Copper Chef Press & Flip Pan – Omelets, Sandwiches & Grilling?


Cleverly designed, this copper pan is perfect for people who are interested in a simple way to make Panini’s, omelets, quesadillas and more. This device can be used with an optional fry pan to help people make quick and delicious snacks and meals.

Being dishwasher safe this cooking tool makes it easy to whip up a delicious snack or meal with minimum prep and clean up. People may recognize this product from the television advertisements. Please read below to learn more about the Copper Chef Press and Flip Pan and how to purchase.

What Is The Press And Flip Pan?

Men and women who love kitchen gadgets that make their life easier will want to check out the Press and Flip Pan. This pan works individually as two separate fry pans or interlocked to make omelets, Panini’s, or grilled cheeses with ease.

The pans feature raised grill marks which give sandwiches a nice aesthetic after being cooked. Coasted in a Cerami-Tech coating this cooking tool is not only durable but also dishwasher safe. The Press and Flip Pan is heat resistant up to 850 degrees.

In addition to frittatas, quiches, Reuben’s this device can be used for desserts. A cookbook is included to give a wide range of ideas to use with the Press and Flip Pan.

How Does The Press And Flip Pan Work?

Made of two interlocking skillets that are the perfect size for sandwiches. Users simply add their desired ingredients into the device, once the ingredients have been added simply add the upper grill pan and lock it into place. By having a two sided pan, ingredients cook faster and more evenly.

People will appreciate that this pan is dishwasher safe making cleanup easy. This is a great option for consumers who love grilled cheeses or omelets but hate the trouble of cleaning the frying pan afterwards.

The website mentions that this grill pan can even be used for making sticky buns. Interested consumers can view the pan in action through the YouTube clip embedded in the product website.

Who Makes The Press And Flip Pan?

Eric Theiss is a well-known chef and culinary expert who owns restaurants and has hosted many cooking shows. Eric wanted to make a high quality kitchen device perfect for home use and now has his own line of home kitchen tools for sale through TV shopping.

Consumers may recognize Eric from television commercials and has been involved behind the scenes with product development for Rachael Ray, Rocco, and Paula Deen.

Press And Flip Pan Components

Each Press and Flip Pan has two interlocking frying pans that lock into place when cooking. Consumers can choose to purchase an additional cooper square pan for shipping and handling fees only.

These pans are Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) free. Both of these fluorocarbon products are more recognizable as a component of Teflon and have been linked to medical issues. With these pans there should be no health concerns.

Press And Flip Pan Pricing

Consumers can purchase this product online through the products website at

Each device is $19.99 plus $7.99 shipping and handling. Consumers can add on a Copper Chef Square Fry pan for an additional $7.99 shipping and handling. All purchases of the Press and Flip Pan come with a free cookbook designed by chef and restaurant owner Eric Theiss.

Copper Chef offers a sixty day money back guarantee. If consumers are not satisfied with their purchase they are eligible for a refund of the full purchase price less shipping and handling.

Press and Flip Pan Review Summary

Whether people like to cook and love gadgets or simply want the convenience of making a Panini without dirtying a pan will want to consider trying the Press and Flip Pan. With the free accompanying cookbook consumers can try out a wide range of recipes including sandwiches, egg dishes, and even desserts.

With a sixty day money back guarantee the risk is low in trying this kitchen tool if it does not meet customer expectations. Interested consumers can learn more by visiting the Press and Flip website and watching this tool in action through the YouTube link.

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