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Born and raised in Yugoslavia, once Olga Lorencin, she found herself working in the European skin care market. She learned the value and importance of quality ingredients and treatments, and became a name for herself as an expert in this area.

She later moved to the beautiful coasts of California and landed employment in the spa industry.

Olga found there were gaps, plenty of them. Although loving the California coast life, and all the things it has to offer, she found there was a lack in quality ingredients in the skin care regimens she was working with, on her clients.

So, instead of complaining about it, or settling, she did something about it.

In 2002, Olga took her years of experience and launched Kinara Skin Care Clinic. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, Kinara remains a must experience, celebrity frequented spa.

She recognized there was still a need for high quality products, and along came the birth of Olga Lorencin Kinara Skin Clinic. Described as ‘hero products’, each one designed to provide the most effective combination of ingredients.

Each product designed with the vision in mind of providing immediate results and more importantly, long lasting.

So now that we know a little more about Olga Lorencin, the woman behind the vision, let’s have a closer look at both her Los Angeles Skin Care Clinic, Kinara, and explore a few of the Olga Lorencin Kinara Skin Clinic Line bestsellers.

Olga Lorencin Kinara Skin Clinic

With a need in results driven, high quality skin care products, Kinara was born in 2002. Known to many in the Los Angeles and Hollywood areas as the original ‘red carpet facial’ – a must have treatment for those attending the Oscars.

They are located at:
656 North Robertson Blvd.
Los Angeles, California

Appointments are required if you plan on attending Kinara for any of their world class treatments and services. To book an appointment, call 1-310-657-9188.

You are encouraged to arrive at least five (5) minutes before your appointment, and valet parking is provided in their lot.

Kinara Skin Care Clinic Facial Treatments Available (Normal to Dry Skin)

This facial treatment is designed to improve circulation in the facial are and oxygenate the skin. Is there any better way that applying thick luxurious masks on a dry complexion? No. There are five (5) different varieties of facials for this treatment;

Thirsty Skin Quencher Facial (50 minutes in length, and $180.00)

Designed to keep skin hydrated and with the specially designed three-layer mask, it will target moisture levels deep into the skin.

HydraFacial (50 minutes in length, and $235.00)

A unique non-laser technology designed to resurface and customize serums specifically for you. This procedure offers immediate results and is ideal for all skin types. The goal? Healthy, radiant skin.

LED Custom Facial (50 minutes, and $300.00)

Using LED light therapy, this facial is designed to penetrate deep into the skin for immediate improvement in circulation and oxygenation.

Also, geared to reduce inflammation and minimize the appearance of fine lines, and improve elasticity. This facial is catered specifically to the client’s needs.

Red Carpet Oxygenating HydraFacial (50 minutes, and $260.00)

Using a combination of the non-laser technology, and intense hydration, this treatment works to reduce the visible signs of aging all while stimulating new collagen production.

Backed by quality, latest technology ingredients, these results are expected to be immediate and long lasting.

Red Carpet Moisture Facial: Anti-Aging Treatment (80 minutes, and $300.00)

This is described as the ultimate anti-aging treatment. Deep exfoliation, microdermabrasion technology and customized on the spot peel. This treatment also features sound-wave technology that will assist in the tightening of facial muscles and boosting circulation.

Lastly include in this treatment is ground breaking collagen mask, followed by a finishing serum. Definitely, a red-carpet experience.

Other services offered at Kinara include; non-surgical face lifts, deep detox facials, Microdermabrasion treatments of medical grade, men specific facial, Vichy room treatments (sugar scrubs, salt glow scrubs, bora bora scrub, milk and honey, body peels).

Other services include Massage Room body wraps, massage, Swedish massage, pregnancy massage, hot stone massage, hands and feet therapy, and lastly, nails and waxing services.

Full class, all the way.

Olga Lorencin Kinara Skin Clinic Products

The product line boasts twenty (20) different products. Ranging from moisturizers, to beauty bundles, serums and cleansers. Let’s have a closer look at a few of their best sellers.

Red Carpet Facial

Benefits of this product are; brighter and hydrated skin, exfoliates and reduces the visibility of large pores and fine lines, improves elasticity and firmness, and controls breakouts and acne.

Included in this Red Carpet Facial is 1.7oz Peel, 1.7oz Neutralizer and 2.5oz Mask. This package is available for purchase online for $105.00.

Lactic Acid Hydrating Serum

This serum is designed to refine skin with an anti-aging hydration serum. Containing ingredients such as skin firming algae works at the structural level to lift and hydrate, where lactic acid and glycolic acid work to reduce fine lines and uneven texture.

You can expect; clearer skin, reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and a brighter, firmer complexion.

This serum is available for purchase online for $75.00.

Nighttime Skin Quencher

The overnight solution you may be looking for. Designed to transform your skin with nutrient-rich creams and antioxidants, overnight. This cream possesses natural ingredients such as; green tea, sugar cane, rice bran, soy protein, marshmallow and chamomile.

This cream will leave your skin refined and moisture rich, fuller plumper skin and tighter, more refined pores.

This overnight dream is available for purchase online for $75.00.

Olga Lorencin Kinara Skin Clinic Summary

In conclusion, it’s unlikely anyone would be disappointed with an in person visit or ordering products to your home. Years of expert experience was put into these quality products.

Having many feature reviews in magazines like ‘In Style’, ‘Glamour’, ‘Vanity Fair, ‘US Magazine’, and more, speaks volumes of what Olga Lorencin has been able to accomplish. Her vision of high end skin care, and want to fill the gaps, is something pretty remarkable.

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