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IncinerX Review

Inciner X is a band new fat burner designed to help you naturally lose weight through it’s proprietary blend of ingredients. According to IncinerX, their supplement was voted the #1 fat burner.

Let’s take a closer look into IncinerX and the company that sells this new all-natural fat burner.

About the Prime 8 Nutrition

Inciner X is manufactured by Prime 8 Nutrition, a company registered in the state of California. We were unable to locate an official website for Prime 8 or find any notable information about the company.

From the Inciner X website, Prime 8 claims that their product is manufactured exclusively in the United States in an FDA-approved facility, which is definitely good sign.

Ingredients in Inciner X


Inciner X has contains three different blends of ingredients, each of which are designed for a specific purpose.

Thermogenic Complex: The Thermogenic Complex is designed to help enhance your metabolism, stimulate your body’s natural fat burning process, and to cause thermogenesis, which causes your body to burn fat faster. Some of the ingredients include: caffeine anhydrous, citrus aurantium, theobromine, evodiamine, and yohimbe.

Circulatory Complex: This blend of ingredients is designed to improve your circulation, suppress your appetite, and enhances your overall wellness. Green tea extract, white willow bark, and lobelia intiata are some of the ingredients.

Advanced Cognitive: As you can expect, this blend of ingredients is meant to help enhance your cognitive functions. Ingredients in this blend include L-Tyrosine, codonpois, pilosula extract, sophora japonica extract, and BioPerine.

Some of these ingredients do seem to have a few benefits. Caffeine is a known stimulant said to increase metabolism and yohimbe may improve fat oxidation (the burning of fat).

Green tea is known to improve circulation as well as provide a modest boost in metabolism, and white willow bark may have an even greater effect on the body’s metabolism and circulatory system.

We were not able to find much on the cognitive blend, although tyrosine is known to improve mood, alertness, and may also help with overall cognition. We did not find much information on codonpois or pilosula though.

Side Effects of Inciner X

While IncinerX may say there are no side effects, we know this is not necessarily the case. Many of the ingredients in Inciner X carry at least a small risk of causing side effects, albeit not all do.

The most common side effects of Inciner X are headache, upset stomach, nausea, and diarrhea. Not everyone experiences these side effects – in fact most people do not. However, they still do exist so we want you to be aware of all of the risks before you try Inciner X.

How to Buy Inciner X

Inciner X is offered as a free trial, which is something we’ve gone over in great detail. You have 14 days to test out Inciner X and if you find it is right for you, then you’ll pay for the original bottle and receive another bottle until you cancel your membership.

Inciner X lists multiple ways to contact them, including their email at [email protected] as well as their toll-free hotline at 1-844-770-1846.

You will need to select Inciner-X.1 for women or Inciner-X.2 for men. We were not able to find out what the difference was in the two. The ingredient label we posted above doesn't say which bottle it is for.

Final Thoughts: Is Inciner X Worth Buying?

Inciner X makes quite a few claims about their product, but we’re not quite sure they can back them up. While some of their ingredients have some limited support, we’re not sure that Inciner X can have the effect that it claims it can have.

We recommend that you come in with low expectations if you’re going to use Inciner X. Otherwise, we think you’ll only be wasting your money and you’ll likely find yourself disappointed.

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  1. Product is expensive but does what it says on the tin.

    I deffinately melts fat that’s for sure. Gave me a headache but not sure if thats from not drinking enough water.

  2. Yo so thought I would share my experience with this supplement, i’ve been training for around 5-6 years now and been very hesitant on supplements as I have to follow a strict diet plan for my comps.

    Gave this whirl anyway and it’s basically meant to fat burning / shredding and it is good for that but i noticed that its good for a pre-workout, it says it has a thermogenic stage 2 which i can feel working as i sweat a load more in the gym and when i do long distance running, also goof for keeping energy levels high too. no crashes either which is good but i have found i get a tolerance after a week or two.

    I made a little chart down here to document my results over 2 weeks because i’m going to send it to the company as they have some competition if you send your results in

    Test Study 1
    Inciner – x2 (Fat Burner)

    Anthropometric Testing Results
    Weight 83.5kg
    Bicep – 3
    Tricep – 10
    Subscapular – 11
    Suprilliac – 11
    Quadriceps – 20
    Waist – 85cm
    Thigh – 53cm

    Weight 81kg
    Bicep – 2.5
    Tricep – 7
    Subscapular – 9
    Suprilliac – 9
    Quadriceps – 18
    Waist – 83cm
    Thigh – 52cm

    * Huge energy boost, wakes me up within an hour of taking it in the morning
    * Heat, you can literally feel the thermogenesis effect
    * Appetite Suppression I felt slightly
    * Fat burning, the results speak for themselves

    * must drink at least 500ml after ingesting product otherwise I found it upset my stomach
    * Don’t mix with pre workout at the same time (too many stimulants)

    I recommend it and will keep using in the future.

  3. I got the trial and i love it. I’m on my 4th month and now getting to a weight I’m happy with! I will stop using it after next month and have a break as I think you have to cycle this product. All in all it’s a good fat burner

  4. I used the trial and i also sent the link to 2 of my mates, me and my mate danny are both still using it. They offer a trial and then a monthly subscription untill you finish the course or get to the shape you want to be. You can’t get pissed because you didn’t read the instructions right?? Anyway the pills work good for me. Take 2 in the morning 30 mins before a run or gym and i sweat my box off. Tonne of energy and no crash which is exactly what i like about it. Bit pricey for a months worth but you get what you pay for.

  5. I recently purchased your product Incinerex1 via the internet thinking that I was, safe. The order was for the introductory 14 day (free), I received a bottle containing 14 tablets with a recommendation to take 2 tablets per day which, according to my maths is 7 days.Am also very peeved that for a 7day “free” trial, I have been charged $128 with, by looking at the reviews, I dont have a hope of recovering.

  6. I have received m free trial, however, this product did not work. despite my eating conscious habits and increased amount of exercise, this supplement did nothing to assist me. Then I was charged twice for a full bottle of it, which I did not receive. I had called to cancel both times and request a full refund which the company still refuses to reimburse me for. Then after I had cancelled they sent me an order, which I was away on vacation and could not refuse it. I sent the order back and got confirmation from the post office, which I had to pay again to send. This is a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM.

  7. inciner X
    on the web its was a trail sample and i payed $5-$10 for trail .
    when i checked my bank they took $130 from my account and i tried to find a web i cant find it …….plz dont buy this stuff

    • I purposely used my Google Wallet Card. That’s the going scam with trial samples. I only put enough money to cover what I’m buying. I’ll never use my bank card for any trials again.

    • I do not understand how you guys fall for such scams. Why can’t you just focus on the basics? If you want to lose fat, consume lesser calories than you need. If you burn 2000 calories a day, eat 1300-1500 calories. As simple as that. Why do you need any shortcut? Had it been that easy winning a competition wouldn’t have been that tough….. Don’t fall for scams, bro. Work your ass out for success……

    • Customer And Billing Support

      Toll free Customer Service hotline: 844-770-1846

      Direct Line for Customer Service: 661-621-9087

      To cancel your membership or if you have other billing questions please email the address below:

      E-mail Address: [email protected]

      If you are dissatisfied with our product, please ship your order to the following address:

      Prime8Nutrition Ltd
      Attn: Incinerx
      18017 Chatsworth street, Suite 376
      Granada Hills, CA 91344

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