Best 2016 Korean Beauty Products – Top Skincare Brands To Try?


About The Best Korean Beauty Products of 2016

The market for beauty products is huge. Every year we go through at least a dozen trends that come and go.

It seems like nearly every month there is a new beauty secret from some new location on the globe. “Best beauty tips from Germany!” or “Miracle Brazilian Weight Loss Product Exposed!” Titles like these lead us into believing that there is some new secret way to look even better than we already do.

The problem is that most of these so-called trends are just that: trends. They don’t usually stick around for a long time and, in a few short weeks we, consumers end up moving on to the fresh and new beauty improving secret that just popped up in the tabloids.

This year, the best-kept secret of absolute beauty has been Korean beauty brands. These brands quickly gained major popularity in the U.S. and became the new thing to use in your cosmetic arsenal.

Companies such as TonyMoly and Missha quickly spread their products throughout the Americas and cornered the market with ease.

Urban Outfitters and Sephora realized that K-style beauty care products were gaining popularity and without any hesitation started releasing their own lines of Korean beauty make-up and skin care cosmetics.

Everyone was riding the Korean beauty train and consumers kept it going throughout the whole year.

But surely this trend is going to end too, right? No way!

Unlike most of the other beauty trends we all fall for, this one isn’t fleeting, and it seems to be sticking around for some time.

The primary products that have been a major staple in the K-beauty brand revolution in the States have been hydrating essences, and they brought more than enough “Umph!” to keep the Korean beauty trend going.

However, recently many of the same companies we listed previously and a few others have been branching out into some other products that are heavily inspired by Korean cosmetics.

Let’s take a look at some of these upcoming or new products which might already be on the market and see what’s on the horizon for the future of Korean beauty products.

Single Bottle Double-Cleansers

If you are striving to keep your face free of impurities and acne, then you are most likely fully aware of the function of a double cleanser.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, a double cleanser is a product designed to be used before your regular moisturizer with your regular cleanser.

It’s usually a foam-like substance which penetrates your pores on a deeper level to get rid of all that stubborn make-up and dirt you can’t simply wash away.

The problem is that using that secondary cleanser is kind of like taking that extra step that we all forget to do, we know we should do it but we simply don’t.

The single bottle double cleanser is supposed to eliminate that second pesky bottle of cleanser, staring at you every time you wash your face and making you guilty for buying it and not using it.

The single bottle double-cleanser is the all-in-one solution for your morning and evening cleansing needs which delivers deep level cleansing as well as perfect moisturizing for your skin.


Let’s face it, no pun intended, we find ourselves putting some very strange things on our skin in an effort to look better than our twenty-something-year-old neighbor.

Korean beauty is probably at the forefront of “let’s see what this will accomplish” when it comes to strange substances and facial rejuvenation.

The new odd ingredient of choice has been determined to be artichokes. However, unlike some of the other not-so-practical ingredients, artichokes actually pose an amazing ability to make your pores look much better and add quite a bit of elasticity to your skin texture.

This natural ingredient will soon be used in many products across the K-style branding and will deliver a rather untraditional, but very effective, way to treat your skin and keep it looking younger than ever.

Morning Cleansers

Washing your face in the morning is a good way to wake yourself up and get ready for the busy day ahead.

The problem is that when you put that soap on your face early in the morning, you aren’t just freshening up.

You mistakenly remove all of the revitalizing and rejuvenating creams you used before bed to keep your skin nice and smooth.

The result is an oil-free leather canvas which is super dry and lacking in moisture. Thankfully, a Korean-based company by the name Lagom thought of a morning cleanser which will re-moisturize your skin and clean it at the same time.

The cleanser itself isn’t anything crazy or revolutionary. It is a simple oil-based solution designed to clean your skin and stop it from turning into leather after you dry it.

We look forward to seeing what exactly will Langom bring to the table when their product does hit the shelves. Their cleanser seems to offer a perfect and lightweight solution to that dry morning skin.

Harder Working Makeup

Usually, when we think about makeup, we don’t expect it to be beneficial for our skin. Making our skin look better and more beautiful is all that we expect from the makeup we put on our cheeks and lips.

Well, Korean style beauty products are here to break the status quo. Meet the 24/7 Touch-Up Skin Perfecting Cream and 24/7 Honey Dual Lip Treatment and Color Tint Balm from Peach & Lily.

The objective of honey dual lip treatment is pretty simple; to give your lips the protection they need to keep collagen from breaking down.

The lipstick itself is cream coral, which gives your lips just enough color to look absolutely amazing all while protecting them in the best way possible.

The 24/7 Touch-Up Skin Perfecting Cream is a product on a whole other level. Some of the main ingredients in this cream are glycerin, adenosine, and licorice.

The combination of these ingredients is perfect for keeping your skin hydrated, ensuring it is firm and smooth, and protecting it against inflammation.

At the same time, the cream possesses a subtle shimmer which makes your skin look slightly dewy, an effect unlike any we have seen before.

Both of these products are designed to improve the way you look while making sure your skin gets the best nourishment possible.

Face Mist

Using different sprays and mists to make your skin look fresh and dewy isn’t a secret technique, it has been around for years. However, there are two specific products that we have seen which stand out from the rest.

The first is a face mist designed for those who have very oily skin. The NEOGEN Code 9 Sebum Clear Pore Mist from SokoGlam is perfect for those who randomly start to shine in the middle of the day like a mirror.

As suggested by its name, this mist is designed to absorb the excess sebum (oil produced by our skin) on your face and make you look sheen-free.

So, if you can’t seem to get a handle on your oily face throughout the summer, give this mist a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

The second mist isn’t actually a mist, despite the name. This product is more of a thick gel rather than a mist, but the results it produces are very promising.

The BERRY VITAL RECHARGING GEL MIST from Peach & Lilly is designed to protect your skin from the harmful elements found around in the air.

The idea behind using a gel rather than a mist comes from locking in moisture through the viscous nature of the substance, which worked great.

The gel contains elements found in acai berry, blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry, all of which contribute to revitalizing and protecting your skin from pollution and other stressors.

The Best Korean Beauty Products of 2016 Review Summary

Trends come and go, but those with value sometimes last and become a standard over time. Using natural products has been a concept which has been around for ages.

Somewhere during the history of makeup, we strayed from trying to keep our skin and complexion healthy to using makeup and hiding techniques instead. Even worse, some companies turned to using toxic and harmful elements in their cosmetics.

The most recent Korean beauty trend seems to be focusing on using real ingredients to protect our skin while adding some ingredients that also make it look better. The theme of this trend seems to be rejuvenation.

We think this is exactly why it’s here to stay and won’t go away like other trends before it. Those who are using makeup every day have realized the harm that they are doing to their skin and their health.

Korean-style beauty products are attempting to bring natural beauty back into the light. We welcome this new beauty movement with open arms.

It’s time to take control of our makeup cabinet and remove everything that can cause potential harm. K-style makeup is an obvious choice to replace most of our old junk!

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