Geniux Smart Pill Review – True Genius Supplement?


Geniux Ultimate Brain Supplement

Geniux Advanced Brain Formula calls itself the “ultimate smart pill” combining a concoction of natural cognitive enhancing ingredients to help you boost your focus and memory by simply taking it with a glass of water every morning.

You should review the official website for Geniux here, where there are also a number of noticeable stats and facts about nootropic smart drugs and natural cognitive enhancers and the vital need we have to address when it comes to mental energy and stamina as well as cognitive concentration and focus.

Make sure you read our entire Geniux review and also check out our nootropic buyer's guide to make sure you get the right supplement stack for you.

What is Geniux?

Geniux is a nootropic that comes in the form of a capsule taken once daily. That capsule contains a fast-acting formula packed with multiple nootropic compounds.

The manufacturer of Geniux claims that it can offer a wide range of mind-boosting benefits, including improved cognition, memory, focus, mental clarity, and mood.

The brain drug is made by a company called Geniux that appears to have been formed exclusively to manufacture Geniux. There is no physical address information for that company available online, although the company does list a contact number: 844-823-2257. Their website is listed as

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How Does Geniux Work?

Geniux Review

The manufacturer of Geniux claims that the nootropic is based on over 20 years+ of scientific research. I am going to assume by this they mean that there is over 20 years of research on the ingredients individually. Not 20 years of research on the Geniux product itself so just keep that in mind.

Geniux was created and is produced in an FDA-certified laboratory based right here in the United States.

According to the information we have found, they are saying that most users can feel the affects (increase in energy, focus, and memory recall) within minutes of taking the smart pills and the affects can last up to 6 hours without any “crashes” or jitters like energy drinks

According to their website, this is how it works:

Nootropics improve the function of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine via cholinergic (ACh) receptors and stimulate NMDA glutamate receptors that are critical to the learning and memory processes. Furthermore, nootropics influence neuronal and vascular functions and increase cognitive function, while at the same time providing a natural source of energy to keep you alert and motivated.

Geniux Ingredients

Geniux has recently updated their site to give their customers more information on what they are exactly getting in this natural nootropic. Here are the listed ingredients:

Bacopa Monnieri
Alpha GPC
Huperzine A

They don't have the specific amounts of each listed on their page, but I am sure their customer service team would let you know. We have linked to our research on each of the ingredients. But as you may have read with the research that we have done on each ingredient, they have performed well by themselves, but work even better as nootropic stacks. I would personally like to see them list the amount in each, but this has become the normal in this industry.

Some nootropic companies also like to list clinical trial results or scientific study performance. Geniux doesn’t have any product specific research studies.

Based on the information we can gather, they do have ingredients that have been proven to work with other supplements.

How to Buy Geniux

Buying Geniux is straightforward when you order from the official manufacturer’s website, because that’s the only place you can order this supplement.

When you visit that site, you’ll see a 75% off sale. That sale is always going on, so there’s no need to worry about missing it.

Here’s how the prices break down:

1 Bottle: $47
3 Bottles: $87 ($29 per bottle)
5 Bottles: $95 ($19 per bottle)

Free shipping is available when you order any of the multi-bottle plans, but you’ll need to pay an additional $4.95 for shipping when you order the one bottle package.

One Last Tip: If you still are unsure of that pricing, if you try and exit the site (then click stay on the popup), you will be given another offer. Buy 2 bottles for the price of 1. It ends up being $47 + $4.95 for shipping for 2 bottles. But they only give you 8 minutes to decide if you want the offer or it will expire.

Does Geniux Off A Money Back Garantee?

I was surprised, but they actually do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. They claim that if you are not 100% happy they will provide a full refund. You would just need to ship them back the bottle. – Even if it is empty.

That isn't often found when buying supplements.

You would just need to call or email their support team between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm M-F Eastern Standard Time:

— Support Email: support@getgeniuxcom
— Support Phone: 844-823-2257

Final Thoughts: Should You Buy Geniux?

Geniux, like many other smart pills on the market today, promises the world but provides no product specific evidence to support its claims. They only show research studies of individual ingredients.

The product claims to contain an advanced brain formula with 20 natural ingredients backed by real scientific studies. However, most nootropic supplements do not have individual clinical studies, rather, they use clinical studies on each ingredient to back its brain boosting benefits.

If these reasons do bother you, we recommend buying more genuine nootropic supplements like Addium from other manufacturers that will list the full ingredients.

But if you still want to give it a try (Risk Free as they say), you can check out the Geniux Official Website. Be sure you report back and let us know your review for future searchers about how to get the most out of life by having your brain function at a high level for a long time.

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Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. Have not yet received a sample; but this intriguing and exciting new evolutionary brain enhancing supplement is streaming through a wide frame of advertisements as well as common discussions between like minded individuals who acquire new things. the question that most may ask themselves may vary from why do we need things like Geniux or what will he or she do with this mind advancing product. may also raise the question how come no one has thought of this sooner or maybe even what keeps a person or persons not trying to naturally use their brain power to awaken dormant parts of the brain? many inquiries may fluctuate through ones thoughts. How has the human population come to a sense of only obtaining knowledge through the common (sit in & listen/or follow influential persons) way of gaining advanced information. their have been and still other ways to tap in to parts of the brain that are not often used by the average Joe so to speak…
    Why now ? but as the reviews come in flying and the consumers make purchases we all may find new ways to continue to thrive off of new products to spend money on hopefully this evolutionary supplement can help the issues of the country that are still prevalent and booming in the poorer side of life or the dangerous reality of our nations conditioning crime and battles within its own circumference. child abuse, homelessness, mental illness, murder, sexual assault, unjust laws that stand with conditions. we stand together in finding new ways to control our economic infractions and create bias judgments on many levels. and the race that seems relevant here is the the urge to be smarter than the woman or man sitting beside one-another.

  2. My friend’s brother sent us a link for Geniux (we know he’s going to order it). I, at first, thought it might be a brain’washing’ pill. But I decided to read reviews. I was sorry to read that Jesus H. Christ is now dead; but so gratified to read that The 2nd (and his follow-on friends Clyde and Sam) experienced such wonderful effects! I am afraid, tho, that I may be too old (68) to garner those effects, so I won’t be ordering Geniux. (And the FDA IS a politically-repressed scam; while Big Pharma is a politically-backed organism of great harm to all of us.) But, I look forward to The 2nd and Clyde and Sam enriching all our lives on You Tube!

