Trū Belleza – A Cut Above The Rest?

Trū Belleza is an anti-aging cosmetic health system that focuses on combining the very best Nature has to offer with clinically-studied skincare biotechnology deliver-ability methods.

All that to comes down to is a dynamic 2-part skin nutrition formula:

  • InstaLift – Rapid Wrinkle Control & Enhanced Collagen Production
  • Deep Wrinkle Moisturizer – Advanced Hydrating Day & Night Cream

Together (with their trademarked botanical ingredients and herbal extracts covered below) they make the naturally peptide-rich Trū Belleza skin care product packages a cut above the rest of the thousands of fruitless and baseless creams, serums and gels we have reviewed over the years (and that's saying something). We would only put Abella Mayfair skin care products ahead of them if you are looking for a trusted company and product line.

Let's focus on what really matters whether any skin care cream will work for you or not – and that is proven ingredients that are tried, tested and true.

The Ingredients – Real Substance or Raw Science?

What do we mean by real substance or raw science? Simply stated; first, what are the ingredients used in the Tru Belleza formula? And second, where's enough substantial scientific evidence (if any) to back up any benefits or features portrayed?

Surprisingly, and we do mean we were very surprised to see the amount of data and medical backing many of the top-tier ingredients listed in each the InstaLift Rapid Wrinkle Control cream and the Deep Wrinkle Moisturizer proprietary cosmetic formulations.

Here is the video floating around the internet about Trū Belleza skincare products:

Tru Belleza review

Combined, here are just the most noted and credible trademarked ingredients:

  • Argireline® (first cosmetic hexapeptide for reducing expression wrinkles & fine lines)
  • SYN®-EYE(Lineless looking eyes within days*)
  • Trylagen® PCB (trifuctional integral collagen synthesis booster)
  • Pentavitin® (keratin binder to balance moisture for optimal skin hydration)
  • GluCare® (superior skin protector, immunity and defense)
  • Lipogard Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10 & Vitamin E – only 2 natural lipophilic antioxidants)

Here is a very abbreviated summary of each of the primary pharmaceutical-grade quality ingredients we could find:

Argireline is the safer, better topical alternative to the Botulinum Toxin that helps better muscle contraction inhibition. It is the world's first peptide for wrinkle expressions to work at the neuromuscular level and can see measured effects within minutes and effective deeper changes within as little as 15-28 days. Sidenote: argireline creams are largely responsible for the “quick/fast” effects you see on all of the videos on the internet.

Evonik Industries' GluCare S 2% is what is known as a “Highly active yeast-derived partly carboxymethylated β-glucan” which can revitalize the skin by activating its defense system and reducing the sensitivity of skin for better natural repair processes.

UnlimitedDSM & Pentapharm have staked the claim in the squalane-based Lipogard with a high level of Ubiquinone (Coenzyme Q10) and vitamin E. It is most known for its ability of efficient protection against skin lipid (sebum) peroxidation.

Leveraging the coveted proprietary blend of well-researched ingredients, especially consider the number of skin care creams that have flooded the market over the years – Tru Belleza has emerged as one of the leading formulations for all of the similar skin care serums nad enhancers we have researched and wrote reviews on.

Now, let's talk about the potential “downside” to Trū Belleza; which may surprise why as it hasn't necessarily always been with how well it works, rather how its offered via trials. Let's review everything you need to know when buying Trū Belleza and trying before you buy full price.

What is Tru Belleza?

Tru Belleza has only been available for a handful of months online. At first glance, the skin cream seems similar to other anti-aging “free trial” scams you see online today. But in fairness to what we have witnessed the past few years, Tru Belleza backs up most of its claims with genuine clinical research and a premium list of ingredients.

Its apparent origins are made by a Greenville, South Carolina-based beauty product manufacturer as the company recently unveiled a promotional trial offer for Tru Belleza. That trial offer is priced at $4.95 USD and will deliver a full-sized jar of Tru Belleza directly to your door. And, if you like it, and keep your trial offer going, you will get sent a new order and billed every month until you cancel (contact information below).

The official website mentions the following benefits:

  • Diminishes the Look of Wrinkles
  • Repairs Skin
  • Smoothens Skin
  • Counters the Effect of Stress On Your Skin

Let's start to tie in how all of these beneficial herbal ingredients and healthy botanical extracts work when paired together.

How Does Tru Belleza Work?

