Methasterone – Safe Superdrol Anabolic-Androgenic Steroid Benefits?


Methasterone is one of the most popular and equally controversial steroids. It is used to help people gain lean muscle mass, and is loved by many because of its incredible effectiveness.

However, there are drastic side effects that are associated with using the steroid, thus the raging debate on whether using it is advisable at all. In order to make an informed decision about the steroid, it is imperative that you educate yourself about it.

What is Methasterone?

Simply put, Methasterone is an oral steroid that primarily focuses on increasing muscle weight in a short period of time. It has a rather interesting history. In 1956, the Syntex Corporation, which is a reputable drug manufacturing company, set out to discover a compound that could help battle cancer.

In their search for an anti-tumor compound, they stumbled upon this compound. The compound did not have many anti-tumor properties, but it did have other positive properties. However, it would be decades before anyone ever took interest in the steroid, and it remained unheard of until 2005.

The new found interest in the drug revealed that it was more anabolic than androgenic. In other words, its bodybuilding qualities far surpassed the amount that it could affect the body’s hormones. Its anabolic to androgenic ratio is 400%:20%. The lesser androgenic properties a product has the better it is, since it will not negatively affect the body’s hormones.

Initially, the drug could be sold to just about anyone who was interested in gaining muscle by using it. However, with time, the side effects that were associated with the product became too severe for the authorities to turn a blind eye to it. A series of legal battles ensued, with some of the products that contained Methasterone being banned.

Up until now, the sale of some products that contain Methasterone remains illegal in most parts of the United States. However, there are a number of products that can be legally sold in the country. In any case, you can always ship the products from other countries where they are legal.

What are the uses of Methasterone?

1. Gain Muscle Mass

If you wish to drastically increase your mean muscle weight, you should consider using this product. Success stories of how the product helped people improve their muscle weight abound, and some are really incredible.

Within a span of about four weeks, you can gain over 30 lbs. of pure muscle. Isn’t that just astounding? To make it better, Methasterone has a very low conversion rate to estrogen and none of the weight gained is water weight. Since the weight is entirely dry mass, it can be maintained for a long time.

You might be wondering, just how does this steroid help people achieve their body goals so easily? For one thing, it increases your energy levels so that you have more productive work out sessions. Additionally, it also gives you a strength boost so that you find yourself lifting heavier weights by the day, and consequently improving your muscle weight.

2. Lose Weight

Methasterone helps you to gain more muscle without necessarily having to increase your daily calorie intake. There is a general notion that for you to gain muscle, you have to consume more calories. Although there is some truth to this statement, this does not have to be your predicament- especially not if you have a diet to stick to.

Methasterone can help you stick to your diet while increasing your muscle weight all at once. In fact, it is quite possible to lose weight and gain muscle mass simultaneously when using this product. Nothing spells effective better.

3. Other Benefits

Methasterone has also been shown to improve your general well- being. It can improve your sleeping patterns while also giving you a confidence boost. Also, using the steroid is also associated with feelings of happiness and a general positive outlook towards life.

What are the risks and side effects of using the product?

The most common risk associated with using the steroid is hepatoxicity. This means that it is dangerous to the liver and can cause the liver to malfunction. However, it is important to note that hepatoxicity often occurs when you overdose on the steroid or use it for too long. Unlike many other steroids, Methasterone should be used only in very small quantities.

Beginners are, in fact, advised to use as little as 10 mg of products that contain the steroid and not a milligram more. As your body gets more used to the product, you can gradually increase your intake. However, you should also keep the cycles of using the product short.

Ideally, cycles should last for about four weeks, and at most, five weeks. Using the products for longer cycles is courting trouble, and it can have devastating effects on your health. Cases of IgA Nephropathy and cholestatic jaundice are not unheard of from people who used the products for too long.

Yet another risk that is associated with using Methasterone is high blood pressure. This is typical of many anabolic steroids. As a safety precaution, be sure to eat foods that are known to lower blood pressure.

What Products Contain Methasterone?

Superdrol is one of the products that are synonymous with Methasterone. For many years, it was the face of Methasterone in the market, until it was banned in the United States in 2012. Currently, there is a variation of Superdrol in the market- it is known as Dymethazine.

Dymethazine is totally legal in the United States, and it has virtually the same properties as Superdrol. Other products that contain the steroid include Maxdrol, Phreak, Beastdrol, SD Extreme, and Superdron.

Methasterone Review Summary

If you still harbor the desire to build muscles in an incredibly short period of time, do not hesitate to give this product a try. Sure, it might have adverse side effects, but only if taken in excess.

There are many great products in the market that contain this steroid, and they can work wonders for your body. Just be sure to use the product only in the recommended amounts, and watch your muscles increase within no time because of the effectiveness of the product.

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