SITU Review – Is It Worth Buying?

SITU is a “smart food nutritional scale” that connects to a mobile app on your iPad. After weighing your food, it tells you the complete nutritional information for that food. Here’s our SITU review.

What is SITU?

SITU is a smart food scale. You place food on the scale, and it weighs that food. Then, it uses that information to give you the nutrient profile and total number of calories in the food you’re about to eat.

SITU connects to a mobile app on your iPad (it’s not available on any other mobile device). You can keep track of the foods you eat via the mobile app. You can use SITU to monitor your dietary intake and help stick to dietary goals.

As the makers of SITU explain, the app:

“Tells you the calorie and nutritional content of that handful of snacks, how much salt is in that exact chunk of cheese, or the amount of sugar in that piece of bread.”

You can use the scale to weigh foods you bought at the supermarket or even to get the nutritional information of foods you purchased from a local restaurant.

The goal of the scale is to help you learn about your nutritional choices and then use that information to become a healthier, smarter person.

The SITU scale claims to be the perfect choice for calorie counters, diabetics, hypertensives, athletes, and “anyone who wants to lead a healthier life.”

SITU Features

-Database: The SITU database contains thousands of curated fresh foods for those who love cooking their own food.

-Custom Database: Do you find yourself eating out a lot? SITU lets you add pre-made foods to your scale. Just input the nutritional information (say, from the McDonald’s website) and the scale will remember that food for the rest of its life. The makers of SITU claim the custom database is “virtually unlimited” and can be tailored to fit any unique dietary intake.

-Custom Dishes: SITU tells you the calorie information of the dishes you make. If you’re making a recipe, SITU encourages you to weigh the ingredients you’re putting into that recipe, then save that recipe as a dish inside SITU. Now you can find out how healthy (or unhealthy) your favorite recipe really is for you.

-Meal History: SITU lets you track your complete nutritional intake over time through the app. You can see which individual nutrients you’re eating, how your consumption changes throughout the week, and how to share your data with your coach, doctor, or nutritionist to get professional feedback.

-Settings Screen: The recommended daily allowance for one nutrient might not be your best recommended daily allowance. That’s why SITU allows you to adjust daily allowances and customize each individual’s nutrient intake – including minimum and maximum daily calories, fats, and omega 3 fatty acids. Choose the amount that your doctor recommended, or the one that works best for you, and SITU will help you stick to that goal.

Tech Specs for SITU

SITU comes with the following tech specs:

-Weight: 500 grams

-Load Weight: 5kg / 11 Pounds

-Batteries: 4 AAAs

-Battery Life: 6 months

-Dimensions: 190mm (width) x 215mm (depth) x 22mm (height)

-Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

-Supported Devices: iPad with Retina display, iPad Air, iPad Mini, or iPad Mini with Retina display running iOS 7 or newer

SITU Pricing

SITU is available at a price of $119.99.

That price includes one scale, four AAA batteries, and a quick setup guide.

The app is free to download from the iOS app store. Anyone can download the app to their iPad, but you’ll need the scale to actually use the app.

About SITU

SITU was created by a former Apple employee named Michael Grothaus, who claims he “struggled for years to lose weight.”

Michael says he knew fresh food was the secret to losing weight, but struggled when it came to knowing how many nutrients were in these fresh foods. Michael soon realized that many people struggled to know the nutrient information in fresh foods. So, he created the SITU scale.

Since inventing the SITU scale, Michael has lost 60 pounds in 6 months. At the time of writing, he had lost a total of 80 pounds “based solely on acting on the information SITU provides.”

Michael wants the SITU scale to help people lose weight, gain weight, gain muscle, and achieve all their other weight goals. It seeks to educate people to help them make smarter nutritional choices to achieve any weight gain or weight loss targets.

You can get in touch with SITU by emailing [email protected] or by filling out the online form here:


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