Tru Belleza goes into surprising detail about its methods of action – which is a refreshing change from other beauty product manufacturers who ramble on about collagen, elastin, and other compounds.

Tru Belleza promises to make you look 10 years younger using the following methods of action:

— Intelligent ingredients enter the skin and then reduce the appearance of fine lines or wrinkles.

— These ingredients also heal specific types of damage, like UV damage, pollutants, and environmental toxin damage

— Tru Belleza claims to use “skin rejuvenating ingredients” that have been scientifically proven to produce “amazing results”

— Other key ingredients in Tru Belleza include the use of antioxidants that brighten and enhance your skin’s appearance

— Finally, there are also topical immune boosters, which when applied to your skin, can boost its defenses against the toxins of the outside world

Scientific Evidence for Tru Belleza

Tru Belleza claims to have undergone a recent clinical study. During that clinical study, participants exhibited the following benefits:

— 84% of participants reported a decrease of wrinkles and fine lines

— 95% of participants were observed to have increased collagen production

— 73% of participants reported a reduced appearance of dark circles

We don’t know many details about this clinical trial – like how many patients were involved or where the study took place. However, based on the results published on the site, these are some pretty significant results.

How to Buy Tru Belleza

Tru Belleza is currently available online on the Tru Belleza official website,

You can currently only purchase the skin cream through a trial offer. That trial offer is priced at $4.95.

There doesn’t appear to be a catch to this free trial. The ordering form makes no mention of an autoship program or any additional fees. You get a jar of skin cream in exchange for about $5 USD.

You will reportedly receive your Tru Belleza trial within 3 to 5 business days.

The cream can be shipped to addresses in the United States and Canada. The shipping price does not change.

It’s important to note that Tru Belleza claims to only give away 300 trials every day. If you visit the site later in the day, then you might find that it’s not available, or that the site redirects to a 404 page. In that case, just wait until after midnight EST and there should be 300 more trials available.

The skin cream was recently featured in advertisements on major media outlets like USA Today, Cosmo, Marie Claire, HSN, NBC, Lifetime, Bravo, and The New York Times – so demand has nudged up over the past week.

Who Makes Tru Belleza?

Tru Belleza is made by a company that calls itself – appropriately enough – Tru Belleza.

That company lists its address as the following:

Tru Belleza
120 Smith Hines Rd
Greenville, SC 29607 USA

You can contact the company between 7am and 10pm EST by emailing [email protected] or by calling 888 725-0673.


  1. Scammers. Check their website… there are no terms and conditions. Call their customer support number – 1-888-391-5721 – ask what obligations you have if you sign up for their free trial. The first person I asked only described the initial shipping charge and refused to volunteer any further info. I called back and talked to a second person who explained the monthly subscription but only after I prompted two or three times.


    Or do. And wait for your credit card company to contact you with concerns that you have been the victim of a scam.

  2. I got ripped off as well. They charged my account before I received the product and this is a scam. Tell everyone you can that this is a scam and a scam company.

  3. I guess people dont know how free trials work …. well you get the free trial and if you dont like you send it back within 14 days and they cancel your subscription and will not be chraged but if you dont they will charge you for the product full price and will continue to charge you and send to you the product until you cancel your subscription simple as that!!!!! .. you dont get to keep the free trials if you dont like it and dont desire to purchase the product in the futur!!! and as for this product it does work …. and its sad that many didnt understand the politics of the merchandise and give the product a bad name !!!!!….

    • Right. Except they don’t declare anywhere on the webpages where you sign up for the sample, that they are also signing you up for an ongoing subscription.

      Do you work for them???

    • This is not associated with Dr Oz at all. Look at the photos of all the so called participants and you will see their faces over and over again with other products ripoff schemes

  4. This is all too bad. I managed to get two products in early March through a different supplier. They both worked better than I would have ever hoped and I would like to order more but don’t intend to get caught in this trap.

  5. I finally got my money back after 3 months. I had proof that I had cancelled and it still took all that time and my visa was involved. Had to get a new visa also. The cream did not work I took a pic week one and another 6 weeks later no different.

    • Funny enough it is just for A short time. So try it for a few days and then leave it off for a few days and look at your face it’s worse, so don’t get hooked

  6. I got mislead like so many others by this Tru Belleza. Very difficult to reach the Client Service people. I cancelled my order of free trial and I don ‘t want to receive any more of the product.