  3. When doing chemo I’ve been fighting my disease since the age of two I just turned 50 I ordered this product started last Wednesday have done it for one week it has cleared my head up quite a bit giving me quite a bit extra energy hasn’t messed with my stomach and it has helped me get off of half of my narcotics and all my anxiety medicine I have been on the focus and my memory and clarity and concentration has increased tenfold I’ve only done it for 7 days I couldn’t sleep for the last month-and-a-half only got an hour or so at night the first night I tried this I got one half hour every night I have been getting the most sleep I’ve gotten in the last couple years at one time it may not work well for some people then again I was very skeptical I was expecting nothing to happen honestly I’ve been doing fresh turmeric root Ginger for the last year-and-a-half I make smoothies twice a day I do everything that is one hundred percent healthy I get honey by the gallon I stay away from sugar corn syrup this is a miracle formula but on the bottle it says different ingredients the only says 500 milligrams total so I’m kind of confused about that but other than that I don’t see a problem and I too much to play at one time and it was only $137 so I have nothing bad to say about this product only good all I can say is try it if you’re taking a lot of pharmaceutical medications this can only help you got nothing to lose to try it all that got me on a lot of medication in 7 days it’s a miracle

  4. I have had the same experience as many of you. They originally charged for two orders. Talked to someone difficult to understand. They agreed to take off second order by deducting 50% on each order. I have since received my credit card statement and they DID return 50% on each order. I am a morning person. Yesterday and today I took 1 pill around 6am and promptly went back to sleep. Woke up at 10am feeling very rested and calm. I will be 82 next month so it didn’t affect a daily schedule or job. Hope it does not affect my IQ. But I could use a little boost in my memory. So I will continue to take it for a while and see if it does make a difference. If it does nothing else, it will satisfy my curiosity about this product.

  5. 65 year old retired R.N. here, very active physically, been taking nutritional supplements for 30+ years.
    I saw one of the ads for Geniux about 6 months ago and researched the 5 ingredients it supposedly contained at that time:

    — Tyrosine
    — Bacopa Monnieri
    — Alpha GPC
    — Vinpocetine
    — Huperzine A

    Each checked out as safe and has some research showing some potential positive effects, so I bought a 45-120 day supply of each ingredient from Swanson vitamins [based in N. Dakota] since I’ve found them to be a reliable, inexpensive source for supplements. The package sizes account for the wide variance in days-of-supply-

    Don’t know the exact cost but it was under $40. I took each of the 5 supplements daily in the amounts recommended on the individual labels until the bacopa monnieri extract ran out [it was packaged in a bottle of 90 250mg capsules and I took two daily].

    While I did not sprout a blue leotard with a cape and big red “S” on my chest, I most definitely DID notice an increase in energy, physical endurance and improved sleep. I also perceived subjective improvements in my ability to concentrate and the speed at which I could think. My sex drive was also affected positively but not massively. My wife did ask me what I was doing differently but her eyes sort of glazed over when started reciting the ingredients…

    I have played racquetball 1-2x weekly for 2-3 hours each session for the past year against people who are 5-30 years younger than I and win my fair share of the games. I also play free online poker tournaments for recreation a couple of hours 2-3 nights a week.

    While taking this combination of supplements my win percentage in racquetball was definitely greater-I estimate it increased from ~33% to 40-45%. My results in the online poker tournaments also showed improvement though I can’t quantify it beyond a wild guess at 25% more final table finishes.

    I did not reorder the bacopa monnieri but continued to take the remaining supplements as before until they each ran out. I haven’t yet reordered them all but plan to do this soon, as in retrospect I can see that I’ve largely returned to baseline in both poker and racquetball. My sleep is also not as good as I recall it being during the time of the experiment. This has been a slow decline, not sudden and dramatic.

    Since I haven’t made any other changes to my supplement regime I do attribute the differences noted to this combination. This time I plan to order sufficient product for a 6 month trial and I will also add the GABA which was listed at the beginning of this article by supplementpolice.

    I noticed NO negative effects whatsoever other than occasional slight stomach queasiness if I forgot to eat something prior to taking the supplements. I notice this with my usual handful of supplements also, so can’t say it was due just to this combination.

    In summary, I think there was definitely a considerable positive effect from this combination of supplements for ME-your results could be completely different or even negative.

    NOTE-The Alpha GPC is quite hygoscopic-if you leave the cap off the bottle the tablets will turn into a fluffy mass…don’t know if this is the nature of the compound or if the tablet coating used is responsible.

    I discovered another source for many nootropics in bulk:

    Ordered a number of things from them, received the order accurately and quickly, each packaged in very sturdy resealable pouches [with free tiny plastic scoops appropriately sized to deliver approximate but not precise dosages] but have not yet begun to take any of the items so can’t comment on effectiveness.

    I hope this helps someone make an informed choice-all the comments here lead me to believe that the Geniux company is at best somewhat shady and at worst a total ripoff, which is a shame as the ingredients [if in fact they even actually use them] do seem to be beneficial.

    As a final note, there is some research showing that colloidal gold has a pronounced positive effect on IQ, but the effect disappears in most experimental subjects 1-3 months after discontinuing dosing.

    At a 30mg daily dose [the amount used in the study cited] it costs ~ $100USD/month for a 30mg daily dose IF you make it yourself using gold chloride [the precursor to manufacturing colloidal gold via the Turkevich method- [], much more if purchased commercially.

    If you decide to experiment with this DO YOUR HOMEWORK very carefully as serious harm can result.

  6. I purchased one bottle in hopes of helping my concentration levels. I took it for 3 days but stopped as I was having lots of headaches and mild nausea. After several days I tried it again just to make sure it was the supplement and it happened again, shortly after I took the pill. unfortunatley I did not start taking them for over a month after I got them so I wont qualify for the money back, just a lesson learned. I did not notice any difference in my mentation, but then again I only took it for 4 days. still none of these side effects are listed on the site. I had a similar reaction to the 5 hour energy boost liquid shots so I suspect I am reacting to the caffeine. I dont drink coffee or have much caffeine intake except some dark chocolate on occasion, so perhaps those of you that are used to the cafeine will not have this reaction.

  7. Although we can take some supplements to enhance our mental powers, the brain actually starts working more efficiently when we integrate certain brain exercises which require us to use both hemispheres simultaneously. When we do that the neural connections in the brain strengthen and send impulses back and forth more often. This cause the neural pathway to get stronger and stronger thereby giving the person access to dormant parts of the brain.

    Even a slight increase in the usage of our brain compared to the average user will lead us to be considered on par with the geniuses of our era.

