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A high end salon only product line, Surface aims to give consumers environmentally friendly options when it comes to hair and body care. The men’s line is specially formulated with men’s needs in mind.

Surface offers all-natural shave cream, hair/body wash, and styling products that smell great and contain ingredients that are not only good for the body but also mother earth.

Please read below to learn more about Surface Men’s line and how to purchase.

What Is Surface?

Men who are looking for high end body care products that are not only good for their skin but also the environment will want to consider trying Surface men’s line.

All of the products including shave cream, hair/body wash, and sculpting meds and gels use natural ingredients including vegan Amaranth protein sourced from Peru, organic Babassu oil, and sugars and corn starch to keep skin and hair looking natural, healthy, and beautiful.

Often hair and body products get their moisturizing capabilities from ingredients that are harmful to the earth like petroleum and phthalates, Surface products are different. This body care company does not add sulfates, gluten, parabens, mineral oil, or phthalates to any of their products. Additionally, this company is vegan friendly.

Surface Men’s Products

By combining organic botanicals to skin softening and cleansing products Surface aims to give consumers a product line they can feel good about using.

Not only do these products work but they also have minimal impact on the environment because they do not contain harsh chemicals and harmful ingredients common in the beauty care field. Please read below for an overview of the Surface Men’s Line.


Shampoo and Body Wash: Similar to three in ones, this sulfate free hair and body wash smells great and delivers a luscious lather. Men will love how easy and convenient this product is to use and be impressed at how it leaves hair and skin soft and touchable.

Shave Cream

It is hard to find shave cream that is not packed full or parabens and mineral oil, this product by Surface is different. Men will be happy that this shave cream does not compromise glide smoothness.


-Mud: Men and women both appreciate this styling mud for the way it leaves hair perfectly sculpted without leaving behind flakiness or shine. Many styling muds can make hair look unnatural and hard, this product keeps it looking natural.

-Gel: Similar to the styling mud this product dries without flaking and leaves hair looking natural yet contained.

-Wax: Made from Camauba Bamboo and all natural sugars and starches this hair wax keeps hair in place and molded for desired styles.

Surface Ingredients

Surface utilizes high quality ingredients that are good for the environment and vegan friendly.

-Bassu Botanical Penetrating Oils: Surface utilizes Babassu, aloe, and flax seed oils to deeply penetrate hair follicles with moisture leading to improved shine and health. Aloe soothes hair and when combined with Babassu oil work together to mend damage and help improve overall hair condition.

-Vegan Protein Complex: Sourcing proteins from Amaranth, soy, and Keravis the hair products help repair and strengthen hair. Amaranth proteins also help protect hair follicles from UV damage from harsh conditions and overexposure to the sun. Soy keeps hair flexible and Keravis boosts shine. Surface products work great for people living in hot or humid environments to keep hair looking great all day long.

-Essential Micro Minerals: Surface sets itself apart from other hair care companies by adding the micro minerals zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, and tourmaline. These minerals help support cellular growth and promote healthy hair. Tourmaline is added for its ability to keep hair soft and well-conditioned; this mineral also helps reduce styling time.

-Botanical Extracts: The complete line of Surface products contain botanical extracts including saw palmetto, gingko, camellia, mint balm, hops, Panax ginseng, nettle, and maranium. These extracts support the body at a cellular health to help promote beauty and health.

Consumers will love how the natural oils create a satisfying lather whether users are cleaning their hair, body, or shaving. By utilizing palm oil, coconut oil, and Babassu oils, Surface is able to create body products that are paraben and petroleum free.

Surface Product Pricing

The men’s collection by Surface is available for purchase online through Amazon. Consumers can also find local salons that carry Surface products through the company’s website.


Shampoo and Body Wash: Available in a ten ounce bottle for $16.49 or a thirty-two ounce bottle for $31.25. This product is eligible for free shipping on purchases over $35.00. A few vendors sell this product for the same price through Amazon but also offer free shipping.

Shave Cream

Each four ounce container of Surface Shave Cream is available for $10.69.


-Mud: Each 2.2 ounce jar is available for $20.00.

-Gel: Each four ounce tube is available for $12.99 and ships for free.

-Wax: Each two ounce jar is available for $21.00 and ships for free.

Smoothing Cream: Each four ounce tube is available for $20.00. Amazon offers a two pack for $38.98.

All surface products are eligible for free shipping with qualified Amazon purchases totaling $35.00 or greater.

Surface Review Summary

Men who are looking for high quality beauty products that will leave their skin and hair feeling and looking great will want to consider trying Surface.

Further information can be found online on the Surface website at

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