  7. Hello,

    My name is Johanne Boucher.

    I ordered samples (6,69 and 5,33 $) and after trying, I confirm that I have doubts about the product. I find that I have the charges on my credit card (amounts of $ 119.28 and 132.54). I do not want other products. I ask to be refunded and I do not want additional amount charged on my credit card.
    Thank you for your collaboration.

    • Well I got scammed to…to three payments of 6.95 which they should have only taken two because I only ordered 2 products. Then I get a confirmation number that my order has left the warehouse and should be there in 7-10 business days. That was two days ago. I went into my bank account this morning and found $150.01 taken out of my account by a company called Pureskin. The bank gave me a phone number to call but no one will answer. So now they have 3 payments of 6.95 plus 150.01 and I never received any product. I had to cancel my credit card because they want to charge me 32.00 to cancel…it’s under dispute with the bank which I will not find out anything until 3-5 business days…I am on a disability and cannot afford to lose this money.

      • I had the exact same experience as you. I called my credit card company and they told me to be firm and ask Tru Belleza/Pureskin to refund my money as I didn’t ask for a subscription when I ordered my trial. They told me to save all emails and then if Tru Belleza doesn’t refund, to come back to them (the credit card company) and they will work on getting my money back. I’m SO upset about this,…. now I’m just trying to leave posts all over the internet and on YouTube so others are warned. Some advice, make sure to email Tru Belleza at [email protected] and demand that they cancel your account as well. Make sure you get your cancellation in writing by email.

    • This is a scam, I also tried to cancel as all i asked for was the trial which should have been a total of $10 instead i was charged that plus another $250. I contacted them to camcel everything and i would send the product back and get my $$$ back but was told they could either send me a couple more jars free of charge or give me a small percentage back. I have it all in an email and asked for a couple more jars of the same product. I got 2 totally different things and I am now trying to contact the person I dealt with for the last 3 weeks and he will not reply. So frustrating!!

    • I feel I did also.. even though I cancelled my first product.. but they continue to charge me for the second. Not fair at all. Leaves me feeling very dissatisfied by being scammed. Product obviously does not sell it self and there will be no repeat business from my circle of friends.

  8. please believe all of these reviews.-This is big scam. once they sell you for $4.95then they start you charging like really big amount.when you want to cancel whole this scam noone picks your phone ,their malebox is always full.If bychance you can get chance to leave message on voicemail then noone return your callor even i tried to email them they did not even returned my email. they should not be doing business they shoul be in police custody.

  9. I have ordered the free samples of this product and now notice that my card is being charged $134 and $121 for this so called free samples and wish to return the product. I have tried emails and at least four different phone numbers associated with tru has been over a month since I have been leaving emails with no replies back and the voice mail with the phone numbers have always came up with the same recording that the mail box is full and cannot leave a reply.

  10. On Apr 14, 2016, at 7:50 PM, Rowell Miranda wrote:

    Hi Lucille Gervais-Lee,

    Thank you for contacting us regarding your concern towards the cancellation of your subscription.
    As you surely read at our terms and conditions, the bottles that you received are sold as part of our monthly subscription for a full cost of $99.95 (the bottles we send for the trial program are the actual products that have a full 30 day supply).
    For customers that keep being subscribed for our service after the trial period, that is the actual cost. However, as I can see you’re having second thoughts regarding the product, I will be more than glad to try and assist you with a couple of offers:
    1.) I can cancel your subscription and stop any future recurring payments as requested. In order to do that you will just have to return the remaining supply-the bottle, under your expense. Upon your approval, I will put the future charges on hold,I will provide to you the return address (so we can identify the package as coming from you), so you can head with it to the post office. Once we receive your bottle, we will fully cancel the whole subscription.
    2.) I can make an exception and apply one of our discounts, reserved for returning customers, so you can keep the bottle for an only one-time charge of $39.95 (about 50% off the regular price). This way, you can keep the bottle for a unique price, and I will save you from the need to deal with the returning process and cost (which can be $6-$12 depending on the post office). Of course that on top of that, as requested, I will cancel your subscription and stop any future shipments so you can rest assured that no more future charges will be taken after that. If you are pleased with the results you will be able to come back anytime and I will stand by my monthly rates offers as well. This way you can try these premium products with minimal commitment.
    Please let me know which option would you prefer so we can proceed with your cancellation request.
    Thank you.
    Tru Belleza Customer Support

    On Thu, 14 Apr at 7:47 PM , Lucille Gervais-Lee wrote:
    I just received my free sample of tru belleza. I am confirming with you that this is the only product and charge I should be receiving from your company on my credit card. I do not want any further products or changes on my credit card from your company.

