StimuScalp – 3-Step Stem Cell Thinning Hair Regrowth System?


Providing a safe hair growth product, StimuScalp stimulates new hair and repairs damaged follicles with the power of apple core stem cells to replenish thinning or aging hair.

Please continue reading for more information on this powerful hair growth treatment.

What Is StimuScalp?

Women and men alike suffer from hair loss, which can be an extremely emotional process. Women may experience thinning hair due to aging, harsh treatments, or even unknown causes, while men may develop receding hairlines or male pattern baldness.

These physical changes can bring decreases in self-confidence, both personally and professionally. Restoring lost hair often gives a more youthful appearance, helping people to feel better about themselves.

StimuScalp protects and nourishes existing hair while promoting the new growth of thicker, healthier hair by focusing on follicle health. It promotes stronger hair to grow that can withstand the damage of UV rays and harsh styling without side effects.

Using stem cells from apple cores, follicle damage and inflammation is repaired to allow for healthy new growth. StimuScalp functions at every stage of hair loss from the miniaturization of the hair follicle to the scarring of connective tissue around the bulb. This product inhibits further connective tissue damage and stimulates in the follicle and bulb directly.

How Does StimuScalp Work?

As three separate products, StimuScalp works in steps: users apply the specially formulated wash, then the creme rinse, before finishing with the serum.

The Volume Activating Cleanser provides essential nutrients for healthier, voluminous hair and is massaged into wet hair before being rinsed out. Next, the Fortifying Creme-rinse acts as healing conditioner that is applied to the ends of the hair, and left in for one minute before also being rinsed out.

Applied at least once a day, users massage 15 drops of the Follicle Revitalizing Serum directly into areas where the hair is thinning.

StimuScalp System Components

  • Volume Activating Cleanser: Free of harmful sulphates and paraben, this shampoo delivers the soothing and healing extracts of chamomile, olive leaf, and aloe vera to reduce inflammation around hair follicles.
  • Fortifying Creme-Rinse: Wheat protein, olive leaf extract, and shea butter work together to provide a nourishing conditioner for weak hair. This strengthens hair against pollutants, environmental damage, and blow drying.
  • Follicle Revitalizing Serum: With rooibos and saw palmetto fruit extract, this serum contains sodium DNA as StimuScalp’s own Stimucap formulation, as well as apple stem cell extract to promote the growth of new cells in damaged hair follicles.

StimuScalp Pricing

Through M2 Products Group, StimuScalp is sold as an ongoing subscription for $89.99, which is replenished every 60 days and offered for 31% lower than retail price. Consumers can also choose to purchase one system for $129.99 at retail price or two systems for $199.99, with a 23% discount.

It is also possible to purchase the individual components of the system separately. With a similar ordering system as the set, a one-time purchase of the Cleanser and Creme-rinse are each $24.99, while the Serum costs $78.99.

All orders come with free shipping.

A 60-day satisfaction guarantee allows users who feel they have not noticed benefits within the first 60 days of use to be sent a new, full-sized bottle for free.

Should You Use StimuScalp?

As a scientifically backed treatment to alleviate hair thinning, those wishing to grow new hair might be interested in this system.

Due to a lack of customer testimonials, current or past users of StimuScalp have not necessarily experienced all the benefits advertised.

For this reason, interested consumers might want more information, which can be found at:

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