Activated You AdrenaLife: Reduced Stress & Increased Energy?


The average American often has to work two jobs while raising a family. This is all in a bid to make ends meet. And those that aren’t have incredibly busy schedules that it’s a wonder they are able to get anything done.

As a result, many are extremely stressed, with the estimates showing that it’s as high as 20 percent of the population –that’s 1 in 5 people or 1 in 3 adults. That, combined with inadequate sleep, which affects millions of Americans makes for a lethal mix that can do untold damage to the body.

This is why many are turning to stress relief and sleep enhancing supplements made from purely natural ingredients to help them cope or become less stressed as well as get good sleep at night. One of these supplements is Activated You’s AdrenaLife.

What Is Activated You AdrenaLife

AdrenaLife is a medically formulated stress relief, energy boosting and soothing supplement. The manufacturer claims that users of this supplement will find it effective in helping them stay alert, enjoy that rare clean, calm energy that stimulants lack, as well as help them sleep better.

It’s designed to support adrenal function so that you can get more done, have the energy needed to do it, and more importantly, sleep better at night. This is all possible courtesy of its ingredients, which are precisely combined to provide the optimal results they promise.

Each bottle contains 90 tablets, and will last you for a month if you follow the recommended daily dosage of 3 per day.

ActivatedYou AdrenaLife’s Ingredients

The supplement’s ingredients are quite many. The ones that stand out though are:

  • Taurine
  • Ashwagandha
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Superoxide dismutase
  • Casozepine
  • Eleuthero root extract
  • Schizandra root extract

Other ingredients include vitamin B12 and B6, Niacin, Vitamin C, Pantothenic acid and so on. Many of these ingredients are commonly found in sleep aid supplements and cognition enhancers.

Benefits Of Taking AdrenaLife

Understanding the benefits of this supplement will help you decide if it’s something you want or not. Some of the benefits of taking AdrenaLife includes:

Stress Relief

As you already know, most people could do with less stress in their lives. Unfortunately, life will always throw a curveball at you, your boss will always put you under intense pressure, the kids will need constant minding and your partner will demand things from you among other things.

The point therefore, is that while there’s precious little you can do encounter stressful situations, there’s a whole lot you can do to ameliorate and ease your stress. You can change your physiological and biological reactions to these issues by altering your chemical constitution.

This way, stressful situations don’t end up hitting you harder than they should. More importantly, you will be able to power through those same situations in a calm, relaxed state of mind.

As a result, you will get things done a lot more, be in better control of yourself and your reactions as well as keep your heart rate steady. This is what taking AdrenaLife does. Instead of your heart pounding twice as fast and you feeling terribly tense and sweating from every pore, you will be able to react better because you will be relaxed.

Better Sleep

With more and more adults, finding it difficult to sleep and stay asleep at night, there’s a need for supplements that can help make it easier to fall and stay asleep.

Many people often rely on sleep aids and over the counter medications, many of which have significant side effects. Unfortunately, most people need to frequently up the dosage of these meds because their bodies build a tolerance to it.

AdrenaLife is designed to work with your body and produce the necessary amounts of melatonin so you can fall asleep more easily and sleep for a minimum of 7 hours every night. Even better, your body doesn’t build a tolerance to it as it mimics your natural bodily processes.

Improved Energy And Focus

Every single day, professionals and workers across the globe chug down tons of coffee or swallow a wide range of pills just to stay awake and have the requisite energy that will last them through the day.

Unfortunately, drinking more than three cups of coffee a day or taking other stimulant drugs not only interferes with your sleep later, they often result in a series of energy highs and crashes.

Yet, most people just want clean energy that will keep them going all day, without necessarily making them tense. AdrenaLife is designed to boost your energy levels and keep them up all day, while improving your focus and concentration so you can get a lot more done in your waking hours.

With this, your thought processes will be clearer, you’ll be able to think faster, and accomplish more because of its ability to help you get in the zone. With AdrenaLife, you will “kill it” every day at work and everywhere else.

Improved Health

So many health conditions have their origins in stress and insomnia. Some of them include high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, stroke and even brain aneurysms.

Taking AdenaLife is bound to help you get rid of or prevent those health conditions. A less stressed person is likely to have a stronger immune system, enjoy good health and be less predisposed to often fatal health conditions.

Our Take On Activated You AdrenaLife

ActivatedYou AdrenaLife does seem like a great stress relief, cognition enhancing and sleep promoting supplement. Everyone needs more of these on a daily basis to keep them functional and energetic.

The company looks like a reputable one, and makes claims of standing by its products and offers a standard 90 day money back guarantee. Which means, if you don’t like the supplement or are unable to get the desired results, you can always request a refund and it’ll be paid to you.

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