    Thank you,
    Lucille Gervais-Lee

  11. I am so glad that I found my fountain of youth with nutritional rebalancing and cleansing. I still read about these things out of curiosity because I got trapped a few times. I am so thrilled with the products that I have now found and what I have learned. Great nutrition Great skincare. Who knew it was so easy.

  12. Thank you everybody who took your time to write here. I was suspecting that it can be scam because 2 years ago I got caught on similar scam, when they claimed annoyed free trial worried mentioning anywhere annoys full price charge, but in a month they charged me almost $200 and when I opened discussion with my bank, they couldn’t do a lot, but to give me contact phone number. So I called and they first told they couldn’t return anything, then I told I’ll apply to consumer ministry and bbb – everywhere, but I won’t let them robbing me like this, so finally they agreed to return 60% (that wasn’t really exciting, but better than nothing). I changed the card. In 2 months I was shocked seeing again a new charge. At that time, when I called to the bank and then to the company (it was a bit differently named with different phone number on credit card but still the same thing), they returned me the whole thing. But how they could charge me after I changed the card? The bank explained me that once authorization is done, even if I change the card, they still can charge me. So after talking to them again and being ready bringing them to criminal investigation, they finally left me alone.
    I was thinking, why did I believe the claim that it’s free and so on? Why do they exist and are allowed ?
    So now, seeing the add about a new miracle cream, the first thing I did, I goggled it… And thank you all, victims of this company, I saw a proof that it’s just a scam.

  13. This is a Scam!!!!
    Hard to believe this type of business is allowed and not brought down!!!
    DO NO BUY!!!

  14. Also got SCAMMED…do not sign up for this free trial…continuous billings to my credit card monthly for $135 CDN in addition to the $7 original shipping charge and I only received the first trial creams…now have to cancel my credit card to avoid further charges…SCAM!!!!

  15. Hi there!

    This company is conpletely fraudulent! I was charged over 200$ on my credit card after accepting what I thought was a free trial! Their website is designed to trick you into beleiving you are not entering a contract where 2 weeks (14 days) later you will be charged in full monthly. It is probably hidden in small print somewhere but clearly not obvious! I tried to call them to get refunded and phone number unreachable! They sent me an email in poorly written english to tell me I would not be refunded! Complete fraud

  16. I too was scammed by this company. I received the free trial and two days later my visa was charged $134 two days later an additional $134. Tried to get through to their representatives at 905-581-5576 for over a week now to hear that the mailbox for the person who I’m trying to contact is full. Next I plan on contacting Dr Oz to see haw he can indorse this product that is scamming so many people

    • Thank you so much for posting this Tara.
      I was just about to give my cc info for the free offer.
      This type of auto billing should be illegal.

    • I was billed only the shipping Fee – It’s sad that you were billed more than the shipping fee for the trial sample which is suppose to be a free sample? Hopefully, they will reimburse you for charging you more than they should have.
      Christine from Vancouver

      • Hey Christine,
        Watch your credit card or cancel now via email because you will get charged. If you go to & read the terms at the bottom of the page everything is very clearly stated. Good luck!
        Victoria from Langley, BC

      • I’m with Victoria here… it’s a subscription that you have agreed to by providing your cc or banking info. I was billed a total of $300 before I could get the subscription cancelled. They so very graciously offered me a “courtesy refund” of $50, so that “free” jar of cream ended up costing me $250. Maybe if it really was a miracle cream, it might have been worth it, but it’s not that great.

  17. i am also in this silly scam and i had my card with costco and cancelled it they looked at it as fraud as i did not ok it but they said it was not fraud so i owe them they charges

    Anne just pissed

  18. myself also keep sending me stuff charged then said they will rebate me i did cancel my credit card and got another one i am really pissed Anne

    my credit card through Costco said it is not fraud so they will not help me as it was there credit card

  19. Such a total scam. That stupid company they call e-commerce they don’t even know about e-commerce business such a rip off company. Such big liars. There terms and conditions are no where in their website for a 14 day trial. They took my money without my permission when I didn’t even received my product to use and reply them. This is ridiculous. They said it’s a trial then why took your money. It’s easy way to take others money from their bank.