  8. I use these pills and ive found them quite useful, lol not that color matters but being black i was extremely doubtful, but i had more energy even over energized sometimes then again i took 3 pills those times, not only did i feel energized but i did feel a huge difference in my thought process then again maybe it was me tricking my mind into believing but geniux does seem to work

  9. Come on people it is more then likely a scam , think about it don’t you think it would be flying off the shelf , would it’s advertising only be subjected to informaciials and a bit of Dr oz he endorses a lot of things he probably shouldn’t wouldn’t your local news and news paper be the ones to say this is the superior brain supplement . If it was all that then the price would be too , you wouldn’t be questioning it’s true capability . I take tumeric it’s been around for years it’s even taken in third world countries as natural supplement your body needs , though it doesn’t make me smarter it has made me feel no more fog and I do seem to have more energy because the fog is gone . It takes close to a month , even though you do notice a difference before then but better results in a month . And I think I do sleep better to , and so I don’t feel irritated as much either . And you can buy it at your local grocery store . Don’t ever purchase anything first until you reached all you can about the product . They are out to make billions why would you want to help them do that . Look at the lack of things that won’t provide like a address and how much of this and that of ingredients is actually in it . In short that don’t deserve your business but I am not saying you shouldn’t try it but I am saying do your homework first and take in consideration the things the fail to provide and how if it was all that wouldn’t a lot of schools be promoting this for kids who struggle in school .hope this helped you people .

  10. i have no energy for the past 2 mnths and cant sleep i swear took first pill yesterday and was able to sleep and woke up with do work

  11. I was bored so I read every comment here. Yes, they help my husband. Neither of us have adhd or have ever taken Adderal. The fact that so many of you have or know someone who does is just astounding to me. For all of you professionals, why don’t you take it to a lab and have it tested, then report to us what the findings are? As to energy, I really need some. I’m not going to order 8 bottles, especially since I have high blood pressure and low body fat/weight. I WILL report back after my trial.

    • Very curious what your thoughts are on the product. I DO have ADHD and MDD. Also low body fat/weight. The Rx adderall and antidepressants i take I don’t feel are doing much for me. Any opinion on the product yet?

  12. Mike (posting of 12-14-15) is right: I practice international law and always carry a plethora of credit cards. I can verify that American Express is THE card to use when you think there is a chance the use could involve a recipient of “uncertain” reliability. Bank of America and Capital One Visas are not bad, but no one can come close to Amexco, when it comes to a company going to bat for you.

  13. There is no mention anywhere about CAFFEINE INGREDIENT that I can find except for on the bottle when I received it. I would never have bought it if I had known. After researching CAFFEINE, I have no doubt it is the main ingredient. Nutrition, proper rest, exercise body & mind, cleanliness, avoid toxins is the ULTIMATE and BEST we can do for brain and overall health!

    • you would think the would have some obligation, legally, to list the CAFFEINE misleading…

    • Thanks for sharing that little tidbit. I was wondering what the real ingredient was. I love my coffee. Unfortunately, I have come to realize that it is time for me to severely reduce my coffee intake as I am not as young as I used to be. Too much caffeine now bothers my system. I was gifted with a very good mind, which still works very well. According to these advertisements, this pill should push my IQ close to 300 or higher. That would be amazing, but also highly unlikely. Again thanks for sharing the truth. Proper exercise and good eating habits are what most people need. That should include exercising the mind as well.

    • I dont think the caffeine is that much- I drink coffee after 7 oclock and cant sleep at all, heart races/wakes me up even… this stuff makes me sleep better than i have in years. dont think its a ‘smart pill’ but it makes me feel anxiety free and alert- only been taking it a week, didnt take but one this morning yet still feel better than in a long time- so wondering(hoping)maybe its more ‘restoring’ something thats been dwindling away over the years- only time will tell…hope a immunity dont build up, feel like i did 5-10 yrs ago.
      first time tried, had about 5-6 hours of the clearest, yawn free day in a long time…we used to work 70-90 hour work weeks all the time, past few years just figured 35 yrs of that stuff had burned me out and this is how getting older feels- now, ready to go again(but not pushing anymore- stress takes its toll).
      in the past 10 yrs, i RARELY ever dreamed anymore, not that i can ever remember even at first waking- just dont sleep well, thinking about family health issues, mechanical/programming projects at work, etc, cant shut it off…often wake up thinking about solving problems, but not dreaming about them, if that made any sense…first day after taking this stuff, slept like a baby and dreamed…nothing weird, just ‘like old times’ again.

      dont know long term if the stuff will build immunity/cause cancer/make me grow a extra arm or something, but reading about it, sounds pretty safe(i hate taking anything- but am a caffeine junky…a pot a day. weird thing, caffeine makes me kinda jittery usually- not now at all. might quit the coffee :)

      dont notice any memory coming back(my memory has really really gotten terrible the last 5-10 yrs- forgotten even BIG things like folks that died I had known well, and forgot they had passed- worries me of alzheimers or something, as it does run in my family- but at 85-90 onset, im only 52), but now short term definitely no longer a issue, actually remembered where id left my keys the other day :) my dad is in a nursing home, mentally – so/so depending on day, and have a uncle with dimentia- gonna see if their doctors wuld say ok to trying this for a few days- seems to me the first day even might tell the tale if it might help them have ‘better days’ more often…

  14. And why is there no order to these comments? They go from august to june next to july next to the may before mext to the following december next. Wth. Can someone put them in order? Jesus.

  15. I can’t believe I have spent 20 minutes reading these comments and nothing was offered to help make up my mind whether to take these pills that Ive been staring at on my end table for a week or not take them. Ordered a bottle. One bottle. They charged me what they said they would, thrn I received an email confirmation and in that confirmation it stated the purchase was a one time charge and I would not be charged again. I was not charged again. So Ive had them a week and I’m scared to take them. There were maybe 4 ppl on here that said they ordered amd would let us know what they thought and then never came back. Are they dead? Did Geniux kill them all? Lol. Ugh.

    • I ordered these Genius pills for my 62 year old husband about 5 weeks ago. He has been working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week with 28 year olds and seems to have much more energy, less mood swings, and better sleep. (The more energy definitely helped out in the bedroom) I cannot say whether Geniux is responsible but I am ordering some for me to try. I am in my forties and want to have more energy!

  16. If the product works for anyone then good on you. For those who feel its a scam here is my advice.

    It is possible to get a “FULL REFUND”. Unfortunatly there is a $5.00 restocking fee per bottle. The success of your refund depends on a couple things.

    First, address your lack of satisfaction ASAP. The sooner the better. Some stumbled across the extent of the scam shortly after ordering, possibly while doing research on Geniux in anticipation of its delivery. Others took the product and feel it doesnt work. What ever the reason, time is of the most importance. Odds are the 30 day clock is already ticking. Keep in mind the refund takes 7 to 10 buisness days to process and Geniux considers that part of your 30 days. If its day 29 and you call for a refund you will most likely be told that you are out of time.

