What is Vitafirm?


Vitafirm is a natural formula designed to reduce the appearance of aging skin, by improving skin’s elasticity and repairing the facial surface making it soft and smooth.

The formula contains a specific percentage of Vitamin C, which plays a key role in maintaining even skin tone and a natural glow. Vitafirm helps in the production of collagen, which is a very important protein when it comes to skin elasticity.

Highlights In Daily use of Vitafirm

As you start the daily use of Vitafirm you will sense and experience a difference in the way your skin feels. Here are a few highlights of Vitafirm benefits:

  • Works at the cellular level, making skin firm and improving its appearance.
  • Protects skin against UV solar damage
  • Helps reduce inflammation and skin puffiness
  • Reduces wrinkles, vanishes fine lines and related aging signs.
  • Increases collagen production
  • Works as a powerful skin antioxidant

What Are The Ingredients In Vitafirm?

Vitafirm has a unique blend that makes possible the effectiveness of the cream, ingredients in Vitafirm include:

Vitamin C – Is the one secret ingredients essential for youthful skin. Vitamin C plays an important role in the production of collagen, an important protein in the development of elasticity and skin resilient. It has been shown that over time, skin looses its vitamin C nutrient. Other everyday factors such as smoking, air pollutants and free radicals also play a role in decreasing skin vitamin C content.

Glycerin – it’s a humectant and skin moisturizer well known in skin care products. This compound is unique as it has an ability to absorb water from air and aids the skin in maintaining water balance at a cellular level.

Shea Butter – Is well known to preserve skin moisture and give it a smoother texture, which makes wrinkles less noticeable. Also this ingredient helps balance skin tone and enhances its suppleness eliminating dryness and roughness.

Marine Collagen – This ingredient is a natural and botanical compound that helps build skin connective tissue to support skin make up and structure by working on deeply hydrating tissues, creating more resilient, stronger skin cells.

Retinol Palmitate – This ingredient is a form of Vitamin A, which has been shown to reduce deep wrinkles and the appearance of skin lines, which is a mark of collagen-depleted skin. Also this compound has been shown to reduce pore size.

Resveratrol – Is a compound rich in antioxidants that has been known as an anti-aging solution. This natural occurring ingredient is found in grapes and cocoa. Resveratrol belongs to the category of phytoalexin, which protects skin from rough environments like ultraviolet light, climate changes and dryness.


How Does Vitafirm Work?

Vitafirm cream uses is clinically tested ingredients to relax the face muscles. The formula also works to maintain a hydrated supple skin.

Simultaneously, Vitafirm naturally restores nutrients in the skin by building collagen naturally to help lift and firm skin on a cellular level.

Once applied your skin will immediately feel firmed and toned, since the natural formula is easily absorbed by the pores giving your face a rejuvenating feeling.

After using it for 30 days you will clearly see a difference in your skin.

Where To Buy Vitafirm?

Vitafirm can be ordered directly from its website. Many women who order the formula report positive results and seem happy with how the product works in the skin. To check out testimonials and learn more about Vitafirm, be sure to visit their official website, or read one of our user submitted reviews below.

Vitafirm User Review

For years, I have been trying to find a way to get rid of the newly acquired wrinkles and lines that now plague my face. I have tried every store brand cosmetic I could get my hands on, but none of them ever seemed to truly make a difference.

Vitafirm Anti-Aging Face Creme

Finally, as a last attempt, I decided to try Vitafirm.

My expectations weren’t high, simply because I had very little success in the past, but I figured that I had nothing left to lose. Now, I am so thankful that I tried this product, and I can confidently say that it is one of the best things to ever happen to my skin.

One of the things that I love most about Vitafirm is the packaging. It comes either in an easy to use bottle with a pump, or a jar with a lid that fits securely. I personally use the bottle with the pump, and I have traveled with it multiple times and never had an issue with it leaking or spilling. A little bit of the product goes a long way, and one bottle lasts me many months, even when I use it at least once a day, if not twice.

Does Vitafirm Work?

After just one short week of using it, I already felt an amazing difference in the softness of my skin. Before, my skin was rough, and had an unflattering texture that many individuals get once they start to age. But, with Vitafirm, my skin felt fresh and younger.

All of the cellulite and dark spots that I used to get so embarrassed about started to disappear, and I no longer felt ashamed of my skin.

