Top 7 Toxic Cosmetics – How To Replace Harmful Beauty Products?


Are those cosmetics you apply on your face every morning safe? Most people feel they are safe since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regulated the cosmetics industry. Right?

You will be surprised to know that some of the daily makeup we use still contain toxic chemicals that cause harm to our body despite the regulation. Cosmetics don’t require any strict guidelines before they can be allowed into the market like the ingredients in food. Despite the regulation, some companies are still allowed to sell their cosmetics even though some of them contain toxic chemicals.

It usually takes close to a decade to prove the existence of toxic substances in cosmetics, something that makes regulation quite difficult. Most of the makeup in the market are in small packages, some containing large amounts of toxic substances. You have to take control of your health and never totally rely on the corporations and regulatory agencies that have been tasked to ensure there are no toxic substances in makeup.

In fact, labeling laws do not require companies that manufacture makeup to reveal the composition of certain ingredients for the sake of being copied. A good example is the fragrances used to make makeup smell great. They are made of additives with some additives being toxic. Numerous studies and research have been done showing the possible risks associated with the use of cosmetics, but nothing has been really done to control their use.

Companies that sell cosmetics have some of the best TV advertisements trying to get into your head and make you think you will look just as beautiful as the women on TV. Take a moment and try to imagine the things that make you look beautiful.

Do the various makeups really make you feel confident and beautiful? Beauty comes from deep inside you and not just the makeup on your face. Beauty is a personal issue where you get to understand your body and present it in the best way possible. It is how you relate to the world and not what cosmetic companies define it to be.

Do the products you use on a daily basis make you feel happy and healthier? How about if you eliminated them altogether and came up with healthy options?

I’m certainly not here to tell you to throw away all of your makeup. Despite the harmful effects of some of the cosmetics on the body, you don’t have to feel guilty about using them. People have used makeup for thousands of years now. It is not a big deal using makeup, but one must understand the purpose of using the makeup. Do you use makeup to hide some features on your face or to enhance those features?

Changing your cosmetics and replacing them with all natural products is a great idea. However, I’m here to show the seven cosmetics that I’m 100 percent sure are in your home that you need to replace right away.

Go through our list of the top 7 toxic cosmetics and make wise choices about your life.

What Are Top 7 Toxic Cosmetics You Need To Replace?

Nail Polish

Even the very smell of nail polish can tell you it does not contain many of the friendliest ingredients one would wish to have in the makeup world. In fact, nail polish contains some of the harshest toxic substances that affect the body long-term.

Some of the common ingredients in nail polish that give it its smell include:

  • Formaldehyde
  • Dibutyl phthalate
  • Toluene

These three ingredients alone can and will cause damage to the liver and have some carcinogenic effects. They also have a hormone-disrupting chemical cocktail that makes them unfriendly on the body.

These are harmful ingredients that should be avoided at all costs. In addition to being toxic, nail polish requires one to use volatile chemicals like acetone for removal. Acetone is irritating to the eyes and airways. The use of nail polish should be avoided when pregnant or breastfeeding. The toxic substances might get into the body and affect the baby!

What Are The Alternative Options?

The best option is to avoid the use of nail polish altogether. If you can’t, try to save the nail polish for only special occasions. You can instead condition your nails using coconut oil for a natural glow rather than using nail polish. Collagen, biotin and other vitamins can further help your nails grow healthy and remain strong.

For those that cannot do without a manicure, try to use some of the less toxic options available on the market. There are products that can make nails glow and only require alcohol to remove the polish.

A good example is the less toxic “mineral based” polish that can be found in most food stores.


Would it be okay to consume an ingredient you’re not comfortable with? While studies are ongoing on the amount of lipstick an average wearer consumes in a day, there are chances you’re consuming toxic substances without knowing.

Did you know some of the “tasty” substances in lipstick are lead and barium? Most people mistakenly assume they are all natural ingredients, but that is not the case.

The toxic metals in lipsticks slowly bio-accumulate in the human bodies overloading your detox system. This will eventually damage your organs in the long run. The next time you kiss your boyfriend with any one of those lipsticks on, think twice. Some lipsticks contain the commercial preservative paraben that has been known to mimic the effects of estrogen.

Paraben has been linked to breast cancer and reproductive issues.

What Are The Alternative Options?

The best way to avoid these commercial lipsticks and still look great is to make your own. Yes, you can make lipstick at home with just a few ingredients and some edible colored powder. It is not only fun but also a cost-effective way that will not dampen your health. Use your edible colored powder and experiment with things like rose, turmeric, beetroot, cocoa, and cinnamon.

Create a base that suits the texture you want using shea butter, coconut oil,and beeswax. Combine color before letting them solidify. For some glossy appearance, use color and coconut oil.

