Women’s Best Review

Women's Best is an Austrian health supplement company that promises to help women bring out the very best in themselves. Here’s our Women's Best review.

What is Women's Best?

Women's Best is a health supplement company that creates a wide range of protein powders, meal replacement shakes, and weight loss pills for women. The company is headquartered in Austria but manufactures its supplements in Germany.

You can find Women's Best online at WomensBest.com. That site is also the only place you can currently order the company’s products.

Women's Best prides itself on its high manufacturing standards. On the official website, Women's Best talks about how its “goods are produced with highest quality standards, being inspected and improved regularly.” The supplements are also produced in Germany because that country is “known for its high health standards.”

Another unique trait of Women's Best is that the company invests a lot into its attractive packaging. The reason?

“We know about the importance of design. No lady wants to place unsightly packs in her kitchen. Our graphic directors focused on the look and created the most appealing supplement boxes on the market.”

The company has an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and has over 1.3 million social media followers.

Women's Best Products

Women's Best supplements are mostly targeted towards women of any age who want to lose weight. The company sells individual products and also a range of popular bundles: like the Weight Loss Bundle or the “Teatox” Bundle.

All of the products are clearly listed on the Women’s Best website along with their exact dosages and ingredients. Unlike other health supplement manufacturers, Women’s Best doesn’t appear to hide its ingredients behind proprietary formulas. The company is open and honest about its ingredients and results.

Products include all of the following:

Women's Best Burner Caps ($39.90)

These Burner Caps promise to boost your metabolism and increase your energy using ingredients like cayenne pepper, green tea, and B vitamins.

Slim Shake ($49.90)

This meal replacement shake is priced at $49.90 for a one month supply. It’s made from soy protein isolate and includes vitamins, minerals, and honey along with its protein matrix. It promises to supplement your exercise routine while being a gluten and lactose free protein powder alternative.

Detox Caps ($34.90)

The Detox Caps contain a mixture of tea along with vitamin C and Bio-acerola powder. You take one capsule at breakfast and two capsules at dinner with a glass of water. There are a total of 135 capsules in the supplement (you take 3 total capsules per day). Key benefits include reduced bloating, reduced toxicity, and better overall health.

Craving Crusher Caps ($34.90)

The Craving Crusher caps, as you may have guessed from the name, promise to reduce your food cravings and make it easier to lose weight. You take two capsules 30 minutes before each of your three daily meals. There are 135 capsules in each package. The key ingredient is 3.819mg of Glucomannan in each serving, which is a dietary fiber that expands in your stomach and tricks your body into thinking you’re full.

Toner Caps ($34.90)

The Toner Caps promise to boost your lean muscle mass formation using ingredients like creatine, vitamin D3, Biotin, and B vitamins. It’s a creatine supplement that is catered towards women: so you won’t get as bloated as you would say, by taking a creatine supplement designed for bodybuilders focusing on size.

Whey Protein ($44.90)

Available in vanilla and chocolate flavors, the Whey Protein supplement comes with 2.2 pounds of powder in each package and contains 24 grams of protein per serving. The protein comes from a blend of whey protein (66% whey concentrate, 30% whey isolate). In addition to whey protein, there are 11 different vitamins and minerals in each serving.

Multi Vitamin Caps ($34.90)

The Multi Vitamin Caps provide high levels of key vitamins and minerals, including Magnesium, zinc, iron, manganese, chrome, copper, molybdenum iodine, selenium, and biotin. You also get daily recommended values of vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin B6, vitamin B1, and vitamin B9. All of these vitamins and nutrients come with either 100% or 300% of your daily recommended value in each 3 capsule serving. So by taking 3 capsules per day, you can satisfy your body’s need for all of these vitamins and minerals.

Women’s Best Packages

If you plan on buying multiple Women’s Best products, then you may wish to bundle the products together to save money. All of the following bundles are available:

28 Day Weight Loss Bundle ($99.90)

Contains one each of Slim Shake, Burner Caps, and Multi Vitamin caps, along with freebies like a free shaker, free home workout plan, free gym workout plan, and free weight loss guide.

14 Day Teatox ($29.90)

Contains two types of tea: the Daytime Detox tea (14 day supply) and the Bedtime Cleanse (14 day supply). The daytime tea promises to increase your energy during the day and reduce your appetite, while the nighttime tea promises to reduce bloating and improve digestion overnight.

Skinny Bundle ($79.90)

Includes one each of the Burner Caps, Craving Crusher Caps, and Multi Vitamin Caps, along with freebies like the free diet eBook, free home workout plan, and free gym workout plan.

eBook Bundle ($19.90)

The eBook Bundle contains three eBooks, including the Diet eBook, Home Workout Plan, and Gym Workout Plan. All eBooks claim to contain “detailed knowledge about various aspects of nutrition and training routines”. The gym and home workouts books, for example, contain detailed illustrations of how to complete various workouts.

All prices are in USD.

How to Buy Women’s Best Products.

You can currently only buy Women’s Best products from the company’s official online store here: WomensBest.com

That online store features all of the prices listed above in USD.

You get free worldwide shipping on all orders over $60 USD.

You can also sign up for the company’s online newsletter to receive the first updates on special discounts and sale offers.

