Skincare Tips For Ages 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s

In today's world, many men and women are obsessed with the condition of the skin, especially as they start to age. Unfortunately, there are many instances in life where a person is judged by their skin texture or fine lines and wrinkles, which may prompt people to better care for their skin.

Many people take care of their skin according to how old they are, which sends the question of how the skin should be taken care of at any given age and time. Many factors have come into play to determine the way the skin responds to the general environment.

It’s not only what you apply to your skin that can affect changes on the skin, but also what you decide to inhale, eat, or drink. Did you know that the components present in any chemical you apply to your body can create many changes too?

If you apply makeup and any other skin care products, then the necessary cleaning should take place to ensure no traces of harmful chemicals are getting into your skin before you go to bed each night. Professionals advise of a thorough cleaning of your skin immediately so you are satisfied with the result of the makeup you are using.

The use of water is encouraged as well, as it is natural and features excellent minerals to protect your skin.

Generally, because your actual age and psychological ages might differ, you may get different suggestions on how to care for your skin, and this is because of the situations you have set up for your beauty care. There are different age brackets, specifications, and directions on how the beauty care for the body should be handled.

In the end, you may receive an excellent outcome, but we don’t guarantee the result since the changes in weather patterns and the beauty products you may apply might differ and bring out a different result. Therefore, as per the age bracket recommended, you will notice that there are specific measures one needs to follow so you have great results.

How does it feel to look a decade younger than you are? It will feel great, and all depends on how you treat your skin and the kind of beauty supplements you apply. Note that most of the beauticians will recommend use of collagen at specific ages, especially in the early 20s to restore skin firmness and smoothness.

They also recommend the use of these antioxidants for encouraging stem cells regeneration, as well as restoration and remodeling of the skin. In the following article, we shall focus on the skin care routines for people in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s.

With the above categories, you can borrow ideas from the age brackets to give your skin better health and encourage the constant age you desire to have.

Skin Care For Your 20s

Micellar Water Cosmetic

Most girls in their early teens will begin to apply makeup if they already haven't sooner, and this calls for the initiation of a solid skin care routine. It’s always known that the skin of a young woman starts to make changes around the ages of 18, and this is the time you will need to look for the necessary skin care measures for your skin.

At this age, many factors contribute to the changing texture of the skin, and these include what we eat, drink, weather changes, as well as what we apply on the skin, such as makeup. For instance, when a girl starts to apply mascara and makeup on the eyes, it’s recommended that the makeup should be removed and cleaned using micellar water, which has natural ingredients for cleansing the eyes and the face because hydration is very important.

Skin Purification

This care routine begins as the skin makes changes. When skin inflammation first starts, it can usually be a hard time for most people that love their skin. This age also comes with an oily skin, which is sometimes disturbing.

Milk products are highly encouraged to aid in reducing the excess oil on the skin. Products with anti-inflammatory agents are also encouraged to ensure total skin care is implemented.

Dry skin should be cleaned with milk-based products, and one should take a step to consult cosmetologists for further help, if needed. If you choose to purchase over-the-counter products, it is important to purchase from reputable brands and retailers.

Protecting And Cleaning The Skin

Dry and oily skin will need water, as well as moisturizing lotions and gel. The products used should be able to absorb skin sebum, as well as regulate the overproduction of sebum. To protect your skin form harmful rays like UV rays, you need products such as BB cream and protective wax.

Skin Care For Your 30s

At this age, the skin develops more changes. When you are about 25, you will definitely feel the change beginning, and this may call for new, specific measures. You have to stop some things, as the body begins to make these changes, especially if you want to maintain the health of your current skin.

Protecting The Main Skin

You know about ultraviolet rays that damage the skin. Well, the arteries and veins that transport blood are damaged by the sun rays as well, so that you get on the beach, while walking, as well when you are sunbathing.

The harm brought by the rays should be contained to promote a healthy skin and some of the products suggested include products with SPF 35-50, as lower amounts won’t make the required changes that you need to keep the skin healthy.

Purification And Hydration

Micellar water is recommended for cleaning the eye area, as well as those with normal skin types. Those wanting general facial care can also adopt the micellar water care for makeup removal. If you have dry skin, the milk-based products are recommended.

If you have oily skin, then the foam forming gel is recommended. Moisturizers are highly encouraged, as the skin is at a different stage compared to those in their 20s, where a lot of gels are recommended. The gels with hyaluronic acid are encouraged for your skincare, as they moisturize the skin easily.


Your old skin needs a new look and this happens when you exfoliate the skin by scrubbing. Moisturizing masks are also used for different types of skins. This encourages opening of the skin pores to aid in the regeneration of new skin.

Skin Care For Your 40s

Are you at least 35 years of age and still having the urge to remain youthful? Well, you need to do a lot to encourage stimulation of the cells to promote a good skin, but don't let that worry you.