    Second, be stern but respectful. Respectful is hard when people are taking your money. Keep in mind you are not talking to the person that took your money, you are taking to the person that can help you get it back. The person on the phone is going to tell you repeatedly that they assure the product works and will give you different deals in place of a return. They will persistently try to get you to give up on your refund process. TRY to remain calm and respectful so the phone operator will be more inclined to help you . Be just as persistent. Stand your ground. Thank them for their offers and let them know that you know your rights and will not be accepting anything other than a refund.

    Remember I am not saying this will 100% get your money back but in my experience these are the things that helped. I did not use the product. I ordered 3 bottles and ended up charged for 8 bottles due to some “DEAL” on the site. Initially i was angry wondering why a company would pull something that shifty. Then saw the reviews about the scam. I looked on as many web sources i could to get info on the company/product. I then armed myself with the with the new found knowledge of the practices and terms of the company/product so i could better represent myself when demanding a refund. The more you know the better off you are.

    Honestly I learned more from getting scammed than I ever would have from actually taking Geniux. Lesson learned. The hard way. Want to be smarter? All we need to do is pay more attention and naturally through our attentions/observations greater knowledge will be made known.

    • Actually it’s not so easy to get your money back from this outfit. They don’t list their phone number on the web site and it isn’t on the bottle either, this alone makes it a scam. Did it work for me? Other than making my blood pressure go thru the roof-190 over 135 with a pulse rate of 81 not really.

      • Jeeze, did that stuff really amp your blood pressure and heart rate up like that? After one pill?
        I’m curious since I totally fell hook, line, and sinker for some Dr. Oz article and the lack of truly negative, legit reports, just comments here and there.
        Obviously I bought it and I’m not going to bother with trying to get my money back, but like I said–I’m curious since your comment definitely caught my attention. Thanks.

        • Lol i just recived mine today and clearly on the packing slip is the phone number idk maybe u just cant fix stupid lmao this commet is not toward u. Lol

    • Its barely a hundred bucks….
      Just accept u paid for something that didn’t work.
      I’m going to buy some today just to try it.
      If it doesn’t work I’ll just read a book anyway.
      The concept sounds cool tho

      • it always amazes me just how many fools there are on the planet; problem is it affects us all. Don’t u realize that it’s that very attitude that continues to allow businesses like this to continue to try to take advantage of all of us.
        And for all you fools out need to bother with any kind of ‘pill’-
        cuz what u need is about another 1000yrs. of evolution.

  17. The FDA doesn’t care how many millions of dollars you suckers spend on all these “miracle” pills and things as long as they aren’t harmful. How many diet pills have you tried that promised a miracle weight loss and didn’t do a thing? Warning: There also another scam going around about a “miracle” wrinkle remover. It’s a scam too. What flavor sucker are you?

  18. I am confused why everyone is accepting the hard line of this company not refunding money. People, call your credit card company and report them. All you have to show your cc company is their policy.
    Not only do they prey on people with false advertising, they “pray” the average consumer doesn’t know how to deal with sleazy companies.

  19. I ordered this Geniux product, received it, and found that it didn’t work for me. So I called their number and talked to a representative who said she would give me a discount off the $71.61 price I was charged – it was advertised at $47.00 with a full refund. I sent it back with a note on the package that I had not been given a refund and even gave the name of the representative. They sent the package back unopened with a note scribbled on the label – “Refused”.
    False advertising, illegal charge not complying with their advertisement, and refusal to even look at my explanation inside. Very sad and very poor business follow-up.
    I am an avid student of alternative medicine and proper nutrition and it looked like it might have credibility. I’m 74 but still very active – run 5Ks and play lots of racquetball.

  20. I say we all get some pitch forks, a few plane tickets, and go find these bastards… who’s with me?

  21. I am an actual physician – an MD. I think there is potential merit for a number of supplements, but the public is so desperate to find a magic pill to enhance brain function, that they are evidently willing to make a lot of REALLY stupid choices along the way. People, PLEASE do your homework!!!! If a company isn’t willing to tell you what’s in a pill they’re trying to sell you, it’s a scam, PERIOD!!! Think about it. If they have some ingredient that no one else knows about, that means there is zero research to support it, so their claims are BS!! If they are giving you reasonable amounts of products that actually work, at a reasonable cost, they don’t need smoke and mirrors, because they’ll be able to compete successfully with other companies. The peddling of snake oil is older than America. What people are saying about good diet, good sleep hygiene, and exercise, is true. Stick with the supplements that have a body of evidence far and wide, beyond the web content which is sponsored by the people who stand to profit in ANY way from the sale of the product!!! This is a virtually unregulated industry, wherein people can say virtually whatever it takes to get you to buy. In conclusion I will leave you with two main points: A) If a company has all the negative commentary that this one has, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM IT!!!!! B) It is A FEDERAL LAW that ANYTHING you purchase via mail order, comes with a 30 day guarantee, so nobody is doing you a FAVOR to offer that.

    • Well said! All of their advertisements and “non-affiliated” (but really affiliated) websites doing their peddling all seem so scammy. This is the first site that I’ve seen that has what seems like actual input from real people. I was on a webpage that was designed to look like the Forbes website, saying that this product is used by Stephen Hawking and several celebrities, and how it’s truly a miracle. I attempted to see if there was any validity in the claim, searching for pieces on Google for what they said in the article and came up very shorthanded. The page looked super sketchy, so I attempted to click on the Forbes home icon, which only took me to the Genuix page so I can order. Trying to leave, it prompted me with the classic “ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO LEAVE THIS PAGE!?!?!?!” This whole thing seems like it’s a really large, sad joke.

      Also, the friggin’ name is GENUIx. Like, really? Come on. This is poorly designed bait! This isn’t the best reference, but I’m going to use it anyway. I once was passing an Asian food restaurant named Best Chinese food (or something very close to that). After eating at said restaurant, I soon realized that any company that needs “best” in their name […] truly is not the best and is nowhere even close.

    • Agree wholeheartedly. I stumbled on this and researched, just in case… because like you said, we are all desperate to overcome the limitations of our humanity. You are correct, they can say anything… the FDA has been watered down… it’s not this bad in other countries, only in America where the corporations run everything. I find it incredibly frustrating our broken government, and corporations, are still so against marijuana use, yet the love peddling, not only snake oil, but real drugs like bath salts, synthetic marijuana and some serious stimulantes… I mean GNC, is practically a steroid dealer now and the government does my blink an eye. They view marijuana as the most dangerous, but only because folks can grow it in their homes… it’s all about money now in this country. Insane.

  22. I’ve sent emails to you requesting that you don’t send any more of your product to me. I don’t want any more, thank you. Should I change my mind down the road, I will let you know. Please don’t contact me. I’ll get in touch with you.

    • Michael,

      You would need to contact the creators of Geniux if you are not looking to purchase anymore product. You should have their contact email or phone number in an order confirmation or with a packing slip that you received with an order.