The Women’s Best return policy can be viewed on their website. That return policy isn’t as comprehensive as other women’s health supplement manufacturers. Basically, you have 14 days to return your item after you receive it. That item must be returned in the original packaging and it must be unopened. You will not be reimbursed for shipping and the company must receive your order within the 14 day time limit. Since the company’s return address is in Germany, it may be difficult for international customers to return the supplement within that 14 day period.

The company’s online store accepts payments via VISA, MasterCard, and PayPal.

About Women’s Best

Women’s Best is headquartered in Austria and manufacturers its products in Germany. It claims to have a follower base of “about 1.3 million people on social media as well as various fitness celebrities.”

The company doesn’t list its headquarter address online. It does provide a commercial register number (FN429733k) as well as its product return address in Germany, which is here:

64346 Griesheim
Flughafenstrasse 9

To learn more about Women’s Best and to order its products online, visit WomensBest.com.


  1. I have had very fast shipping of 3 days. However they charged me 7 bucks extra that i didnt know about AFTER i had recieved an email that the product could not move on to be shipped because it had to be looked at in Germany. I was so excited to try this product because i heard great things. I have been on this for a week. The chocolate protien powder weightloss bundle came with these nasty cookie and protien bites and this wierd nutella looking thing. It smells so gross every time i drink it or take the pills. Everytime i do, i have to drink a couple glasses of water to keep from throwing up. It actually has made me more hungry. It was really filling the first hour but then i felt like i hadnt eaten. These past couple days i have barely eaten and have been trying to still go through with the diet plan but i dont think i can. I am always dizzy and i cant taste anything anymore. I paid over $200 for this and i also got the beauty collogen drink. I cant do it anymore.

  2. I’ve ordered women’s best 2 times now! These reviews confuse me. I live in Ontario and I purchased the Slim Shake, 28 teatox, burner caps, collagen drink and BCAA’s as well as a bunch of their food items . The first package did take a little longer than it should have but I did eventually receive it and then my second package came right on time, which also contained an extra item (another of one I had ordered) free of charge. I definitely think that keeping a good diet and exercising along with these products, you will see improvement . Worked for me !

  3. They canceled my order and never refund me back the money Nor send me my order! Don’t order anything from them. Their service is super bad! They never reply my email regarding the refund at all. My order was over 100$! And I spend it for nothing.

  4. I ordered the cookies and cream protein shake and it’s honestly the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. I can’t drink it. Tastes nothing like cookies and cream, it’s disgustingly sweet and tastes like artificial berries. I added two packets of cocoa powder to it to try mask the taste but nothing helps.
    I’ve written so many reviews, none of which have been posted (obviously). Do not believe anything you read about this scam of a company. Every good review and person that uses this product has been paid to do so. SO disappointed and even more disappointed that people I follow on Instagram are supporting this company.
    Not to mention how long I had to wait to receive my shake (almost two months) and I had to pay extra at the post office to get it.

  5. These guys are horrible! I was waiting for a month for my package only to be notified that the package has been sent back! now I asked for a refund and it’s been more than a month and they haven’t given my money back! they keep making excuses! they took 1 second to take my money and thousand reasons not to give it back! It was such a bad experience! I am so disappointed!!

  6. I ordered the 28 day weight loss bundle on 9/3 and the funds were deducted from my account on 9/5. I have yet to receive a shipping notice or the product. It says up to 20 days for delivery on their website after the shipping notice goes out with the tracking numbers. I’ve sent several emails now and have not received any replies. I tried to log in to my account, but my account details and email address were not recognized, but they are flooding my inbox with promotions and coupons to buy more of their products, which makes no sense. At this point, I just want my money back!! What a bunch of scammers.

  7. I bought a slim shake last month, they doubled my order, so I got 2 in one month 2 weeks from eachother which has now cost me $140.
    They have the worst return policy and THEY were at fault.
    The shake tastes way more sugary and I think it has more fat in it then last time. So please make sure you are reading what is in the shakes.
    I am never getting this over priced crap again!

  8. I cancelled a order that I accidently bought and I’ve been waiting a month still for my refund. Terrible service will never use again.

  9. I bought these. I bought three bottles of the detox, slim, and something else. Anyway, they don’t work and I feel like the company is fake. They have lots of Facebook fans yet little likes. All the people promoting are already fit.

  10. My daughter ordered the Slim Shakes from the WomensBest website, but accidentally ordered the chocolate instead of the vanilla flavor. When product was delivered, she did not accept it (did not even open the packaging) and had the post office return it. No refund. When she tried to contact them via website, it took awhile for any response and she was simply directed to their return policy. Living in Wisconsin (USA), there’s no guarantee that the product can even get back to the manufacturer in Germany within their “14 day” return window. There should be some consideration for international clients/customers because it took much longer than 14 days from the order date for the Slim Shake product to arrive in the USA from Germany. How can they expect the product to be “returned” within 14 days when they can’t even ship it within 14 days?? BEWARE USA customers.

  11. It’s like I was on the womensbest website again. I came for an unbiased objective review. What the hell is this? Thank you so much for your help….NOT!!!! ????????

  12. Is this a paid advert or just a lazy author? None of these supplements are any more effective than what is already being sold by this over-saturated industry. This company took a basic ingredient profile, slapped a design on each bottle that appeals specifically to a target demographic, and marketed through various individuals on social media with a high markup. Nothing new. Might as well take that money and go pay someone to call you fat all day so you will stop over-eating and start exercising.


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