  20. what a scam tried to call to return the product no one answers beware people I can not get the money back and I work very hard for my money fml

  21. Same comment as the previous one (donna larmon)
    I did not order the three kit at 125$ a piece and i want to cancell but cant get a hold of you.
    I speak twice with an agent but the customer service never call me back to give me the confirmation
    Number for sending you back these products.

  22. BE CAREFULL of REAL COSTS – THERE S A CATCH : EACH BOTTLE IS ABOUT 134$ and NOT 4.95$ Read what they sent to me
    ” you’ll pay only $4.95 upfront for the shipping and be able to take advantage of the product for free during 14 days. After the trial expires, if you didn’t contact to notify you wouldn’t like to continue, you will be charged the full amount of the product (134$) and have shipped to you another bottle. You will still be responsible for payment for all the bottles that already been delivered to you at the time of your cancellation request.”

  23. Dear Sir or Madam,
    I tried hard to be in touch with your corporation.
    You sender some products to a mailing address that I don’t live there and i never signed to be member.
    I ordered the trial and I advised you that this is for my husband and as soon he started used he got rush and redness..
    furthermore after I explained to your customer support you don’t answer our phone calls or replies our messages.

    i need to be in touch with your customer services department as I need my refund and you can go to pick your product where you sender.

    You don’t treat customer in this way.. which mean you are only interested in money. I will contact the channel where Dr. Oz are working and I will filled complain through the consumer report of Canada.

  24. Complete SCAM,. “free trial” right. . Had additional charges of $134 on my credit card. I will NEVER try anything that says its free again from any website, and cant believe Dr, Oz would associate his name with this company. I have cancelled my credit card and have learned my lesson!! This company sure sucked me and and taught me a lesson.

  25. I wish I would have seen this site before I too got sucked in. They had a pop-up from my cable company asking 6 questions about my thoughts on their services. After I finished the survey they offered me a list of “free gift” for completing the survey. They had the cable company logo and everything, so I though it had to be legit if they were behind it. Within 5 minutes of saying yes to the “free sample” they called me and were selling me more products to make the first cream work better. As I was saying no, no, no, she mentioned a monthly plan. I have had bad experiences with auto-ship companies before and so I said, you know what I am not interested at all I don’t want anything! Instead of listening to me she just talked over top of me and eventually hung up on me! After reading the stories above, now I am really nervous about what will happen. I am going to call my credit card company and change my number (thanks for that advice).

    • I hear you I wish I did too….. It’s really frustrating I fell for that too I just called my bank and asked for a stop payments they will do investigation and they promised to back my money … I will never go for any free trial or free product it’s all SCAM!!!

  26. Unbelievable how this company takes advantage of innocent people who are lied to about their product information. I will never recommend this to ANYONE ever! SCAMMED

  27. The Terms & Conditions are located at the bottom of the website.

    ANY so called “trial offer” is not free and you will ALWAYS be charged a monthly fee after the “trial” period is over.

  28. Evening Ladies/Gents,
    I was in the midst of ordering…actually I sent the transaction and it came back as an Oops page, that it could not be found and asking me to refine my search…so I googled Trubelleza and just came upon this page…I am ever so greatful the page was not found and that I came here first. I can feel and understand the anger and deception you are all going thru but I have a question, WHO in their right mind would order something online and not be using a pre payed Visa or MasterCard or whatever your flavour…they are available everywhere (even in the country in Orillia, Ontario) in $25.00-$300.00 or even more denominations!!! This way it is a wee bit more of ease on/in the mind of being SCAMMED for such outrages amounts as you are all disclosing. I am truly sorry…I am not trying to make any one feel worse than they already are while down and livid but for people to WISEN UP to the times and BE AWARE !!! Again, thank you for this page being available. ????

    • Pre-paid visas are not accepted ????. That’s the point I was at when I started to question the validity of this product. Why can’t I use a prepaid card? Because then they can’t auto charge you after the fact….

    • I wouldn’t be so sure that because you left the page you got out of it in time. Same thing happened to me. It came back as Oops! and yet next thing I knew they were calling my phone asking me to take the free trial. SCARY!!

  29. This is nothing but a scam. If you order the trial kit, you are automatically subscribed to a monthly charge for over $200. You can’t get out of it. It was too good to be true anyway.

