Spawake Melting Makeup Remover & Age Solution Intensive Serum


The Spawake Melting Makeup Remover & Age Solution Intensive Serum are two of the company’s latest additions to their long line of cosmetics.

What is the Age Solution Intensive Serum sold by Spawake?

The ingredients used in Spawake Melting Makeup Remover & Age Solution Intensive Serum are designed with the help with Astaxanthin with Pelvetia Extract and Vitamin C. All of these ingredient are known to firm, uplift, and tighten sagging skin.

The anti-aging matrix also provides the following benefits:

Ingredients of the Spawake Melting Makeup Remover & Age Solution Intensive Serum

  • Laminaria Japonica Extract (Sea Mineral)
  • Maris Sal (Sea Salt)
  • Astaxanthin
  • Pelvetia Canaliculata Extract
  • Vitamin E

What is Spawake Melting Makeup Remover & Age Solution Intensive Serum?

The Makeup Remover sold by Spawake is enriched with sea minerals that work to melt into a milky emulsion as the user massages it over their skin’s surface. The result is that one can remove all traces of makeup from their face, eyes, and lips without friction.

  • Can be used to remove tough, waterproof makeup
  • Removes impurities and red cells
  • Helps to keep the skin nourished throughout the day
  • Non-sticky substance
  • Leaves skin feeling soft to the touch
  • Suitable for all types of skin
  • Dermatologically tested

The two ingredients used in the Melting Makeup Remover are: Laminaria Japonica Extract and Maris Sal.

What is Laminaria Japonica?

Laminaria is a type of seaweed that's indigenous to Japan. It is also a rich source of iron and potassium. Despite serious safety concerns about laminaria, some people use laminaria as medicine.

Laminaria is used for weight loss, high blood pressure, as a bulk laxative for constipation, and for treating neurological disease. It is also utilized for preventing cancer.

Laminaria seems to be able to make a thick, sticky gel when it comes into contact with water. This permits laminaria to function as a bulk laxative.

Additionally, it allows laminaria “tents” that have been placed within the cervix to expand the cervix for procedures or to “ripen” the cervix as well as accelerate the beginning of labor. These laminaria tents absorb water, slowly swelling into a diameter of 1/2 inch over 4-6 hours. This swelling causes the cervix to enlarge, and that can cause labor.

It includes iodine in quantities which are high enough to harm the thyroid, the gland which uses iodine to make hormones. The typical laminaria-based supplement may contain as much as 1000 mcg of iodine. Taking in more than 150 mcg of iodine daily can cause a normal thyroid to become overactive or underactive, or make an overactive thyroid worse.

Some laminaria products also include substantial amounts of arsenic, a chemical component that is poisonous.

Special Precautions & Warnings about Laminaria

The use of laminaria right on the cervix during pregnancy or childbirth is unsafe. It can result in serious side effects for the mother and child, including disease, rupture of the cervix, and baby death. Accepting laminaria orally while pregnant is also unsafe since laminaria can affect hormones.

Spawake Melting Makeup Remover & Age Solution Intensive Serum Review Summary

Although the Spawake Age Solution Intensive Serum and Melting Makeup Remover contain ingredients such as Laminaria that may possibly be unsafe for select individuals, as long as one uses the product as it is directed, users should be able to incorporate them as part of their beauty routines without worry or side effects.

In order to get the most out of these products by Spawake, the company has released some instructions that can be followed by anyone for looking younger and removing makeup. More details about both of the above creams can be easily found on the company’s website.

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