that Brain R8 is attempting to lure in shoppers who have heard about nootropic pills – but don’t know anything about actually buying those pills. For all of these reasons, Brain R8 is a nootropic supplement you should probably avoid.

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