Top 17 Natural Ways On How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks


“Stretch marks” is a term that is very well-known the most American citizens, especially those who are women who have has to deal with stretch marks that can accumulate over time, along with society’s general disdain for the sight of them.

Many women don’t mind their stretch marks at all, and some consider them tiger stripes, or a mark of honor they wear to show their physical accomplishments, like giving birth. But other simply don’t like the way they look, and will even go as far as to avoid certain outfits because wearing sleeveless shirts, shorts, or short skirts would show of their stretch marks.

If you are one of the many people who feel uncomfortable with their bodies due to stretch marks, there are ways that you can diminish or even completely remove them from your body. If you’re stretch marks are getting into your head, they need to go.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of remedies you can use to diminish your stretch marks, as well as a few exercises that you can use to target specific problem areas.

How Stretch Marks Form

The skin has several layers, and when the body is functioning well and is supplied with efficient nutrients, then the skin remains in a proper formation. When the right exercises are taken, you are likely to have healthier skin and will not be as likely to notice stretch marks.

Stretch marks are formed by the expansion and contraction of the skin, particularly when the upper, middle, and lower layers of the epidermis expand and contract in uneven amounts. The loosening of the strength in the layers makes the collagen and elastin fibers become useless. This later creates scars on the top layer of the skin, and that makes the stretch marks.

Why Are Stretch Marks Formed?

Every person’s body is different, and the cause of your stretch marks may not be the same as the cause for someone else’s. However, there is a very good livelihood that any given person’s stretch marks have been caused by one of these common causes:

  • Genetic disorders
  • Mixing of lotions
  • Stretching of the skin during pregnancy
  • Rapid weight gain
  • Boy building
  • Malfunctioning of adrenal glands

What Are The Signs?

Just like many body conditions, stretchmark’s come with signs, and this is what you need to check on as indicators. When your skin becomes fatty and you notice pink coloration, then be on the lookout. Later, the lines will begin to form and become wrinkled and raised. These lines might later change color to silver or white. You will also see parallel lines once the marks form.

Simple Remedies

Some people find it natural to have these marks while others find it a bit challenging. Individuals seek different procedures to deal with stretch marks, some even going as far as to resort to surgery.

With nature on our side, we have various simple natural ways of dealing with stretch marks. These ways are cheap and will save you the pain that comes with surgeries and medication. The simple remedies are as follows:


It’s a simple remedy that works to peel out the marks. Get a spoonful of sugar and mix with lemon. Add a few drops of almond oil and apply it gently to the affected area. Apply the solution while rubbing your affected area for up to ten minutes. After that, take a shower. Note that this method is effective when you do it regularly for one month.


This is one of the simplest and quickest ways of removing stretch marks. You can drink ten glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. This makes detoxification possible and the stretch marks will go away faster. This is a possible and effective way to keep your skin clear.

Potato Juice

This juice is rich with vitamins and minerals and grows as well as restores the skin. You can also take the potato and rub the slice on the affected areas. It works fast and is very efficient. It’s easy to make and use.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a known remedy for many diseases, and for the skin, one can apply it directly. However, it’s recommended to add the aloe gel to any necessary vitamin and apply on the affected area. It’s known to give consistent results and is used widely for skin care.

Olive Oil

This improves blood circulation and it works by massaging the oil on the affected areas over time. This makes the skin receive enough blood, aiding in making your skin soft and healthy. This makes the stretch marks reduce.

Lemon Juice

This one has acids and this makes it a perfect remedy to the scars. Just apply the derived juice on the affected area and wait for the results.

Cocoa Butter

This is encouraged to help provide anti-aging and anti-wrinkling effects for your skin. Mix the butter with other supplements, especially bee wax and heat to melt. Get the cooling residue and apply it to the affected area.

Egg Whites

Beat the white part only of an egg and apply it on the affected area, then let it dry. Once its dry, wash the egg off and apply oil to make the area smooth.

Castor Oil

This is another remedy for skin problems. You apply by massaging the oil on your skin for about 15 minutes, then cover the area with a clean cloth to prevent heat loss. Do this on a routine basis and you will get results.

Alfalfa Leaves

These leaves have amino acids and nutrients for your skin. Get the powder and mix with oil to form a paste. Apply the paste on the affected region. You skin will visibly improve after several applications.


Prepare by grinding apricots without seeds. Apply the paste on the skin and wait for it to dry. Wash it after 20 minutes. Do this for a month and wait for the results.

Herbal Solution

Here you need calendula oil and wheat germ oil. Mix and apply to the affected area as you wait for results.

Vitamin K

This works by removing all the marks and scars. It is found in green vegetables. The more vitamin K you have in your diet, the greater your skin’s ability to heal itself will become.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil is an excellent remedy for many types of skin care. It’s derived from tea tree and has antibiotic an anti-inflammatory uses on the skin.


This can be mixed with lemon juice, and the resulting mixture will help your skin remain soft and stable. You will also get rid of stretch marks.

Lavender Oil, Chamomile Oil, And Almond Oil

This trio has been known to work efficiently on the skin. Take equal measure of the named oils and mix them, then apply on your skin.

Exercises You Can Do To Remove Stretch Marks

For Marks On The Thighs

This works to firm the thighs. Sit down straight on a chair and put your hands sideways. After that, swing your legs up and down, making sure to maintain full control and repeating as sets.

For Bottom Marks

Lie down and face the floor. Ensure your body is flat on the ground. Put your arms on the sides and raise your leg one after the other sideways, keeping them straight. Ensure the allowance for raising the legs is 3-6 inches upright from the floor.

For Hip Marks

Lie flat on your back and lift one leg after the other through 90 degrees. Feel your buttock getting stressed and do this repetitively for all the sides.

For Stomach Marks

Lie flat on the floor. Fold your legs and put your hands on your head. Then try lifting your body up in a sitting posture.

How To Get Rid Of Old Stretch Marks

If your marks are too old, you don’t need to worry as these alternatives will give you the best results. You can use oats to scrub the skin marks, folic acid, Vaseline, and rein acid.

These remedies will be the most effective natural remedies for stretch marks that have been formed for a long period of time. You can also get great results from combining multiple remedies, such as using a daily treatment of coconut butter while also making sure you increase the amount of vitamin K in your diet.

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Will all these simple methods available for you, it is our hope that your skin will bounce back and your stretch marks will diminish as soon as possible.

If natural remedies have not worked for you, or if you would like to go full force at a solution right away, there are a few products that we can recommend. Namely, any SkinCeption and striVectin products. They are a bit more costly than the natural remedies, but we are confident that you will get fast and efficient results by using these products.

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