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Many a times people suffer from conditions that can completely debilitate them, yet they are too shy to ask for help. Problems like infertility, erectile dysfunction, baldness, skin whitening are just an example of such issues that people face on a near daily basis.

A statistical study done in 2008 showed that over 60% of men over the age of 40 suffered from various sexual ailments, but were too shy to ask for any help. Upon further investigation, it was found that problems like erectile dysfunction, balding have a deep psychological rooting, and thus people do not like to discuss that part of their being.

Another study showed that hair loss was a major source of distress for over 70% of studied women. Due to natural ageing process and other internal factors, women were found to be prone to hair loss and early greying.

Since society gives much importance to the way a woman looks, these women who took part in the study reported that they experienced issues related to low self esteem, poor self worth, low vitality.

However, today there exist various means of buying products online that one would conventionally be embarrassed to purchase in public. Products like male enhancers, sexual energisers can now all be bought through various ‘discrete online shopping portals’.

They offer packaging which does not identify the contents of the product in any way. They also can deliver the desired products in time slots that are convenient and to the users liking.

About Shytobuy

Shytobuy is an online shopping portal that offers users with a chance to buy supplements/items they would normally hesitate to in public scenarios. Some of the common products that are on offer include hair loss agents, male enhancers, skin whitening supplements.

The company brings together a range of items from well known brands, and makes them accessible to the masses via an easy to navigate, fully functional website. All of the products being sold have been thoroughly tested and have undergone clinical trials, thus users can be assured of the quality being delivered.

To make things even more easy, the company has its own ‘easy return policy’. Thus if users are unhappy with their purchase, they can simply return the product without the hassle of having to answer various questions.

Shytobuy Product Lineup

(i) Hair Loss:

Hair loss and thinning is seen as an inevitable part of the ageing process, statistical studies conducted by the Mayo Clinic have shown that “around three quarters of all people in the UK believe that there is no effective method of preventing this frustrating and confidence-sapping issue”. This is not entirely true as many of the hair loss issues faced by many men and women are treatable, and can be kept at bay for long durations of time


This is one of the most widely used solutions for hair loss, its potent formula has been clinically observed to “overcome hair loss and thinning hair using a unique formula that utilises the TRX2 Molecular Compound’. When used on a daily basis, it can help in the growth of thick, luscious hair, and allows users to look youthful once again. TRX2 not only helps in instant growth but also sustains growth from a molecular level for long-term results. Each unit is priced at $79.90

Mad Medix:

MaxMedix Hair Nation contains a wide array of clinically studied nutrients that have been scientifically recognised for their ability to increase hair production (via a systematic nourishment of our hair follicles). Each bottle of this potent supplement is priced at $66.55.

(ii) Skin Lightening:

These range of specialised products have been made especially for individuals looking to “reduce the appearance of freckles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and age spots which also even out one’s complexion”. ShytoBuy is one stop shop for all of one's needs in relation to skin lightening creams and other such products.

Makari Toning Cream:

This unique formula has been crafted after careful clinical deliberation. Through its regular use, individuals can ‘reduce the appearance of dark spots and improve their skin's firmness’. The solution comes packed in small bottles which have been priced at $33.25

Makari Exfoliating Soap:

Thus scientifically designed, exfoliating soap is made using a specialized cleansing agent called ‘Organiclarine’. It is a naturally extracted substance that has been found to lighten the complexion of one's skin, without affecting the overall quality and texture of it. The product is priced at $29.90.

(iii) Male Enhancers:

These products are solely designed to heighten one’s libido and provide a growth in the length of one’s member.


This is one of the most popularly purchased supplements in this segment. The formula is completely natural and has been found to help one gain extra length and increase one's penile girth. Viaman has been a popular supplement for decades, and rightly so. Each bottle has been priced at $58.25.


This product has been designed to increase the sexual pleasure levels of both the man and his partner. All one needs to do is take just 2 VigRX Capsules a day, and that will be enough to help increase one's stamina and endurance levels. Each bottle of this efficacious supplement is priced at $66.65.

Shytobuy Availability

All of the aforementioned products (and many many more) can be directly purchased through the official company website. (

All purchases are delivered securely, and purchases above $50 are eligible for free shipping. Payments can be made using a host of direct debit means like visa, mastercard.

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