Collagen is an important ingredient here and it’s all that you need to work towards and ensure the youthfulness of your skin is well-maintained.

Purify, Moisturize, And Protect

Your skin is at its prime development and thankfully, there is little to change going into your 40s. Only maintaining the skin by making sure there is adequate collagen will be excellent.

Anti-aging is the goal here, and as a person that needs the most out of this age, you should of cleanse your face twice a day. Remember your neck is also important, and the skin around the neck and chest should also be protected.

It’s important to choose the products that will protect the skin against UV rays, as well as the ones with a moisturizing feel. Cream agents like DNA helix, collagen, vitamin C, and stem cells are recommended and remember to also take care to your skin during the night by cleaning it before you go to sleep.

Using Light Skincare Products Around The Eye Area

Did you know that when aging process starts, the skin around the eye area ages very fast? Well, that skin is thin, which is why the changes are so noticeable. This is why the application of micellar water when washing the face is so important.

At the age of 30, it’s recommended to use products that are essential for the eye area, and these include light gels. In the age 35-40s bracket, one may use more serums and creams in the eye area. You should read carefully on the instructions of any product that you use and test a small area of the skin first before applying it all over the eye area.

Consider A Beauty Salon

Well, most people would prefer having the products to treat their skin, and be able to do it in the comfort of their own homes. While caring for your skin at home is great, a professional may be able to offer you products or services that you would not be able to have at home.

They can also have a better outcome, as they know how deeply to massage the skin or how much product exactly to apply, since they do this for a living. So if you have a beautician that specializes in skin care, visiting them every 4-6 weeks is perfect.

Your beautician will also be able to help you care for various skin conditions that you may have so that you have great results.

Chemical Peeling And Injections

Beauty injections are recommended at the onset of this age, and a chemical peel can also be done twice every year with a specialist that will be able to counter the side effects that might come after.

Skin Care For Your 50s

At this age, most people are getting scared of the wrinkles and aging faster than ever. Well, the principles applied in the 40s should be used here, and if you already have a skincare regimen, it won't be much work.

Moisturizing And Cleansing

You could be wondering the kind of products used here, but the most applicable products are the moisturizing creams and other products as recommended by your beautician.

Serums And Masks

The eye area needs a great amount of care, and the use of serum is encouraged to work on the wrinkles. Use of masks are also a great solution, as well as eye strips that are applied to the eyes. This can be done either at home or at your preferred beauty spa.


Specific creams should be used and they should have active ingredients applicable for aging. By applying the cream, the growth of wrinkles around the skin is slowed down, which gives your skin more youthfulness.

Visit A Beautician

You should make it at least once every month. The beautician will be effective in helping you identify skin changes, such as the presence of wrinkles and swelling, as well as advice.

Plastic surgery?

Well, at this age, plastic surgery is less recommended, unless the skin has a serious damage. Meanwhile, other beauty supplements are encouraged.


Skin Care For Your 60s

If you are 55 and above, then this is your area. You have to cleanse, moisturize, and protect your skin.

Purify, Moisturize, And Protect

Your skin needs a lot of collagen, water, and vitamins, and you should be taking supplements with active elements that combat aging. Crams containing stem cells and DNA helix are recommended. The areas around the neck, eyes, and your skin in general should be taken care of.

Controlling The Skin Damage

At this stage, one should apply chemical methods carefully as directed, and this calls for inclusion of a professional. Chemical peeling of the skin should happen four or less times within a year, and extra caution should be taken.

Plastic Surgery

Some skin damages are overwhelming, and if you're experiencing that in this age bracket, you should consult a specialist for further advice.

Visit A Beautician

Once a week, make your your calendar has a place for a beautician that specializes in skin care. The menopausal age in women brings forth many changes, hence the need to take necessary steps towards your skin care.

Skin Care For Your 70s

The results obtained from the age previous group should be taken care of, and this is a good age to do extra things. Most of the care procedures in the previous age are applied here, and that makes it easy for one to continue maintaining the skin with ease.


Most beauty professionals offer masks that can be applied, and can address specific needs for your skin.


The anti-aging injections are recommended, and you need a specific injection to aid in your process of skin caring. You will notice that at this age, even the ear lobes are getting tired and need these injections for strength and beauty. The injections should be administered by a qualified doctor to minimize the instances of stress, as well as the side effects.

Skincare Tips For Ages 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s & 70s Final Words

If you want to have the amazing and healthy skin for your age, then the above methods are designed for you. You will realize that most of the applications are easy to apply and incorporate into your daily routine. Note that with plastic surgery, there are measures taken, and you need to take the caution as you may suffer adverse effects if you are not careful in your choice of doctor and recovery.

Finally, since your body is controlled by hormones, ensure you have a word from your doctor before you make any changes to your skin. Otherwise, the proposed steps will be well for your age for now.


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