      • You guys never send me the recive the just take the money and bye bye no body can’t help I call 4 times and 5 min the ship by order really WHERE is my recive guys and put people they can help no mad woman’s in the lines

  23. To those saying there is no supplement that enhances brain function… That’s simply not true. Phosphatidylcholine, which is an extremely important supplement that everyone should be taking, is definitely a brain enhancing supplement. It’s also incredibly important to most other body systems. It’s used by the body to make acetylcholine. Do your own research.

  24. I ordered the buy 3 for $28 and get 2 bottles free and to my surprise, I got the invoice and they charged me $28 for each of the 5 bottles! And claimed that I also signed up for some internet class??? I went to my bank and immediately stopped payment and called while I was there. They were fine with the return and my bank froze from any attempt by them to charge me. 2 days later, I received the 5 bottles and I decided to try it with the intention to call them and allow the 3 X $28 and to keep the bottles. I have ADHD and I have ZERO AFFILIATION WITH ALL AND ANY company connected with them. Honestly I was hesitant about it because there is so much info on the product being a hoax. However, I went for it and the very first day I felt the effects of the capsule within 30 minutes of a calming yet increase of energy and concentration. So I figured it was just in my head and I actually forgot to take my next dose of my prescription drug for ADHD and that has never happened before. I have only taken the capsule twice a day for a week now and it works for me, which boggles my mind because of the amount of testimonials calling it a hoax. I am NOT ENDORSING THIS PRODUCT. I’m simply saying that it honestly works for me and I have no negative side effects what so ever… Every one has their own experience and opinions and I respect that. This is my own experience. Take care and good luck!

    • P.S. For those of you that claim only “idiots” would fall for this product, I believe are misinformed. I graduated from UCF, Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Legal Studies and a Minor in Biochemistry. I respect your opinion, yet I ask you not to make it a “blanket assumption of those who have purchased this product. Gratefully yours, AJ

    • Hi AJ!

      Did you use the supplement (GeniuX) whilst regularly taking your ADHD meds? I’m curious to try this for my 16 year old son. Thanks!

      Furthermore, not toward you AJ but a majority of the comments are based on the company’s lack of…services and communication And not on the product itself.

      AJ; thank you for sharing your experience! Can you please elaborate a little bit more?

      Thanks again!

    • I also have adhd, i’m curious in trying this out. currently i take adderall! do you use both the geniux and you adhd meds?

  25. As a scientist my observations are crucial to determination
    of validity for any hypothesis. There is no known process to enhance the normal human brain by additional supplements beyond a normal healthy diet , (in regard to the claims presented on that website.) I would stronly recommend refraining from such nonsense. A healthy diet and physical, as well as mental exercise is far more beneficial to your brain and other organs throughout your body. Caveat emptor.

  26. geniux brain supplement . Please contact me at about e-mail or please call 724 255 0304. Please have someone call who speaks ENGLISH . I put 3 people on the phone nobody understood a word she said which is terrible . I don’t know where I’m sending this to but if it’s in the USA that’s terrible

  27. Trying to get ahold of somebody to TALK to get a refund for the purchase of the brain supplement GENIUX . I bought I think 8 bottles not sure I’m at work now . Everyone don’t speak ENGLISH that I talked to . I filled your form out on different site you have . When it gets to the question what characters do you see here ? It’s a circle with a arrow on it . We have a computer programmer person who don’t have a idea what it is . Please advise or send me someone that knows what there talking about

  28. One day two boys were walking through the woods when they saw some rabbit turds. One of the boys said, ”What is that?”

    ”They’re smart pills,” said the other boy. ”Eat them and they’ll make you smarter.

    So he ate them and said, ”These taste like sh*t.”

    ”See,” said the other boy, ”you’re getting smarter already.”

  29. This company is terrible!!! There website cheats, and sells you extra products, and somewhere, they say is find print that says you have to call them in 14 days and tell them you don’t like the products or they bill you $89.92, and $79.95 for the product you didn’t order. I called as soon as I saw on the order the second Cleanse product that I didn’t order. The rep said he would credit me the $4.95, and cancel that, which he didn’t. Hence the second charge. I did not receive any extra product, for those two exorbitant charges. I am complaining with my BANK, my CA State Asembyman, Better Business Bureau, and any other site I see! Do not Trust these people! THEY LIE! and Are cheaters! I did manage to get 35% refund on the two charges.

  30. My room mate bought this due to flashy marketing and promises that she hoped weren’t too good to be true. It gave her a terrible headache and did nothing for her focus. She tried to get a refund and didn’t even get as far as anyone did here. I went a different route a year or so ago with actual nootropics like aniracetam stacked with bacopa and choline and THAT my friends is a fantastic, well researched, and inexpensive combo. I’ve tried adderall and modafinil as well, and while they too are fantastic, they are harder to get for off label use and there is a price for that kind of power – if you can’t self regulate, don’t even go there. There are many combos that work well, but for Gods sake, do your homework and don’t just blindly believe marketing with no data or research to back it up! Don’t fall for this crap where they don’t tell you all the ingredients or the amounts. That is truly foolish. There are great nootropics that work well out there that are not a gimmick. The fact that the customer service is so amazingly terrible for returns or refunds….come on folks. Don’t be that sucker!

  31. I have been reading some posts and was curious when I seen this ad on this smart pill so maybe people ban the pill and give it a bad reputation because they want to be the only smart intellectuals with a stimulated brain.

  32. Nervous tissue cant regenerate with or without help, i would say i am just saying your brain is an organ and if you want to damage your own body then go for it but really see what is happening here. I am saying that this drug is another scam produce drug that says oh this is a good product to scam people into buying products. That is marketing people, first don’t believe there numbers and research yourself, this is not the first time this thing happen to scam some people that dont know facts well. People have been reviewing and saying it helps keep focus and other factors happen as well but does anyone realized that this may affect other parts of the brain too. I would say the safest way to keep focus is to do a little of what you like to do the most everyday and you will keep focus, i would say it may not work for everyone but its worth a try, what do you lose for trying?

  33. If it is ban in 49 states then why is it a good drug
    I dont trust pill that has numbers like that on the website
    I dont believe that this pill can really do anything

  34. I’ve been looking into nootropics for a while now, and have been considering giving Geniux a try along side with Neuro Vibe. I’ve read that coluracetam stimulates various parts of the brain that work with memory and thought functionalities, so i figured that stacking Geniux and Neuro Vibe together would be a sound idea.

    Has anyone else tried Geniux with Coluracetam, or any other Racetam?

