Odor Eaters Review – Does It Work?

Odor Eaters is a foot spray powder and insole that promises to reduce wetness and moisture on your feet. By applying it daily you can avoid odor and moisture at the source. Here’s our Odor Eaters review.

What Are Odor Eaters?

Odor Eaters is a lineup of foot spray powders and shoe insoles that promises to eliminate odor and moisture at the source. The company specializes in creating products that kill foot odor.

Today, you can buy Odor Eaters online at the official website or through Amazon.com. You can also find them in certain retail outlets.

If you don’t want to apply the Odor Eaters spray, then you can also add the insoles to the inside of your shoes.

By applying the spray regularly, you can prevent athlete’s foot and reduce foot odor. How exactly do Odor Eaters products work? Let’s take a closer look.

How Do Odor Eaters Work?

Odor Eaters claim to be guaranteed to stop odor while also reducing moisture and other foot problems. in order to achieve those benefits, Odor Eaters use Tolnaftate antifungal chemicals. These antifungal chemicals reduce the buildup of moisture while also killing bacteria before it has the chance to turn into harmful foot fungus.

Both the spray and the shoe insoles contain Tolnaftate antifungal solution. The spray contains fragrance, while the insoles do not.

The spray contains 1% Tolnaftate solution, which is the maximum level allowed by the FDA.

You apply the powder directly to your feet or add it to your socks or shoes. Some people add it to all three for maximum protection.

You can also apply the powder while using the insoles in your shoes if you want to ensure your shoes and feet are constantly protected from moisture and fungus.

Meanwhile, the insoles contain a blend of additional ingredients. They use super-activated charcoal, baking soda, zinc oxide, and “two powerful odor blocking technologies”, according to the manufacturer.

There are two types of insoles sold by the company: the Ultra-Comfort insoles contain a thinner layer of protection that makes them easier to wear, while the Ultra-Durable insoles are thicker because they have an added layer of foam on the base, providing extra cushioning and increased durability.

Odor Eaters Products

Odor Eaters currently offer six different products available for sale online, including:

  • Odor Eaters Spray
  • Odor Eaters Powder
  • Odor Eaters Medicated Powder
  • Odor Eaters Ultra-Durable Insole
  • Odor Eaters Expanded Fit Insole
  • Odor Eaters Ultra Comfort Insole

Odor Eaters Pricing

Odor Eaters insoles and sprays are priced at different rates depending where you buy them. Here are some of the prices we’ve been able to find:

  • Odor Eaters Ultra-Durable Insoles 2 Pack: $13.09 from Walmart
  • Odor Eaters Ultra-Comfort Insoles 1 Pack: $10.26 from Walmart
  • Odor Eaters Foot Spray Powder 4 Ounce: $8.74 from Amazon

Expect to pay a similar price to Dr. Scholl’s for all Odor Eaters products. The two companies offer a similar lineup and similar pricing policy.

You can buy Odor Eaters from a number of major retailers – including Amazon and physical retailers in your area. To view a selection of retailers in your area who sell Odor Eaters, visit this page on the official company website: Odor-eaters.com/where-to-buy/

The Ultra-Comfort insoles come in two different sizes. The standard size fits up to a size 12, while the Expanded Fit insoles fit up to a size 14. Ultra-Durable insoles come in just one size, which fits up to a size 12.

Should You Use Odor Eaters to Reduce Foot Odor and Prevent Athlete’s Foot?

If you want to reduce foot odor, then you only have a few major options from which to choose, including Odor Eaters and Dr. Scholl’s. Both product lineups are priced at similar rates and work in similar ways. It comes down to personal preference and your own personal experience of what works best.

Odor Eaters offers a variety of products, including insoles in different sizes and thicknesses as well as powders. You can place the insoles in your shoes or wear the powder to reduce odor and prevent athlete’s foot. Some people apply both for ultimate protection.


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