OmniLean Salacia Extract Metabolic Synergizer Clinical Appetite Reducer

An international research team working from Rutgers University has recently concluded a clinical study that has demonstrated the appetite minimizing benefits of a new proprietary herbal extract derived from the salacia plant.

The Carbohydrate, Appetite Reduction, Blood Sugar, and Satiety study, or CARBS, focused on assessing the potential health applications of the bioactive compound. The salacia plant growths throughout the Indian subcontinent, and has been used in traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine for a wide range of health applications for thousands of years.

The CARBS study was the first randomized, double-blind, 3-day cross-over placebo-controlled in vivo study to assess the veracity of the appetite suppression claims made of the plant. The specific extract used in the study was provided by OmniLean, and is designed to be taken in combination with a regular dietary schedule.

Salacia extract is able to improve the glycemic response of individuals that consume it alongside a meal, as well as optimize gut hormone production in both healthy and overweight individuals.

Regular supplementation with the OmniLean has been demonstrated to minimize blood sugar spikes and lower appetite response, thereby increasing the sensation of satiety and assisting with the dieting process.

Sue Sharpes, a lead researcher involved with the CARBS trial, has stated that the extract is able to positively modulate glycemic indexes and promote the release of health-enhancing peptides both during and after a meal. According to Sharpes, OmniLean Salacia extract can reduce the risk of developing diabetes, as well as assist with weight management.

While the issue of obesity required a complex approach that integrates diet management, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices, OmniLean Salacia extract is able to assist with the most difficult aspects of the dieting process and help individuals that struggle with weight loss achieve their body and health goals.


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