    • I just got off the phone with customer service. I made an impulse buy here which I usually never do. Only a couple of hours ago, so I tried to cancel my order. They said my order was already processed (and before sunrise too). The website gets more and more “spammy” with more products. They told me I could NOT RETURN THE PRODUCT, that it was a safety issue, so if they say you can have your money back I would be very surprised if that happens. I was fairly testy with the service rep who was in fact a very hardlined telemarketer. In the end they shaved off 40% of the cost because I was unhappy, they said. There’s something very creepy going on here. I would avoid this. I’ll probably try it because I don’t believe they will take a return no matter what the website says.

      • Hi Sophie, I just got off the phone 11:55 11/23/15, and was told the same thing. I was told to try the product and then I could get SOME of my money back. She then continued on by saying I would lose money by retuning it. I asked to speak to a superviser and was advised she was the best person I could talk to. Need to say, the supervisor was busy. After going back and forth with her, I too DIDN’T RECEIVE MY MONEY BACK but received a discount. I had to ask for a customer conformation by email and will receive it in 24 hours. I would advise NOT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT. Its not worth it!!!!!

  35. Has anyone heard of EHT? My nephew told me about it and it came from Signum Biosciences out of Princeton University. I’ve been trying it, still can’t understand what my cat is saying (lol), but my sleep has never been better and I do feel more focused and productive. I’ve been doing lumosity brain training games for about a year and since taking the EHT I have had an increase in my scores. Will continue for now, no side effects to speak of and my coffee intake has decreased!

  36. As one who actually independently studies brain health ingredients; in another review, I noticed this product may use St Johns Wort which is contraindicated w many herbs & meds. Enzymes, Aminoes, and oxygenation, sleep, & exercise are the best ways to maintain health

  37. I ordered one bottle and was charged 58.00 by the time shipping and whatever was added on. I decided not to try it so i called for a refund. Sealed bottle. Forget the 30 day guarantee, they tried to play negotiationg games so I would keep it. Gave me a very hard time even though i said my doctor does not want me to take it. I ended up keeping the bottle with 50% refund. DO NOT ORDER!

  38. I’m scared of what side effects that it might leave behind because of the fact that I don’t want it to mess up my mind

  39. Ordered the product,was supposed to get three bottles at 28 dollars a piece an 2 free with free shipping, I was charged 164.37 and over 10,00 for shipping, I feel that I was straight up ripped off .I hope this company at least has some integrity to return my money as fast as they took it.

    • Karen same thing happen to me. I took screen shots! Have to love cell phones. I as well took the offer buy 3 and get 2 other bottles and was way over charged. I figure I will wait until I receive the product and get it worked out. Also money back guarantee. If rules are followed they must HOLD UP TO THAT! Record your conversations, however in some states unless you tell the other party they are being recorded it may not be used in court. So make sure you state this. And emails! You want ALL IN WRITING! I hope the pills do work. I lack energy really bad. So praying here.

  40. Just spoke with the Genius people LOL (Geniux) they think the are genius’ , but what they don’t realize is that keeping the customer coming back versus the obvious (take your money now and JIP you) is their priority. Perhaps the owner of the company is just wanting to sell what he can as fast as he can LET ALONE THAT I was unhappy with their product AND had to plow through a field to get it!!

    • I have a lawyer. And I truly wish more people understood how important having one is. It is our job to know ALL the laws. Impossible and companies take advantage of this. Keep all your information. I’d a law suit were to break out you will need all you have.

  41. I just ordered 3 bottles, all these reviews make me skeptical but it seems like no one has put in the man hours as a consumer to figure out correct dosage to get desired effects, the bottle says ONLY one per day, but I’m sure 2 will be needed for sure, I will be posting back here with results and dosage that was taken along with all other info that may be helpful.

    • Thank you! I placed my order 11/7 and like you said no one seems to care to give the pills a review. Please share away as will I. Hoping you get yours soon. And if you do bump up to two please share that as well. Thanks a million.

  42. Well damn… I ordered a bottle and was super excited. I had honestly thought that that article was from cnn. I was so excited I ordered one right away. I even thought the post from limitless was real. Lol well… I already bought it so I’m going to give it a go. See what happens.

  43. Here is what I’ve learned from this page:
    1.Company has product it wants to sell. Makes claims about how great this product is with none of the info being able to be verified with the exception of the name of the product.
    2. Customers and potential customers leave posts listing every reason they should not purchase this product then post again saying that they purchased this product anyway.
    3. Nature should have taken a lot of these people out of the equation a long time ago.
    4. Common sense isn’t common anymore.

    • Lol you are right. I came here in hopes to read what the pill did for those taking it. But seems as you stated most came here read comments and bought after. Too funny. I bought hoping it works. If it doesn’t I will state how it made me feel and get my money back. Common sense will never be common. “One of my sayings” common sense is no longer common. Haha

  44. Week 1
    Alertness at 150% I can concentrate like a Lazer beam. Thoughts and ideas are very clear. I wake up in the morning with out an alarm. I am conscious about my eating habits.
    Week 2.
    I con remember everything without having to look at my calendar or schedule. I can do mathematical calculations without the need of any electronic gadget. I am starting to get a higher level of consciousness.
    Week 3
    I can feel my brain creating new neurons. I feel the trees growing. I can control my dreams. Heck this morning I thought I open my car door without touching it
    Week 4
    I can hear animals feels and “communicate” with them. I have contacted what seems to be other life forms with same capabilities as myself
    Week 5
    I am no longer need this human body. I can displace my self from one plane to another at will. I can alter object’s forms by merely thinking. I can control time and space I can hear and feel every living organism. I have achieved enlight surpass it. I can contact every person that there is and there was. I am one with the universe, I have seen the end and the beginning. I can alter my molecular structure and travel at FTL speed. Speed and distance are boundaries I am no longer subject to. I can reach galaxies and other dimentions by simple thought. I am one with God.

    • Hello “the 2nd”. Thanks for your post and accurate description of the pills affect. I had EXACTLY THE SAME EXPERIENCE!! Except for one minor difference.
      I became One with Jerry Garcia.

      • I didnt even take this drug that sounds that they lost there sanity, at least i have common sense then to trust a drug, and by the way nervous tissue cant regenerate at all with or without help.

        • I have read many of your posts. If you would just reread what you write and correct your grammar it would help others as your English and sentences are just so hard to understand.

    • Glad you turned into a Lucy movie. Seems you are a junky that was looking for a high. Giveaway to that is the messed up spelling! Sighs. Now take an English class ;)

    • So are you trying to say it works? And would you be willing to purchase another bottle? Sorry but you were not exactly clear on the satisfaction with the product.

    • Sounds like none of you have heard of Siberian ginseng Chinese herbal medicine this herb has some good benefits but sounds over priced not to sure about mixing it with caffeine

    • Really. I am now able to see into the future and I can also fly. You and I must have gotten the good batches of this miracle wonder. However, your benefits from this far outweigh mine. I am jealous.
      Your review is just damn insanely funny.

