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Calorie Counter Pro Review

Calorie Counter Pro is a diet and weight loss app that promises to be the “fastest, easiest, and smartest” calorie counter for iOS and Android. Here’s our review.

What is Calorie Counter Pro?

Calorie Counter Pro is a calorie counting app created by a company named MyNetDiary.

The app promises to help anyone keep track of their caloric intake in order to achieve their weight loss goals.

Like most calorie counting apps, the app works using a database of thousands of foods – each of which comes with complete calorie information and other nutritional information.

In this case, the database for Calorie Counter Pro claims to contain 679,000 foods.

Calorie Counter Pro Features

Some of the key features that distinguish this app from other calorie counters include:

— Fast food entry, including a barcode scanner and instant search tool

— Food database that includes restaurants, grocery stores, special diets, and ethnic foods. This database is also updated daily.

Track exercise and strength training, including your time, distance, sets, or reps across multiple types of exercises.

— Daily and weekly analysis of your progress towards your set fitness and weight loss goals

— Track additional body measurements like water intake, daily steps, hours of sleep and work, blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose, A1C (and other lab test results), cholesterol, medications and symptoms, etc. (you can customize the app to track all, some, or none of these metrics).

The Calorie Counter Pro Food Catalog

The complete food catalog for the app can be seen here:

That food catalog, at the time of writing, included 412,000 verified foods along with 267,000 contributed foods (which means that users added them to the app’s database themselves).

Like other good food catalogs, you can search through the catalog by vendors, categories, keywords, and other metrics. All major fast food places, restaurants, and food brands are in the catalog.

Platforms for Calorie Counter Pro

Calorie Counter Pro is available for iOS and Android.

The iOS version can be downloaded here and is priced at $4.59. It’s available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The Android version, on the other hand, is free to download but requires an in-app purchase of $4.59 to access the full range of features. You can download it for free here. It works on all Android smartphones and tablets.

About MyNetDiary

Calorie Counter Pro is made by a company named MyNetDiary. That company describes its mission as providing “top-notch, hugely popular mobile apps for iPhone/iPod, Android Phone and Tablet, BlackBerry and iPad”.

The company was founded in 2005 and launched in 2007, according to its About Us page []. It was originally named 4Technologies Corporation before being renamed to MyNetDiary Inc. in August 2012.

The company is a privately-held New Jersey-based company located here:

811 Church Road, Suite 105
Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002

You can contact the company by email at [email protected].

In addition to offering the Calorie Counter Pro app, the company sells a subscription to the MyNetDiary website, priced at $60 for a one year subscription. You can sign up for the site and choose to lose 1 pound per week, 1.5 pounds per week, or 2 pounds per week. The site works in a similar way to the app, allowing you to input the foods you’re eating and your exercise routines while keeping track of your progress and weight loss goals.

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