Top 3 Sources for Silk Peptide Powder – Real Hair Health Benefits?


In the world full of beauty products, we all want to use only the best and most natural ones we can find. Whether they are added to our skin and hair products by the manufactures or by ourselves, we want only the best.

This is why silk peptides are becoming so popular. Many companies are using them in their products and thousands of consumers are taking the initiative and adding them to the goods they already own. Silk is strong and is able to give protection, which is exactly what it does in cosmetics that are manufactured with silk peptides. There are whole websites and messages boards dedicated to singing the praises of this miraculous product, with more and more individuals and companies making the choice to start using silk peptides in their beauty products.

What Are Silk Peptides?

That is all well and good, but you may be asking yourself “What are silk peptides?”

Well, the short answer is that they are a natural additive that is great for your skin and hair. The longer answer is that silk peptides are a 100% natural silk protein that has all of the physical and chemical properties of silk. It is made from a highly purified grade of silk powder, which means consumers only get the absolute best when they decide to choose goods made using this product. The silk powder that the peptides are made from comes from the natural silk found in the cocoon of the silkworm through a process known as hydrolyzing, which means breaking the silk proteins into smaller parts called peptides (that’s where the name comes from).

These peptides have properties that are very similar to that of human skin and hair, which is what makes them the perfect choice when it comes to using them in our personal care products. Due to silk peptides maintaining such similarity to natural silk, they are stable enough to use with oils and fragrances that are found in many beauty products, but are also gentle enough to help maintain moisture and softness in the hair and skin.

This stability also extends to these peptides being able to be used in a variety of products that fall on the pH spectrum, making them more versatile than other additives on the market. This his allows for consumers to be able to use this additive in a wide variety of products and still maintain the moisture and softness no matter what cosmetics you decide to use.

Which Products Contain Silk Peptides?

The list of cosmetics and personal care products that silk peptides can be used in is long and varied, with many types of lotions, body washes, foundations, mascaras, toners, cleaners, shampoos, conditioners, lipsticks, eye creams and other similar products making the cut. They can even be used as additives in food, but that is information for another day.

The main use of silk peptides in beauty regimens is to provide moisture and protection from dryness, along with leaving a silky feeling behind. It is highly water soluble, meaning it is easily absorbed into skin and hair where it protects and provides more therapeutic benefits to the user. This makes for healthy, more youthful looking skin and shiny, more vibrant hair. When used on skin, it helps with the absorption of moisture, reduces fine lines, and evens out the texture along with forming a protective barrier that holds that moisture in. This is achievable by the silk-like nature of the peptides.

Silk peptides work as a phenomenal primer, allowing for a better application of makeup and other skin care regimens. When used in hair care products, silk peptides lock in moisture without leaving behind a feeling of stickiness or dryness like collagen or keratin can.

Adding Your Own Silk Peptides

Now that you know what products silk peptides can be used in, many of you may be wondering where you can get some silk peptides for yourself. Some companies already include silk peptides in their products, but many people prefer to purchase the silk peptides wholesale and add it to their cosmetics as needed.

When it comes to purchasing this product, it usually comes in the form of a powder that can be easily mixed into whatever product you wish. (As a side note: silk peptides are completely natural, but are not vegan. They are made from the silk of a silkworm and are classified as an animal product.)

Top 3 Sources for Silk Peptide Powder

New Direction Aromatics

This company professes to be “the leading supplier of 100% pure essential oils.” They are certified and regularly audited by QAI for organic product processing and certified kosher and vegan friendly (meaning they have vegan products available, but remember, silk peptides are not vegan). New Direction Aromatics has been in business for almost 30 years and takes customer satisfaction very seriously.

Their Silk Peptide Raw Material has a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, where all reviews come from customers who have actually bought and used this product. The website where the Silk Peptide Raw Material can be purchased not only includes customer reviews but documents such as the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and Certificate of Analysis to guarantee their product is safe and up to the safety and quality standards that many customers expect. Silk Peptide Raw Material can be purchased in 3.3 oz, 1.1 lbs, 2.2 lbs, or 55 lbs sizes, ranging in price from $13.71 to $1,666.67.

Sunrise Botanics

This Canadian based store is also proficient in essential oils and natural products and boasts a longevity of over 40 years. They are certified USDA organic, non-GMO certified, Fairtrade international accredited, recognized ECO-CERT, and Certified Gluten-free to ensure that their products are only the best for their customers. It is stated that they seek to acquire only the best and healthiest ingredients from countries such as India, Bulgaria, Madagascar, South Africa, Ethiopia, Hungary, France, Italy, Bosnia, and many others. To quote their website, Sunrise Botanics claims to be “North America’s largest on-line presence for pure essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils, fragrances, and all things herb and tea.”

Considering their $5 flat rate shipping (on orders of $150 or more) and a quality guarantee, it is easy to see why many would want to try their Silk Peptide powder. When it comes to the powder itself, it seems to be on par with New Direction Aromatics’ in appearance, but there is a lack of customer reviews and data sheets. The pricing for Silk Peptides from Sunrise Botanics is as follows: $6.71 for 25 g (.88 oz), $10.44 for 50 g (1.76 oz), $18.66 for 100 g (3.52 oz), $41.05 for 250 g (8.81 oz), $67.18 for 500 g (1.1 lb), and $111.97 for 1 kg (2.2 lbs), which makes this option somewhat more expensive than the previous one.

From Nature with Love (FNWL)

Another online seller, this website is an online wholesaler of natural and organic bath and beauty products than has been in business since 1997. Unlike the previous two shops, this one has not always been dedicated to natural and organic products, but took up the reigns of seeking to deliver the best ingredients to their customers in 2005. They have since been accepted into the Indie Beauty Network, Handcrafted Soaps and Cosmetics Guild, the Organic Trade Association, and NAHA (the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy).

Their Silk Peptide Powder also seems to be popular on the site, averaging a rating of 5 stars and having several customer reviews that laud praises on its ability to refresh and rejuvenate skin and hair. FNWL also includes Safety Data Sheet and specifications about the product to ensure the user that this product is safe and to ensure that they buyer gets what they pay for, along with informing the customer of where this product originates from, which in this case is China.

While the page is very informative, there is no picture of the product, so new customers may not know exactly what their product looks like or what to expect when the order arrives. The sizes and pricing are similar to Sunrise Botanics, which means this site is a bit more expensive than New Direction Aromatics. The sizes range from 2 oz to 50 lbs with prices from $17.68 to $3,535.38.

Now that you know what silk peptides are and where to purchase them, let us end by imparting some advice and words of wisdom about how to best use your silk peptides now that you know about the amazing benefits they can give to your normal beauty routine.

Most sources suggest when using this product to only use 2-5% by weight. This means you only need to use 2-5% of the weight of the product you want to enhance with silk peptides. For example, for a 10-ounce bottle of shampoo, you only need .2 oz of silk peptide powder. A little bit goes a long way with this amazing product.

Another thing to remember is that silk peptides are designed to absorb and hold moisture, so be sure to keep it dry! If it gets wet, it will not be a powder anymore and may be harder to use. And as with most good things, it does not last forever. Silk peptides do have an expiration date, but it can depend on the brand and amount, so be sure you find out what yours is before it is too late.


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