    • Hahahahaaa!! I am so glad I have read this after reading all the terrible things about it. LoL After every 5 terrible reviews was somebody saying that nobody came on here and gave their true review after trials and here it is. YESSSSS. !!! By the way…………… I just took my first dose a few hours ago and I was concentrating enough that I felt the electricity in my house turn off completely.

      So while looking for my flashlight I found my unopened Electricity bill!!

  45. Ok just tried to return mine for 100% refund…
    Ya right, we can give u 10% so I told her to stick it up her ass. Then she told me she can give me 20% so I told her to stick it up her crack. We finally agreed on she’ll give me a 70% and I get to keep the product which means if I would have got 100% there is a stocking fee of $21 so instead of me getting $100 back I’m only so much back then I get to keep the product. So we agreed on her giving me $76 back. And me keeping the product,. So which means three bottles only cost me $27.

  46. This did nothing for me. Tried to get a refund. Paid $55.45 (including s&h) received $4.95 back. A 10% refund. I had trouble understanding the representative on the phone due to a heavy accent. Contacted CS by email 2 times and got a form email in return telling me to call. Even when I was complaining about getting no help on the phone. Second time I called the person argued with me saying I had agreed to the 10% refund. I had nod understood anything but the word refund. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

    BTW only 3 ingredients are listed on the bottle not 20. Bee pollen, caffeine and eleuthero root extract. This seems to work for some people, but do not buy it expecting to get your money back if it does not work because you WILL NOT!

    • it’s because you didn’t tell her to stick it up her ___ and then up her crack …….. like Steve did, that would have given you 70% back.

  47. I couldn’t take this because it kept me awake. I called for my full refund, no questions asked,. I had ordered 5 bottles, totaling $98.34. My refund so far is $19.00. The full refund guarantee doesn’t seem to be up to par.

  48. Seeing as there are not many reviews on this product, I have decided to order some to see the effects. I will post the results.

  49. Even if this pill is legitimate (which I don’t believe it is), they sure have some nefarious ways of advertising it. Every day my spam box contains e-mails with stories by CNN and celebrity endorsements that never even took place. If they have to use these illegal methods of advertising then I am of the opinion that the product isn’t legitimate and that the manufacturers have no concern about the consumers’ health.

    If anyone is interested in seeing screen caps of these e-mails, let me know. If I really wanted to, I could report them for their illegal methods of advertising, but they are using spoofed/disposable e-mail addresses so they probably wouldn’t get caught.

    • James my field is Management of Criminal Justice. I’d like what ever digital media you have regarding this case. I’m not a buyer or a user but I’d like any information , recorded phones calls are great.

      Could ppl pls black out confidential information send it to my assistant
      Include your contact

      Sue happy

  50. The geniux of this scam is that only dumb people would be gullible enough to believe a supplement can elevate their IQ. Good luck with that you naive imbeciles.

    • Mensa Caliber,

      Thank you for leaving a comment. Taking nootropics or smart drugs isn’t really about Raising your IQ, they are more for giving you the ability to think clearer while boosting your productivity. You will never find a smart drug say that they will raise your IQ. They will just help you maximize what you are capabilities.

      — Supplement Police

    • It’s really not that far-fetched. There’s this thing called Adderall….. and I know for me it helps me focus and in return I’m sure given a test would translate to higher I.Q. scores. Yeah I don’t believe that it actually adds folds to your brain. But it helps you filter out the other bs going on inside of it.

      • Adderall is Floride bases drug for ADHD to calm down and stop kids from bouncing off the wall and possibly pay enough attention learn 2+2=4 and has more horrible side effects then a meth addiction. Nature used to correct people like that when a pack of tigers would eat the rubber head or he would fall out a open window and kill himself but unfortunately since we save these poor excuses of inferior or damaged genetic material. These are people that cant cordinate 2 simple tasks like chewing gum and walking at the same time thank god for texting and driving now all we need is to stop them from using seatbelts…… anyways Adderall Has nothing to do with raising IQ in fact the most common side effects sound like taking lsd. Confusion, convulsions, dizziness, uncontrolled repetitive movements (ticks) slowed speech or no speech at all basically your too drugged up to have the attention span of a goldfish. Weed or alcohol would do a better job and don’t have even 1/20th of the horrible side effects. Adderall is made from a toxic byproduct of aluminum production and it accumulates in the body it is not a miracle pill by many magnitudes. If it helps you focus then your probably not worth saving in the first place. Without it your probably like a crackhead and no amounts of drugs will fix that type of faulty wiring or brain damage. Only slow you down

        • Who are you to judge? Some of the smartest and most creative children I have ever met are ADHD and I would bet my life some of the geniuses we study from history who discovered amazing advancements are ADHD. I can’t believe you would devalue someone because they get distracted easily. As far as your natural selection, ADHD children are impulsive and respond quickly. In a life or death situation when their adrenalin is pumping they are able to see all possible outcomes to a situation much quicker than others. They are typically excellent at finding solutions to most problems. And their creativity allows them to be very adaptive to their situation. Just because you can take a test better, doesn’t mean you are better.

        • This, actually, is not true: “Weed or alcohol would do a better job”
          As I’ve done all three that have been stated above, weed does a much better job than alcohol, but pales in comparison to adderall. Albeit Adderall is absolutely horrible for you, it is friggin’ awesome at boosting your attentiveness and boosts your desire to learn. I’ve always said that if you want to become amazing at something overnight, do adderall. Again, though, adderall is so awful for you.

          I do have to agree with you here: “Nature used to correct people like that when a pack of tigers would eat the rubber head or he would fall out a open window and kill himself but unfortunately since we save these poor excuses of inferior or damaged genetic material.” It’s so unfair that we allow a broken vessel to be populated and forced to live a shitty life, when the soul could have gone elsewhere and been happier. Oh, this has nothing to do with anything that’s going on here. There I go spouting exposition again. Sorry.

    • I want for the energy. Would like to know if anyone had luck in this area. IQ area , one can become more focused. Therefore causing test scores to rise. So your IQ is low isn’t it?

  51. I started taking Genius 3 days ago as a coffee replacement. It works for me so far but I will check all possible side effects. Just to let you know, I take only 1 pill in the morning and I honestly think it is safer, you don’t get too much caffeine this way. I am coffee addict with low blood pressure so usually I take 2-5 cups of coffee per day. One pill of Geniux eliminated that need so far. It starts working in 5 min after you take it and you suddenly realize that your brain is awake even if it is 6 AM and you went to sleep at 1 AM. Time will show more…

    • A coffee addict with 2-5 cups of coffee per day?
      I have that much coffee before I go to work in the moning!