Should You Buy Vitafirm?

The only reservation that I had about buying Vitafirm was its price. In comparison to many other skin and anti-aging products, Vitafirm is quite expensive. But once I used it and saw with my own eyes how well it works, I immediately knew that it was worth the price.

Vitafirm is hands down the only product that has ever successfully worked for me, and that is why I am willing to pay a little bit more than I would for other lotions. The amount of money that I have spent on products that do not work makes the price of Vitafirm look like nothing in comparison.

Vitafirm For Sensitive Skin

I have always had very sensitive skin, but this was never a problem when I was using Vitafirm. Unlike most other lotions that I have ever used, it didn’t make my skin itchy or dry, and it didn’t cause me to feel a burning sensation either. My skin also didn’t become overly oily, but instead felt clean and smooth. It was the perfect mixture between being hydrated and not producing too much oil, and this is something that I have been trying to achieve with my skin for years.

If you are considering using Vitafirm to make your skin appear younger and to get rid of all of your embarrassing wrinkles, dark spots, and lines, I strongly recommend that you give it a try. Vitafirm was a game changer for me, and I have never once regretted using it. I still use it every single day, and I don’t envision that changing anytime soon.

This product is definitely one that I will be using for many years to come, and I think that you should be using it too.

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  1. I just purchased a free trial of Garcinia Cambodia and Green Tea. I paid shipping and handling with credit card. I did not agree to any other shipments and there was nothing indicating other shipments or what to do if you don’t like it so I assumed that it was a one time only. I think (after reading all this information) that I may be in trouble too. It was endorsed by Dr. Oz. After all your great comments I went back to the Dr. Oz page and went into the order. I cannot find anything at all regarding future shipments. I found information on their privacy policy but there were no terms and conditions and no information on how long the trial is. I went on: [email protected] and computer brought up lots of garcinia websites but not the one I was looking for. There is no phone number either. Thought it was o.k. because it was Dr. Oz .
    I don’t know what to do. Does anyone know anything about it? Arn’t they legally supposed to show Terms and Conditions? If there is no information for you to read and agree to can they still do auto ship?

  2. The same happened to me. I paid only $ 4.95 for shipping. The cream came 10 days. After 14 days they charged my account $99. After several hours phone calls they returned 40$ back. I throw the cream into trash and warned all my friends and coworkers. Good products don’t need such strategy.

  3. I just received 2 more packages of the cream and serum, why? there was no agreement and as the other ladies commented no paperwork came inside the boxes the first time and it was only a trial no other agreements were made. What a scam… I havent even looked at my statements yet nor did I open these two other boxes nor intend to. After reading all the other ladies comments Im already fuming. us sending this company our credit card numbers was a one time aknowledgement nothing more. How dare you charge our accounts and especially without our permission? one time that was all,I hope for your sake when I look at my statements there arnt anymore charges except for the postage fees for the two trial offers that was agreed on and the only time I gave my permissioin to be used ,only once… Thanks to all of you ladies for your insight, I tell you im so sick to death of these friggin scam artists. And now this company will here me cuz its time to be giving them a call.

  4. The same thing happened to me. They have charged my credit card for the trial offer and told me that I had to call to cancel. They shipped me another bottle. I called them and told them that it didn’t work for me and I didn’t order another bottle. When I told them that I didn’t want it they kept offering me for a discount. I insisted that if it didn’t work than what good is it. They then told me to return it at my expense. I did and I’ll have to see my next statement to see if I was reimbursed. Learned a very expensive lesson. Never to fall for this free trial offers.

