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Cancer changes everything. In the blink of an eye, you can go from living a simple life and doing everything you can to live it to the max to focusing on one thing, your disease. Those who are diagnosed with this nightmarish disease are forced to make unimaginable choices in their lives. One of the biggest decisions is determining what do next. Most start looking for treatments and professionals who can help.

WittyHealth is first and foremost a platform designed to help cancer patients get treatment which is outcome-based. This platform works with both those who pay for treatment and those who provide it to lower your costs.

About WittyHealth

It is estimated that nearly $4 billion was spent out of packed in 2014 by patients who were diagnosed with cancer. In that same year, roughly $88 billion was spent on care which was cancer-related in the United States. One reason why these costs are so high is due to the toxicity of some of the drugs used for treating cancer and increase symptoms associated with cancer that often lead to hospitalization, loss of earning during cancer treatments, and ER visits. WitteHealth is attempting to monitor the toxicity levels of the drugs being used by cancer patients to prevent these cost consuming outcomes.

WittyHealth offers a combination of a smart drug, remote monitoring, patient engagement, and video conferencing all on one platform which can be utilized to reduce costs. The drug-device combination offered by WittyHealth is able to offer monitoring of biometrics and symptoms associated with cancer remotely which allows physicians to intervene early if necessary, build amazing and in-depth relationships with their patients, and continuously engage and educate the patients.

WittyHealth Services

The services offered by WittyHealth can be categorized in three different ways.

Intelligent Drugs

The drugs made by WittyHealth are completely FDA approved, however, they are also enabled with applications which allow for remote tracking of patient’s drug toxicity and health risks. The physicians can use this information to determine what course of action needs to be taken well before toxicity levels reach a point of hospitalization or ER visits. The patients using the smart drugs can enter all necessary information like blood pressure or their pulse in mere seconds from their home or office. Additionally, these drugs are aided with tools which intelligently monitor toxicity and provide alerts if necessary.

WittyHealth Personalize Treatments

Because the physicians are able to remotely monitor the condition of their patients they are able to provide custom treatment for each patient. Providers have the ability to communicate with the patient through secure video conferencing or messaging which allows for safe and secure virtual visits. Feedback can be given to providers, which allows for various patient engagement levels and necessary adjustments to drug dose titration.

 WittyHealth Provider Compensation

Remote monitoring and the ability for physicians to engage with patients reduce the chances of ER visits and hospitalizations. This allows the providers to approve WittyHealth monitoring services as part of the prescription drug rather than a separate service. When a payers sing an agreement with WittyHealth it allows the providers to be compensated for these add-on services because they save money due to the reduction in ER visits. Not only does this reduce everyone’s bottom line but it also improves the patients’ satisfaction.

WittyHealth Products

There are three different products which are currently being offered by Witty Health. Each of these is designed to tackle a specific issue that many cancer patients face when they become diagnosed.

WittyHealthv Smart Drugs

WittyHealth offers what they call smart pharmaceuticals. Essentially these are digital applications which are designed to work with specific drug types like Checkpoint inhibitors and CDK 4/6. At the moment there are two products which are under development by WittyHealth: SmartCDK and SmartI-O. Additionally, these smart drugs use two different way of nudging patients to remind them that they need to take their medication and that they need to report their symptoms to their Oncologists, they are called Pill Nudge and Symptom Nudge.

The SmartCDK is used for those who have metastatic breast cancer. This custom application is able to monitor side effects and toxicity levels in patients who are being treated with CDK 4/6 inhibitors. WittyHealth believes that utilizing this digital therapeutic is able to improve the patients’ quality of life while reducing overall healthcare costs.

SmartI-O is a different type of digital therapeutic which is designed to work with checkpoint inhibitors. This application allows for monitoring of side effects that are unexpected and rate them through the use of the five available checkpoint inhibitors.

WittyHealth SmartCTP

WittyHealth also offers what they call a Smart Cancer Treatment Platform. This platform is designed to be used with the most commonly prescribed drugs for those who are diagnosed with cancer. Patients can use the platform to send toxicity information for specific drugs and vitals from their connected device to their oncologists completely remotely. SmartCTP is able to be connected to multiple devices which can track various health conditions and relay them back to your healthcare professional. This allows for data to be transferred in real time which results in a more in-depth monitoring of the patient and encourages further communication.

WittyHealth Smart Chain

Perhaps one of the best ways to utilize the blockchain technology, WittyHealth has developed a completely autonomous platform called OncoPower. This platform offers secure and private HIPPA-compliant patient advocacy and blockchain platform. This platform is able to capture the patient’s treatment chronologically throughout the treatment stages. This gives you access to an irrefutable audit trail. It utilizes smart contracts between stakeholders to incentivize adherence to various agreements which are set between stakeholders. It can offer Ethereum type capabilities and can be easily implemented in many different health systems.

WittyHealth Review Summary

Using remote monitoring devices isn’t a new concept, many companies have attempted to do so through the history of modern medicine. The major problem with this method of attempting to reduce ER visits and hospitalization is that the patient has to be thoughtful educated about the use of the remote communication device, the platform used for sending and receiving data, and overall their knowledge of technology needs to be elevated. Previously this was difficult because the generations using this technology weren’t accustomed to it, however, at the given moment nearly everyone knows how a smartphone functions and walking them through setting up these remote devices should be easy.

It is the use of the blockchain for patient treatment monitoring that interests us the most when it comes to WittyHealth. Knowing exactly where and when the patient has been treated and the types of treatments they have received is absolutely vital to determining which steps should be taken in the future. We think this blockchain platform can drastically change how we tackle chronic diseases.

In the end, even though the technology is here to help us get better and make cancer a thing of the past, it’s the communication between the patients and the physicians which will make the difference in treatment outcome. Building a bond between two people with the help of this technology and this type of a platform is what we think holds the most value.

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