  30. I also fell into this trap and did not see any terms and conditions when I ordered the “free trial”.Customer service was a joke.. she was rude and kept repeating that I agreed to it!

  31. Its a HUGE scam and so sad disappointed they did the very same to me and im so frustrated l contacted Dr. Oz show. We need to Rally and stick together on this this is absolute Travesty. I do not fall for these things easily but l thought with Dr. Oz behind it .It has to be legit

  32. What a scam. Thay took my money out of my bank account with out my permission. Very the bank to stop all payment. Out of 143

  33. Why dont wee all get together find the lawyer and bring this company down,
    unbelievable skiam they don’t return your calls they don’t reply your emails
    Like most of you I was charged $285 on my credit card
    I am trying to collect all victims emails I’m contacting a lawyer and I will bring that snake down!!

    Let me know who is in?
    And in agree with Cheryl wee have to contact BBB . I will right nau!!!

    • I am in. I live in Ontario and I cancelled my credit card right away. The charges are still in the temp category and they will not do anything for me until they are posted. They then said they would try to help me but no promises.

    • I have been scammed I cannot believe the charges on my credit card but they don’t pick up the phone! What are we going to do? Do I have to cancel my card?

  34. SCAM SCAM SCAMED I can’t believe I got sucked in too. To prevent future charges, call your credit card company and ASK FOR A NEW CREDIT CARD with a DIFFERENT NUMBER.

  35. Does anyone know the address to return this shit to? I’ve certainly learned my less and won’t fall for this type crap again. I cancelled my credit card right away.

  36. The whole operation is a scam. The box with FREE OFFERED product with Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Cream and True Belleza Instalift Rapid Wrinkle Control arrived my home in Canada by an ordinary postal mail only on March 8, 2016. On March 10, 2016 my visa account was already charged for $268 and I was informed by VISA that the consequent unauthorized charges of this amount will be made by the company every month for the rest of my life unless I cancel this “FREE TRIAL”.

    I discovered on Internet numerous complains from other customers in USA, Canada and UK that this FREE TRIAL OFFER is a fraud, an internet scam and I call the company immediately to inform them that I want to return this FREE TRIAL product and ask them to reimburse me for it.

    As result I called True Belleza representative at provided support number: 1-905-5815576 to inform of my desire to return this product.
    The representative told me that I must read the Terms and Conditions which on your web side are located in small imprint at the very bottom of the page which will appear on their side only after the FREE TRIAL OFFER is made. I have read this terms and I replied that these terms and conditions are contradictory and they state that the visa card of client will be billed approximately 45 days after the FREE TRIAL is ordered. In my case there are only two days since I received your product by mail but my visa card was already billed and I was informed that the consequent charges will take place every month to the rest of my life.

    I said to the representative that I was cancelling the order and she told me that the company does not want any return of FREE TRIAL products any longer, but she has agreed to reimburse me only for 60 dollars for this so called FREE TRIAL with no further charges in the future.

    I don’t think it is a fair deal since the company contradicts its own TERMS and CONDITIONS. I was not in possession of the product for 15 days, but only for 2 days and the company billed my visa card two days later after I received the product without waiting for additional 45 days as stipulated by the Term and Conditions on their web side. The consequent unauthorized charges for the rest of clients life are also crime, but VISA will not help unless the client cancellers his visa card.

  37. A total scam !!! I was charged $624. For five bottle s of deep wrinkle moisturizer Lol Nivea could of done that. You can not get an answer at their nos. Customer service call me at 1-709-743-9796. I will not give up .

  38. The scam is they make you pay for shipping to get your credit card info. If product is so good, why use trickery and deception to steel peoples money?

  39. I want my money back was charge 280.For 4.95 cad rip off scam voice mail says full. I’m am not stopping tell get my money back or close you down any that reading this we need to all work
    Together put it on Facebook snapshot let close them down so they can’t get anyone else
    And they send out of date product

  40. How could you possibly decide whether to use or cancel an order before the product even arrives? The 14-day time limit from day of order IN THE FINE PRINT, as I was told by the agent on the phone to read again, is a trick and a trap. Our credit card was charged for over $90 on the 15th day. Only then were we alerted to the possibility of another internet fraud, and it was too late to do as the fine print suggested. No respectable company would do that. If its products are as good as the company claims, there’s all the more reason why it should not make its order process look like a scam.