  5. Exactly so! I have been ripped off for eleven times, each time for 97. and more, even without letting me know that I am billed. The small jar of cream kept coming with no instructional brochure, no billing alert whatsoever, not even a labeled jar! And they billed me for over 99 bucks for the first supposedly “free trial”” within the same 14 days of the first announced “free trial”. Then they kept sending me the cream even as I was not in the country for four months. And in response to my complaint they just keep referring me to their ” terms and conditions”. Who reads through such a long statement with so small letters when in the middle of night or during the day at work an ad pops up on your screen while you are on a school web site? So, you get curious to give it a try, and also to skip the annoying ad. And the fraud starts right there. You trust the words on the ad, you want to pay for the shipment only (which is what they claim you need to pay) and then you get the product thinking that all is done the same way stated on the page. I guess you all know the rest of the story. The routine conduct in the US is to always double check every thing with you on your appointments, your costs, the spelling of your name, your address, etc. to avoid any confusion on the customer’s side. But this company skips such an ethical behavior and makes money over the customers’ trust. If they are doing the right business why shouldn’t they send out the billing alert to the customer ? Why should they bill my account under different names? In an attempt to resolve the problem over several long-waiting phone calls and proposed to send all the unused jars (six) and they refund me fully for seven jars (because I have not received that one), but they just accepted three refunds out of the ten. And my God, $97… for a small jar of cream that is only $47 on ebey!? Fraud is the name of such a business! Thanks God there is a legal category for suing such businesses in the country, named “consumer complaint”.

    Go to ag.ky.gov/civil/consumerprotection/complaints/Pages/default.aspx

  6. On a trial offer I received Vita Cream and Eye serum that doesn’t appear to be specific to the eyes. There was no documentation or instructions included. 14 days later I was billed for each product, 87 and 88 dollars. There was no further communication from the company. 14 days later,I was billed again. The product lasts longer than 2weeks, in fact it last longer than a month. When I called the company, I had a representative with a very heavy accent. She was obviously was instructed to use high pressure tactics. She wanted to resolve the problem by offering coupons to reduce the cost of subsequent orders. I had to talk over her and tell her multiple times that I wanted to cancel. She finally agreed and hopefully the order was cancelled. This was suppose to be a months supply, but you had to cancel within 14 days. I did not cancel within that timeframe, so I was billed. There was no agreement to make this a reoccurring order. I was shocked to see the price and even more shocked to see that they billed me again 14 days later. Again there was no communication from the company. I hope my experience will deter other people from making the same mistake.

  7. Please stop sending this, I can’t use it the cream has wheat protein I’am allergic to the ingredients. this vita firm does not work! i’m not satisfied . I want my money back!!!!!

  8. Call 1-877-843-7037. That’s the number on my charge statement. This also happened to me. They are very deceptive and I’m just as angry as you are!!!!!

    • I am too. I called them and had to tell them I was stopping payment on both of them to get her to cancel. The eye cream and face cream are nothing more than a glorified moisturizer that after your trial costs you $99.95 for the face one and $89.79 for the eye one. You can go to any pharmacy and buy a much cheaper moisturizer that will do the same job. Don’t buy this. It is not worth the money.

  9. I was offered a free trial for Auralux for answering a survey that seemed to be connected with Amazon.com. They charged me for the full cream and now are sending it to me without my consent. Naturally I can find no phone number to call. I am furious, and I am calling my bank tomorrow to dispute the charges. They are frauds.

  10. First, I did not even want to try this cream, it just that my pc got stock on this pop up section and unless I click yes, I could not get out the screen.
    Be very careful. This company is very tricky. First, cream is not free!!!! In agreement it said, if you do not cancel the order in 14 days, they charge $99.95 for a small jar of cream. Who read that long “agreement”, but I think that is what they want for customer to do, so it becomes our fault that we did not read the “agreement”, and have pay that $99.95 for first jar.
    I hate the company who use this type of sales trick, and makes me so mad to think I wasted my $100 bcs I was tricked. Company should also think……even thought product is good, average income people will not be able to afford $100 per small jar of cream very month!!!???

    • I cannot find an eddy or phone number to cancel vitafirm. They charge me every month but I have not even received the product in 6 months. I am getting ripped off and next stop will be states attny office.

  11. i was told i would receive my money back upon return of cream i did not order,you are scamming all of us,if i do not receive my money i defintetly will have my lawyer contact you…..

    • This is a scam. I can’t find a phone# to call to stop this. The cream that I received has a date on the bottom of 10/27/14. No paperwork came in the box. How do I contact them?

      • Call 1-877-843-7037. That’s the number on my charge statement. I tried to reach them because I signed up for the $2.95 FREE TRIAL and they billed me $92.74 because the said I didn’t cancel in time. They’re advertising is very deceptive and that’s how they suck people into their program. BEW

  12. I would like to know how to stop delivery of Vitafirm to my home. I do not want anymore of it sent to me or charged to my credit card. Please help. It doesn’t have any papers or invoice with it or even a return address.


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