Apigenin – Natural Vegetable Plant Extract Helps Prevent Cancer?


Your diet majorly contributes to your body’s wellbeing. Some foods contain nutrients that keep the body immune from various diseases. For instance, eating foods laden with apigenin helps to protect the immune system from cancer.

A lot of doctors recommend this anti-cancer component as a remedy for curbing cancer progression. Apigenin is found in several foods like chamomile, celery, parsley, apples, and onions. This explains why you should add these kinds of foods to your diet to work towards a healthier body.

About Apigenin

Fruits and vegetables are known to possess this important component with great benefits. It helps to prevent cancer and is also known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Medical practitioners worldwide have lauded apigenin as the key to fighting cancer and completely eradicating it. Generally, Mediterranean foods are the foods with the highest percentage of apigenin, which makes them the best foods when it comes to fighting cancer.

Apigenin has a molecular weight of 270.24 with a melting point of 347.5 degrees, which is very high. Although it doesn’t dissolve in water, it does dissolve in dilute potassium hydrochloride or DMSO. The carbohydrate bond contained in apigenin causes it to be soluble in solvent-water.

Parsley is used as a garnish and an herb in many households. Did you know this plant has such benefits?

Well, here is why you should acquire it in surplus and use it in almost all your meals. Apart from the apigenin, it is also rich in vitamins C, K, and A. Another food that is very rich in apigenin is celery.

With a diet high in natural foods containing apigenin, you can be sure that you are at a much lower risk for cancer development.

What Makes Celery The Best Food To Fight Cancer?

This healthy food has lots of fluid in it. It helps make your nervous system feel at ease, aids digestion, maintains the right blood pressure, and curbs inflammation in your system. The major component is the apigenin that fights cancer cells in your body, helping to keep you healthy and cancer free.

According to some statistics, it has been deduced that consuming a certain quantity of celery in a week can lower the possibility of developing cancer by 60%. It has not yet been ascertained if apigenin works hand in hand with other nutrients to prevent cancer or if it does so singlehandedly.

Celery has more benefits in addition to its high levels of apigenin. It addition to the apigenin, it is also rich in luteolin. For centuries now, this great herb has been adopted by the Chinese community to heal gout and other arthritic complications.

It is also a good anti-inflammatory product. Luteolin also plays a role in driving away cancer promoting cells from your body. Luteolin chocks IGF and PI3K, the passage which necessitates cancer growth. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, just like apigenin.

Other Important Benefits Of Celery

How Apigenin Works

Apigenin works in such a way that it kills off cancerous cells, thus minimizing the chance of you getting cancer. It does so by lessening the vascular endothelial and prohibiting glucose absorption.

This in turn helps decrease the series of cancer cells from forming in the pancreatic section. Vascular endothelial has a pro and a con.

On the good side, it favors production of proteins that form other blood vessels. However, it also contributes to the production of cancer cells in the body.

Do you see how celery is a priceless cancer fighting crop? Below are some of the forms of cancer that apigenin has been shown to fight.

Prostate Cancer

Research was carried out on mice to check if apigenin has a positive effect on the prostate glands. This in turn inhibits the production of metastasis and angiogenesis.

Apigenin, along with luteolin, acts against the fatty acid synthesis that promotes prostate cancer. These studies have not yet been certified, and the action of apigenin against prostate cancer is yet to be approved or universally accepted.


Apigenin also plays a role in preventing leukemia from forming. It triggers apoptosis during the cell growth, which shortens the lives of leukemia cells in the body. Patients undergoing chemotherapy sessions should first complete the progress before taking apigenin.

When combined, the two might lead to uncontrollable damage that is beyond what was intended.

Gastroinestinal Cancers

Apigenin shuts down the blood capillaries supplying the energy to the gastro intestinal tract. As a result, it curbs production of tumor cells, lowering the possibility of you getting that type of cancer.

Ovarian Cancer

Regular apigenin intake has shown commendable progress in fighting ovarian cancer. A large drop in the risks of developing ovarian cancer hugely depreciates in women who have more apigenin in their diet.

Apart from its ability to fight cancer cells, apigenin has been found to contain other health benefits which are named below:

  • Apigenin is the best medicine to prevent moodiness and promote liveliness. It also relieves you of stress and depression.
  • It reinforces bones in the body.
  • It works towards a healthy cardiac system, thus preventing cardiac complications.

Side Effects Of Apigenin

Apigenin found in vegetables and fruits has no known negative effects on the body. However, the complication might arise simply due to the fact that every individual is different, depending on age, gender, or any physical disorder that the patient in question might possess. The best way to avoid these complications is to seek a doctor’s advice when seeking out apigenin for cancer prevention. Too much intake might lead to impassiveness and sedation.

Apigenin Final Words

It has been shown that through consumption of fruits and vegetables, your risk of developing cancer can be significantly lowered. Some who already have cancer have even seen improvements, all due to the cancer fighting power of apigenins.

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