  41. this is the worse scam I have ever seen. There must be a way to stop this so call company making money of a cream that does not work at all. I have called them to cancel any further subscription or future withdrawals from my credit card. They are not true to what they says in their advertisement or their terms and conditions. I will continue to call them so that they can return my money completely. DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.

  42. Today I see 2 charges on my Visa, one from Internet Academy for 99.99 US and another from Skin Solutions for 125. I can’t believe I too fell for this. I am usually so careful. I wish I seen this sight before I made such a stupid mistake. I also agree, this cream is no good. My skin is so dry, the cream itself is waxy and the so called moisturizing cream that I also stupidly purchased doesn’t absorb into the skin. Ugghh I am so frustrated and mad at myself. Don’t get sucked in. Dr Oz should be ashamed of himself. He must need money badly to scam people out of their hard earned money. Shame Shame Dr Oz.

  43. S.C.A.M. Terms and conditions do not appear before you pay, don’t order from internet only companies. They can choke on my $139.00 and I will spend even more to warn anyone else how they deceive. Have already written GoPublic. Product burns skin and gives me breakouts.

    • i did not see any terms and conditions when I made my order, and I even had my husband check. I received my product was invoiced for the shipping charges which I agreed to then the following month I got my visa statement for &144.05 and $129.82 a total of $273.87 because I have to convert into American funds. I received my bill in the mail Friday called and tried to cancel any more shipments because I went on there website and then and only then did I see the terms and conditions that I would have never agreed to! Monday the company replied and told me that when you order a trial, you have to check that you agre to our terms and conditions and enroll in our monthly shipment program! I would never have agreed to this. Tuesday I got another shipment, called my Visa company and I’ve been charged the $273.87 again. Any ideas on how to stop these SCAMMERS?

  44. Same thing, went back and looked and no mention of how the trail works before payment is made! Thinking I will report my card lost and get a new one they won’t have the number for, what a hassle to have to change numbers for my legitimate monthly charges. Also this cream burns when I apply it.

  45. Hi, it happens to me as well, ordered ‘free’ trial which wasn’t free at all.They charged me 139$ and for what????that cream doesn’t work at all.My skin got worse then it was before.It’s a BIG scam!!!Did not agree to any other charges…139$??..what kind of price is that…for a small jar of cream?Can’t believe that I fell for that.After using it for only a few days I noticed that my skin get pimples.I’m an older woman and I’m done with pimples…or that’s what I though.I didnt have this problem with any other cream I used. Don’t even think of ordering that .This company is a huge no,no.SCAMMERS!!

  46. Do what I did step one change your credit card number immediately therefore no more charges can be put on .
    Step two send back all product registered by post office to company
    Step three contact consumer protection dept. In your provinces as well bbb and slam dunk Dr Oz public on Twitter facebook where ever changes will come ladies faster than you think.

    • A TOTAL scam and we have all been taken advantage of.
      Apart from the samples, I never agreed to these tremendous amounts being charged to my credit card.
      Spoke with a rep in South Carolina and have escalated this to his Manager, and Manager’s Manager as all he cited me was company disclaimers. A junior rep.
      I will be contacting the Dr. OZ show directly as the only reason I thought this was valid was due to his endorsement.
      I will get my money back, and BBB here in Canada and in South Carolina will be alerted of this scam.

    • Did this stop the payments being debited? I changed my card immediately but was told they could still try and claim further money.

  47. After reading all the comments, it sounds like a scam
    Do they us Canadians are stupid, and gullible? I guess so. I have looking for a price list, for and hour, impossible, just free offer, then 4.99 .a trial offer is to try to see if you like it. They should not send any product until place an order. The have access to your credit card, it like a free ticket to do what the want. I think I will buy my cream at a well name cosmetic store. Barbara Robinson
    Thanks for the heads up !!!!!!!!!

  48. Please believe all of the above comments as they are all completely TRUE. This is by far the biggest scam I have every fallen for. The eye cream I received is not a cream, but waxy and does not blend into your skin, but flakes off. When I called to complain the suggested that I soak the cream in hot water for 30 minutes before using…..are you kidding!!!! I have never before heard of a product that does not come with a “Money Back Guarantee”. When I signed up for the $4.95 x 2 trial, I assumed that I would not be paying an additional $138.09 CDN. WHAT KIND OF A “TRIAL” IS THAT. Again, DO NOT FALL PREY TO THIS SCAM!!!!