    • I c looman tell your post is bullsh!t for the fact that it takes 10 min to Dissolve the capsule then another 10 to 20 min for the ingredients to mix Into the liquids in your Stomach and start getting absorbed in all it takes 20 to 30 min for any drug to work unless your shooting it directly into your vaines or snorting them. So if your getting results in 5 min it means either it’s not the pill but your brain doing it and I’m not going to explain the placebo effect to you. You look it up. Or your a fake post probably someone working for the company in question

  52. I had the same experience as Jesse ordered five bottles and was charged for 8 called three times and got the run around they gave me names and numbers but when I asked for them no one knew them said they would send an email confirming our discussion but never did. The ingredients on my bottles say bee balm, caffeine and eleuthero root extract seems like a scam to me. Bev

  53. I bought genius at the end of May. Got my bottle 2 weeks later. When I got my bottle I was disappointed in how they clam to have 20 ingredients but only list 9 of those ingredients on it bottle. Also the fact that they don’t list how much of each ingredient is on the bottle. Which is against FDA regulation. Every pill on the market whether it’s a diet pill or vitamin pill has to by law disclose ever ingredient it uses in it’s product and how much of each ingredient is in the pill they don’t. I decided to try it any ways just to be a gene pig and to see if it works. The pill doesn’t work. The pill does nothing to help you focus or help you remember things like it clams. The pill is a scam and wouldn’t buy this product or recommend this product to anyone.

  54. I am very undecided to buy this. I am very interested in purchasing a few bottles but the fact that I haven’t been able to see what others think of the product, leads me to believe that this is another scam or as stated above a hoax. We the consumer do not feel that just by your word and confidence we should purchase this, along with the lack of reviews to support our reason to affirm our decision to purchase the product. Just like others have mentioned on other sites, I wouldn’t want to take something without knowing what I am taking. I mean, would you want to take something and not know you could be allergic or not know what your actually taking? There isn’t enough information. You claim that the ingredients are 100% natural. How do we know that they are? we don’t! Please, I am not bashing the product.I am upset because I really want to buy this and I am waiting daily for the information to post but yet I still don’t have the assurance I need to go through with this. You have a lot of consumers who are more than ready to purchase the product but you need to give us more information so we can be confident we are doing the right thing.

  55. This seems to be an HOAX. The website does not allow you to leave comments nor provides enough information to take a “smart” decision.

    • Eduardo,

      Thanks for leaving a comment. While there is a lot of information on the internet and books about some of the ingredients, I do feel that they should have some of it listed on their website.

      Now days, not allowing people to comment on the website is very common. That doesn’t surprise us at all. They do provide a way for you to contact them.

      One of our other readers commented that he did order Geniux. So we will see what he thinks about it if he comes back to comment.

      — Supplement Police

    • Hi Eduardo, check out EHT by nerium international its an age defying supplement formula. It does have all ingredients listed.

  56. Geniux web site confusing to navigate. At check out I was charged for 2 orders, totaling $171, when I believed I had placed only one order. I phoned right away, Geniux rep told me they could not remove the charges, then a different rep said they would credit my account. $30 restocking fee plus I pay shipping. After a lengthy discussion the Geniux rep said only $30 restocking fee and I keep the product. My opinion is, terrible customer service and quite obviously an over priced product.

  57. I ordered 5 bottles of Geniux and a bottle of their Energy HD on 31May2015 with “rush shipping” which is USPS first class mail. The 8 bottles came in the package, but not the Energy HD bottle.

    There are FOUR (4) ingredients listed on the supplement facts of each bottle & from top to bottom they are & I quote as it’s shown on the label

    Serving size: 1 capsule
    Servings Per Container: 30
    Geniux Proprietary Blend : 500mg * Bee Pollen, Caffeine, Eleuthero Root Extract
    Other Ingredients: Gelatin

    “*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

    SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement take 1 capsule twice a day. For best results take 20-30 min before a meal with an 8oz. glass of water or as directed by your physician.

    Doesn’t sound like 20 ingredients like the site says and last time I personally had caffeine my heart was pounding through my chest and that was ~1 year ago and presently I am 27 years old. Looks like I’ll be refunding this stuff.

    • Cameron,

      Thank you for letting us know what the ingredients were and how they were listed. Let us know what you think of the product after a week or so on it.

      — Supplement Police

      • I have very positive things to say about this. It excites me to say these positive things because my body responds to different things that it is put through, usually just as it is supposed to. Usually, no negative responses or if there is a sensitivity, maybe I will overreact to that something, no different than anybody else. Bottom line, I would say it lives up to what it says it will do. I have been watching, of course, the show, Limitless, with a great deal of attentiveness to the show, Elementary with a pair of headsets on because it’s hard to understand what they’re saying because of the audio adjustment needed, but I’ve been needing to follow them because they are complexed in there dialogue and storyline. I have also been watching Code Black as I am an emergency room nurse and they throw things at you real quick so my headset plays a major role here, and I have been watching the Flash and the Arrow. Now what do these two shows have in common? They run thru complex reasons for their plans and how how they should work. I absolutely love being able to follow that and as a matter of fact, the show that is the most challenging is Code Black. So, the pill lives up to its reputation. I have even place myself on the internet looking for those brain teaser type games to challenge myself. I could keep going on and on but bottom line, it helps you in your everyday life and helps you to appreciate and enjoy things that are a lot more complexed, and there are no side effects that I can see. Now the caffeine rush, I am used to and thus I will take that sensation of the rush as the fact that it is affecting me like I want it to at the onset of the pill. I will say that the caffeine affect ONSET, is simply something that we, as humans, need to know when we are expecting that “pill” or whatever we are taking or drinking, to take affect. I’m on the pill right now so if I get too wordie then I apologize. I do have a tendency to become detail oriented via the fact that I am of a teacher’s mentality which I would have been prior to my nursing career. I seem to fall back into my teaching skills automatically without even trying. So, anyway, the pill works and whether I feel it kick in or not, I will have taken it on an empty stomach as instructed and I do get the effects from it. I’m thankful for the show, thankful for the pill, and I know that it was probably there before hand but I just so happen to have looked to see if the show was introducing something that was in existence NOW. I have learned, since the Bionic Man, that oftentimes these Syfy shows are actually a prediction of things that are actually in the make for the future. So it is to say that I’m glad that I have that mentality of checking things out, thus coming to find out, a pill of that nature does actually exist! So thanks again and I have read the positive reviews and they basically all say the same thing. Especially, the guy from the Discovery Magazine.


        ….my name is Ron

  58. Can someone please list what the “Other Ingredients” are? Thanks. (Basically: all of the ingredients that are listed on the entire nutritional facts label/section.)


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