Shredz Review

Shredz is an nutraceutical company that primarily focuses on selling weight loss and bodybuilding supplements. According to Shredz, their mission is to:

“Contribute to the global fitness community by creating a movement based on positivity, progress, and pushing yourself to the limit.”

Let’s look into Shredz some of the products they sell to see how they accomplish this mission.

About Shredz

Shredz was founded by Arvin Lal, an entrepreneur who started Shredz in his own house. Through savvy social media marketing and a passion for health and fitness, Lal has built Shredz into a company that is known around the world.

Shredz has been featured on media outlets like Forbes, Business Insider, and CNN, and its’ products are now sold on GNC. Shredz is one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world.

Shredz Best Selling Products

When you first enter the site, you’ll notice that Shredz separates their product lines based on your goals. Therefore, if your goal is weight loss, then you’ll receive a list of products that are much differently than if you were looking for say, muscle growth and development.

Shredz also advertises their customized 30-day Quick Weight Loss Plan, which is customized for both men and women to maximize weight loss results. In the female kit, we found products like Shredz Burner, Shredz Toner, Shredz BCAA + Glutamine, Shredz Toner, and several workout guides specifically designed to help women lose weight. The men’s 30-day plan was similar, although it did include slightly different products.

Shredz also sells a variety of bodybuilding supplements, specifically for men. Shredz sells a pure creatine supplement as well as a testosterone booster than contains long jack, maca extract, velvet bean extract, and a number of other testosterone boosters.

Finally, we found that Shredz sells a high quality whey protein supplement to enhance muscle growth for men, and a thermogenic protein powder that can help women down and slim down their problem areas like the waist and thighs.

All of the products are listed directly on the Shredz website and there are a number of accessories like workout guides, shirts, tank tops, shaker bottles, and other similar accessories that you can purchase as well.

Do Shrez Products Work?

Shredz does not explain the science behind their products, but they do at least give a list of ingredients so you know what you’re buying. A quick look at several products gave us a good idea into how Shredz formulates their products and many of their products seem legitimate.

Plus, Shredz has hundreds of testimonials from what they refer to as the “Shredz Army.” If you visit I Am Shredz, you’ll see a number of testimonials from Shredz users who claim that Shredz has changed their life for the better. There are women, men, and athletes that all claim Shredz has delivered positive results and most of the testimonials even list what products were used.

Is Shredz Legitimate?

There’s a lot to like about Shredz. They have real products that seem to be backed by real science and they are one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the world. You don’t get where Shredz has gotten by selling cheap or fake supplements that don’t work.

We will say this – Shredz products ARE expensive. A 30-day kit can cost you several hundred dollars and we found several kits priced closer to $500, which to most people is no small chunk of change. However, it definitely seems like Shredz products can deliver fast, powerful results, so the high price can certainly be justified if you look at the end results.

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  1. Well I don’t know about the rest of you but I received my product a week later. With shipping info.

  2. I place an order with Shredz about 1 month ago and still have not received the product. I called and emailed customer service over a dozen no and have received no response. Not sure if the company is gone bankrupt but they took my money for the product and I have recieved no order confirmation or shupping confirmation. I had to report the tranation as fraud. Highly disappointing.

  3. I’ve tried many supplements, and Shredz has worked fine for me. I last much longer in the gym and do not feel the jittery feeling I had with other supplements. Now, having said that, the customer service is horrid. You have to wait for many weeks before the order ships, and even then the order is incomplete. I first ordered in November, it took two weeks to receive my package. I ordered again in December, it took nearly a month and I received a partial shipment at first, then the rest came later. As a fool, trying to give them a chance, I ordered again. Over three weeks later I finally got some of the package, I have another two separate shipments coming later. Meanwhile, emails rarely are answered, cannot reach anyone ever on the phone, and if you leave a negative comment on their facebook, they delete it and remove your ability to comment any further. Yes, they block you completely for any possible negative comment, such as…why are the detox pills orange instead of purple? Why did the email say the BCAA was on its way and it wasn’t included in the shipment received. They say third time is the charm, shame on me because this has by far been the worse company I have ever dealt with. It’s sad, because I thought I found something I could stick with. Thanks for letting me and so many others down Shredz!

  4. Worst company ever!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. I made an week ago and I cannot get a hold of anyone to track my order. I have emailed them twice. I have tried calling numerous times and waited on the phone only to not speak to anyone and and be hung up on.

  5. I am unimpressed by their service, I placed my order January 1st and still have not received tracking information or my order. I have e-mailed and called multiple times without any replies. When I call, I am never given the opportunity to talk to a real person. After listening to an automated message I am always put on hold and then answered by another automated message and then disconnected. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY. I believe the only way to get my money back at this point is to go to my bank. At this point, all I want is my money spent. Very upsetting.

  6. Ordered things, a week later still didn’t ship. I email them, they said it’d ship soon. Another week, nothing. Email to cancel order and refund my money, they say ok. A month later, still no refund.

  7. I had a great experience ordering and service. I got an email from a person I was able to call about when it would be shipped. Later that afternoon I got the shipping confirmation.

    I am only on day three of taking the supps and not sure if I like how I’m feeling. Considering taking each product differently to see which one is causing this hungry/full feeling. I have the Burner Maxx, Detox, and Toner.

  8. Shredz does not explain the science behind their products, but they do at least give a list of ingredients so you know what you’re buying. A quick look at several products gave us a good idea into how Shredz formulates their products and many of their products seem legitimate.

    Yes, they give the ingrediënt list. Where most of the ingredients are in their prop blend. You know what’s in it, but you have no idea what dosages. Their products also contain an un-safe amount of lead, this came forward in a recent test. You can find it on the government website if you do some digging.

    Anyway this product is highly unsafe and probably highly unaffective, like most supplements. The only reason people buy into this stuff is because often they have very little knowledge about nutrition or fitness in general. If you used this and had good results, you have only yourself to thank for that.

    I know from personal experience. When I was new to the fitness industry (Well over 13 years ago) I used to train extra hard and pay extra attention to my diet when I was on a supplement that got me hyped. Guess what? I got results. The supplement had nothing to do with it, it was just the extra motivation I had because I thought I was using something that would help me progress.

    Stop throwing your money at these companies, they are all laughing at you.

  9. As to the efficacy of this product I cannot comment, however, I can comment on the service of the company. It is HORRIBLE. I purchased products from them and not all the promised items were included. I returned everything to them, unopened, and was told 7-10 business days for a refund. I am 14 business days out and still no refund. I have talked to at least 4 different people and when I ask for a supervisor I am disconnected. When I ask the name and address of the CEO I am disconnected. They do not respond to e-mails and do not follow up at all. Please, check other companies first, do your homework. I trusted someone and ordered on a recommendation. A mistake I will not make again

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