  49. Well, did I learn a lesson!!! A $300.00 + lesson. I noticed on fb a face cream that they will let you try for 14 days free called Tru-Belleza . I agreed to try it not knowing it was in US $ and shipped from Ontario. Also the 14 days start the minute you order it, even if its a sat, or Sunday. Well I got charged big time on the 14th day and the hour I ordered. Tried to call Sunday but they don’t care, left a message because after several attempts there was no answer. They called me back today. Total scam. These companies make a quick buck then start a new scam.
    I do realize I should know better.. ????????????

  50. I also innocently trusted this company to send me my free trials for $4.95 each with no strings attached. I received these and two weeks later another two bottles came, charging my credit card $99.00 and $89.00!! I immediately called them to ask why this was done and was told that in the ad I had agreed to receiving these additional products if I did not cancel….this was absolutely NOT TRUE…there were no such agreements!! I have protested these charges through my MasterCard and they removed the charges; however, now the Tru Belleza people have appealed MasterCard’s decision by providing copies of a fake order form showing this agreement very clearly. There was NO such agreement on the on line offer! I am now making copies of all complaints on the web that I have found (there are tons) that describe this same deceit that others have fallen prey to to mail to my MasterCard Resolutions Center to again ask that these charges be taken off of my account. These people think they have found the perfect scam but I hope everyone will report their fraud to the BBB and their credit card companies. They need to be stopped!

  51. I was also charged $99 dollars reported it to my credit card company. Had to get in touch with trubelleza to cancel told it was in the terms and conditions when I ordered the trial. I was unable to open the part about terms and conditions. Not happy.

  52. Hi I just recently got the free trial creams of tru belleza and I came upon your comments. I was a little concerned since I have never used the cream and after reading the ingridients (which I couldn’t even pronounce) I decided to use the 4.99 cream to polish my shoes. There is no way I am putting this cream on my face especially considering I am not even sure where it was made (my guess is China, no offence to anyone). I was also extremely surprised to see that one of the steps included on the cream was to make sure you drink plenty of water.
    Don’t even order.

  53. I paid $4.95 twice, thinking I was getting two trial products, one anti-wrinkle, one moisturizing cream. I got one and made sure that I did not want to be shipped a new supply once a month without my approval. What they told me was this “if I did not return the product after trying it for 14 days I would be charged $99.00 for the trial offer””. I was stunned, so please don’t get scammed and tricked like me. I have had to report them to my credit company, and the better business bureau. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!

  54. This is deceiving marketing at its best! Read the terms and conditions of the trial here: that will pretty much give you an idea of what to expect. Nothing is free in this world.

    • Yes Joe it is but here’s the thing, terms and conditions were not made available at the time of purchase. I didn’t know it was a scam until I received my Visa statement with the second set of charges other than the shipping, to which I agreed to, only! If you go on their website they make it seem like, oh it was all there from the beginning, which is of course a total lie!!

  55. Supposedly the terms and agreement tell you that after 14 days you’re “supposed” 4.95$ free trial bottle turns into a 134.58$ bottle. I know i wouldnt have agreed to that cause im fighting breast cancer and cant work so not much $$ to begin with. Just hope the cancellation # i got is real and not even sure the representative i talked to will actually call me back but we’ll see! 1 888 581 5576 by the way

  56. I have received my full size sample and have been charged 3 times over for it and an additional 129.01 and 143.41.Plus another box has arrived that I have not opened.I have been trying to contact someone at the # given and all I ever get is a voice mail saying someone will contact me.No one has returned any of my calls since Dec.30th.My understanding was that I would be charged the 4.95 US for each product.I did not agree to any other automatic shippings of products.Hopefully some one will respond to this email.

    • hello . I had the same situation. My money were withdrawn as they explained because i hadn’t contacted them within 14 days after i placed my trial order. I wrote to them on their support mail. they answered right away . You should contact them and cancel the subscription otherwise they will continue to withdraw your money. By the way , did you like that product?

    • Barb, you were scammed like the rest of us. None of use were disclosed the terms and conditions. What I will tell you to do immediately is cancel your credit card and make the company aware of your situation. The only recourse I can see is to report this company to South Carolina BBB, I think is where this company’s located. If we would all write to them we might be able to shut this company down. EVERYONE need to do it to Mae a difference!


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