Muscle Soreness Causes – Why It Happens & How To Recover?


Everyone knows what sucks about building muscle. It’s the soreness that you get after you wake up the next day. Some people ignore the advice of their bodies and continue to work out anyway. That results in overtraining, which ruins your body not progress it.

Nonetheless, most people understand the pains of being sore after a decent workout. Beginners will suffer through it greatly. The trick is to persevere and follow these simple tips accelerate your recovery time.

What needs to be understood, is that the soreness will go away. The more you work out, the less soreness you will feel. In fact, that might actually be a bad thing if you aren’t feeling sore. It’s a possible indicator that you haven’t worked out hard enough.

Let’s set your expectations straight. You will never be able to get rid of muscle soreness. (Otherwise known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.) However, there are a number of things you can do to reduce it significantly, so it can be bearable.

Understand, first why it happens. The reason why it occurs is due to your muscles being worked to their limits. The muscle fibers get damaged and broken down, as you lift weights that are beyond your capacity. The muscles will then repair and heal itself, to be stronger. That’s how it works.

Follow these simple tips of advice and you will be on your way to reduce the effects of muscle soreness:

1. Get A Nice Amount Of Sleep

Everyone knows that you need a nice sleep in order to get through the day. Still, most people don’t do this. Did you know that intelligence agencies use sleep deprivation in order to torture people? Sleep deprivation can lead to developing mental illness, chronic pain, slower brain function, heart attack, and even death in certain cases.

It’s critical for you to sleep if you want your muscles to heal properly. Most of the muscle recovery occurs when you are sleeping. If you want your muscles to be built quicker and stronger, it’s critical to have a healthy amount of sleep per day. It’s like water. You need it. Scientific studies have shown that consuming protein before sleeping, will allow you to recover from muscle soreness quicker.

The consumption of a BCAA supplement, has also been confirmed scientists to be particularly effective in getting rid of muscle soreness. Pick something that you like and take it before you sleep. This will allow you to recover at a much quicker pace then you will have ever done.

The next question that you might is: What’s the ideal time for one to get a healthy amount of rest? The answer is around 8-9 hours for adults.

Children will need about 10-11 hours because of their developing brains. Teens will require 8-10 hours for similar reasons. Adults have their brains fully developed, so at a minimum 8 hours of sleep is good.

A common mistake that people make is sleep 6-7 hours consistently. Science has shown that it adds up. If for four days, you slept for six hours.

A “clock” will develop. It’s called sleep debt. So, within those four days you have actually racked up 8 hours of sleep debt. You are required to make up for those hours of debt sooner or later.

There are a variety of cases of individuals suddenly collapsing to the floor due to overstress. Many people have experienced strokes, heart attacks, and other similar attacks because they have been unable to get rid of their sleep debt in time.

Remember: The number of hours you miss will add up. Make sure to find time in the day in order to get the proper rest that you deserve. It’s especially important if you want to build those nice looking muscles.

2. You Should Add More Protein In Your Life

Protein is pretty much the most important thing out there for you to build muscle. It’s the reason why you generate muscle in the first place. Protein is like a food source for your muscles.

Your muscles take this on as an energy supply, and uses it to get the job done. This process is called Muscle Protein Synthesis. When you are working your muscles, this process of synthesis is used for your muscles to be repaired once more after it is damaged.

The problem is that everyone’s bodies are different. So, it’s quite difficult to say what kind of protein you should be consuming. Add foods that are rich in protein to your diet. Things like: fish, eggs, meats, beans, nuts, and so forth. And, if you can’t eat enough to get your daily intake, it’s recommended that you take a protein supplement. This will allow you to get the necessary protein in your life.

3. You Should Add More Testosterone In Your Life

Scientific studies have shown that more testosterone in your system will result in recovery from muscle soreness. Which is a very good thing.

You can purchase testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers, eat foods that are rich in testosterone, use specific stuff like steroids, and so forth. These substances might be illegal where you live, so it’s important to conduct research on this matter.

The use of exercise and a testosterone booster, will dramatically accelerate the recovery of your muscles. This is the primary reason why commonly frowned upon substances, such as steroids is used.

Muscle Soreness Causes Review Summary

Follow these three major tips and you will be able to dramatically reduce the effects of muscle soreness. Have a healthy amount of sleep, consume more protein, and use some kind of testosterone booster, and you will be on your way to getting healed quicker.

That’s all there is to it. The trick is to push your limits. You will know that you worked out hard, after you feel heavy soreness the next day. That’s a good thing. It’s a sign that you are working hard and on your way to those great muscles you are aspiring to.

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