Choline Bitartrate – Healthy Liver Benefits & Nootropic Effects?


What Is Choline Bitartrate?

According to the Linus Pauling Institute reports, Choline Bitartrate is obtained by combining choline with a particular form of salt. Choline bitartrate is used in the manufacture of supplements that are taken as a source of choline, an essential nutrient in the body.

Choline is important in the formation of healthy cell membranes in the body. The nutrient is a major component of phosphatidylcholine, the primary structural component of the cell membrane.

Choline is also known to promote cognitive functions in the body such as memory. The nutrient is a precursor of acetylcholine, an important neurotransmitter in the body.

Studies have revealed that the neurotransmitter is responsible for memory and muscle control. Although the nutrient is naturally produced in the body, it is advisable to consume a diet that is rich in choline to provide the appropriate amount required by the body.

Choline bitartrate can be acquired from supplements that are available in different dosage forms including tablets and capsules. Choline is combined with bitartrate to produce salt to boost its solubility and bioavailability.

According to the Food and Nutrition Board of the United States, the maximum daily dose of choline is 3.5g.

Choline Bitartrate For Cognitive Use

Choline bitartrate is popularly known for its ability to improve the cognitive performance of the body. Studies have found that the intake of choline bitartrate supplements leads to improved cognitive performance.

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, choline can positively impact cognitive performance. The study found out that choline consumption significantly influences learning and memory.

Increased choline bitartrate supplementation is recommended for individuals who have memory and learning problems. The nutrient works by increasing the synthesis of acetylcholine neurotransmitter.

After it enters the central nervous system, choline bitartrate takes part in the synthesis and storage of acetylcholine neurotransmitters.

An increased amount of choline in the neurons stimulates the cholinergic receptors in the brain, leading to improved neuronal communication. As a result, there will be improved memory and learning abilities.

Benefits Of Choline Bitartrate

Boosts Memory

Many scientists have found out that choline bitartrate is necessary for the functioning of memory. The nutrient has remarkable effects on memory and learning processes.

A study that was conducted on laboratory animals found out that choline is essential for proper development of the hippocampus. The study also demonstrated the importance of choline in the process of brain development.

The studies concluded that choline is necessary for proper development of memory in infants and children.

Choline And Cluster Headaches

Individuals who experience cluster headaches tend to commit suicide due to the pain involved. A typical cluster headache is characterized by a throbbing pain that occurs on one side of the head. The pain can last from fifteen minutes to a maximum of three hours.

A cluster headache is accompanied by profuse sweating, runny nose, salivation, and drooping of the eyelid. Studies that were conducted by researchers from Taiwan found out that choline levels were low in individuals suffering from cluster headaches.

The researchers concluded that the intake of supplemental choline bitartrate could help in improving the symptoms that are associated with a cluster headache.

Choline And Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression

Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression, has been found to improve with the administration of choline bitartrate supplements.

A study that was conducted on patients suffering from manic depression revealed that their symptoms improved upon the administration of choline bitartrate.

Homocysteine Reduction

Healthy men with elevated levels of homocysteine concentrations can benefit from the intake of choline bitartrate. Choline is capable of reducing both fasting and post-methionine loading plasma homocysteine levels.

It is claimed that elevated levels of homocysteine can cause cardiovascular disorders. Choline bitartrate intake may reduce the risks associated with heart conditions.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

Studies have suggested that the intake of choline can help to suppress inflammatory responses in the body. Chronic inflammation can result from different factors such as stress, animal protein-rich diet, and alcohol use.

Cigarette smoking is also associated with chronic inflammation. A study that was done recently revealed that choline bitartrate improves the health of various organs such as the liver, brain, and pancreas.

Promotion Of Post-Menopausal Women

Most of the choline is manufactured naturally in the body. Estrogen hormone is essential for the production of choline in the body. Post-menopausal women have depleted levels of estrogen. As a result, there is lower choline production in the body.

Low choline levels can lead to a number of diseases in the affected individual. It is advisable to administer choline to post-menopausal women to improve their general well-being.

Choline Bitartrate Risks & Side Effects

The maximum dose of choline for consumption by adults is 3.5g per day. Taking more than 7.5g of choline may cause effects such as low blood pressure and increased risk of fainting. Administering more than 10g of choline may result in fish odor syndrome.

The patient may also present with vomiting, increased perspiration, and drooling.

Too much intake of choline can cause dizziness, confusion, and lightheadedness.

Top Choline Bitartrate Products

Choline Bitartrate Supplement

This product has 900mg of choline bitartrate per two capsules. The capsules are packaged in a bottle that contains a total of 90 capsules. Adults should take two capsules two times daily. It is advisable to take it with meals to reduce the effects observed in the digestive tract.

The product has a rating of 4.1 out of a possible five stars on Amazon. Its price on Amazon is $10.23.

Pure Choline DL-Bitartrate Powder

This product has been lab tested, and it comes with a guaranteed purity. Its health benefits include increased physical endurance and improved overall health of the cardiovascular system.

It also has antioxidants properties that help in protecting the body against harmful free radicals. It is also useful for muscle contraction and improved coordination skills. It has a rating of 4.7 out of five stars, and its price is $17.06 on Amazon.

Choline Bitartrate 500GR

LiveLong Nutrition manufactures this product. The product has various health benefits, such as enhancement of the memory and improved cognitive function.

It has an overall rating of 3.6 out of a possible five stars, and its price is $28.56 on Amazon.

Choline Bitartrate Conclusion

Choline is an essential molecule that is necessary for proper functioning of the brain and the body in general. The nutrient is known to improve memory and cognitive ability of the body. Choline deficiency can result in many diseases.

It is important to provide the body with adequate choline to remain healthy. Choline supplements are the best way to provide the body with the required amount of choline.

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