Adding bentonite clay gives you a matte finish while mica powders make it shimmery. Adding some drops of grapefruit seed extract will make your homemade lipsticks last longer and serve you for some time. You can also store them in the fridge to increase their lifespan.


Mascara is well-known for its toxic effect on the nervous system. Most might say they are not applying it directly to the eyes, but you want to rethink that.

Our eyes are one of the most permeable membranes in our body giving entry to our internal biochemical areas. One of the ingredients in mascara that affects the nervous system is mercury. Yes, mercury.

Did you know there are efforts to remove mercury in batteries and light bulbs? This has been enacted due to the negative effects of mercury on the body. Why has there been no effort in removing mercury from mascara?

It is up to you to take care of your body and remove mascara from the list of makeup in your home. Another ingredient in mascara that further inhibits the detoxification of mercury is aluminum.

What Are The Alternative Options?

Let your lashes breathe for once and go naked. Who said using mascara makes you look beautiful? It is the TV commercials that have made people think applying mascara makes eyelashes beautiful. You can just use some coconut brush to get that polished look!

You can also make your own mascara using simple ingredients like charcoal, cocoa powder or some black mineral powder. Add some drops of vegetable glycerine and bentonite clay, and you’re good to go.

Clean mascara wands can also be bought and used separately with a small lip gloss jar. The brush is dipped and applied. The lashes can be dusted with some arrowroot powder before application to thicken them. Your brush must then be cleaned properly and stored. You can also try to look for less toxic mascaras in the market that are all-natural. Mascara should not be used when your eyes have an infection.

Makeup Removal

Makeup removals are usually composed of mineral oils and petroleum (which is a byproduct of the mineral oils). The fat soluble hydrocarbons have been known to enter our bodies and slowly start to accumulate.

In our bodies, these hydrocarbons can be found almost anywhere from your liver to the milk of breastfeeding mothers. There is no reason to keep using makeup removals when there are several available options in the market that are friendly to our bodies. In fact, one would not need makeup removals if they didn't use makeup in the first place.

What Are The Alternative Options?

Any natural oil is capable of removing makeups with easy. Some of the common oils you can use to cleanse your face include avocado oils, coconut oils, and the almond oils.

You can experiment with any of these oils safely and come up with the best one that works for your skin. You just need to apply the oil and cleanse with a cloth dipped in warm water. For people with oily skins, apple cider vinegar or hazel can be used as a toner.


Makeups that come in the form of powder have been known to contain several toxic substances like arsenic, cadmium, and lead. These are hazardous metals that can have long-term effect on your body if used in chronic amounts. They can be absorbed through your skin and even get to your respiratory system with ease.

What Are The Alternative Options?

You can make your powder make up just as we have discussed with other makeups. The arrowroot starch can be used as the base before adding equal amounts of cocoa powder and hibiscus powder.

Bentonite clay can then be added to make the foundation. You can also choose other plants and experiment with different shades of mica to create powder makeups for the different complexion. This is the same way eye shadows are made.

Liquid Foundation & Concealer

Liquid covers are not the best and contain several toxic substances ranging from propylene glycol to talc. In most cases, the liquid does worsen the very same conditions you’re trying to hide. It is time you came up with new ways to smooth your face and create even skin tones.

What Are The Alternative Options?

Go out and bask in the sun instead of hiding from it. The rays of the sun can kill some bacteria, provide you with vitamin D and help create even skin tones.

Try to avoid the unhealthy processed fats but instead opt for foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, and carotenoids. These nutrients help prevent oxidation which is known to cause the skin discoloration. The last alternative is to make your liquid foundation using basic ingredients that are readily available. You can mix the homemade powders with natural face creams.


Simply referred to as a fragrance, this is one of the worst makeups when it comes to holding toxic substances. Phthalates are the primary constituents in all perfumes.

The chemicals present in most perfumes mimic the common hormones like estrogen confusing the biochemistry of our bodies. The disruption of our endocrine system can lead to various health conditions that take ages to manifest.

Some of the conditions can take up to a decade before they can be realized and that is a situation that has left people ignorant of the harmful side effects of fragrances. Some of the major conditions include infertility, breast cancer, premature birth, early menopause, and male feminization.

What Are The Alternative Options?

Why not go with natural perfumes that are as good as the synthetic ones. They are more fun and will not harm your body. There are available natural perfumes in the market, but you can make yours as well using the available natural aromas like the jasmine oils, lavender or rose.

Top 7 Toxic Cosmetics Conclusion

The largest organ in our bodies is the skin, but at the same time, it is the organ we present with lots of toxic substances. Toxic substances on our skin get their way into the body quite quickly, creating multiple health issues.

The skin of the face is even more sensitive being that it is filled with other body organs,, the ears, eyes, and nose. These are areas that can easily be affected by toxins in makeups. When choosing any cosmetics, do so as you would with the foods you consume. It is time you reevaluate everything that you apply on your face and try to look for healthy alternatives.

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