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Tap Out Muscle Recovery Review

Tap Out Muscle Recovery is a health and fitness company that sells a number of muscle recovery products designed to help the body heal and recover after intense training.

It is one of the fastest growing fitness companies in the United States and even has sponsored current and former athletes such as Matthew Barnaby. Tap Out is even listed on a stock exchange with the symbol AXXE.

Tap Out Products

Tap Out sells a variety of pain relief and muscle recovery products designed to help your body heal and recovery after even the most intense workouts. As of right now, there are eight individual products sold by Tap Out, each of which has its’ own purpose and benefits to help you take your training to new levels.

Let’s look at the products sold by Tap Out:

Pain Relief Products

Four of the products sold by Tap Out provide instant or temporary pain relief after our workout. If you’re older or have past injuries, then you know how difficult it can be to deal with pain after a workout. Here are the four pain relief products sold by Tap Out

Hot/Gold Reusable Gel Pack: This reusable gel pack alternates between hot and cold to provide instant pain relief and to relax your muscles to stop muscle spasms.

Instant Cold Packs: The instant cold packs provide immediate heat by numbing the skin and providing cool relief on your muscles.

Pain Relief Towelettes: Pain relief towelettes are designed to provide temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and pains. You can use these towelettes before seeking a more permanent pain relief solution.

Spray on Pain Relief: Spray on pain relief is designed to provide instantly pain relief by providing numbing the skin to improve mobility.

Muscle Recovery Products

Technically, Tap Out sells four muscle recovery supplements, but they sell a whey protein product that comes in two flavors. In total, there are actually three products that Tap Out sells, which can help your muscles recover after a tough workout.

Protein Powder: Tap Out sells a 2lb. tub of pure whey protein that is gluten-free, additive-free, and made of 100% whey protein isolate. Tap Out’s protein powder comes in chocolate or vanilla.

Tap Out Muscle Recovery: This oral supplement is designed to reduce muscle and joint pain, stimulate the repair of muscle tissue, and prevent inflammation in the muscles and joints. You’ll recover much quicker taking this product so you can continue to train harder each day.

Tap Out Muscle Growth: Tap Out Muscle Growth is meant to help you see explosive muscle and strength gains. Muscle Growth helps to stimulate nitric oxide release and boosts testosterone to keep you reaching new heights when you train.

Tap Out Testimonials

We’ve found several testimonials on the Tap Out website from real users. Here are just two of the testimonials we discovered,

“This product is amazing! I train hard at the gym and have finally found a product that works for me. The TapouT Muscle Recovery wipes are very fast and effective as well as easy to carry around with me in my gym bag or my purse. I love them!”- Briana Hamilton

“Training 2 hours in the ring and an a hour in the gym takes a toll on my body and mind. The Hot & Cold pack has really come in handy at the end of the day, thanks TapouT” – Nate Hemmingway

Final Thoughts On Tap Out Products

Tap Out is one of the best supplement companies in the supplement business, especially if you’re someone who suffers from chronic pain or struggles with recovery after workouts. Tap Out products are as legitimate as they come and you’ll be pleasant surprised how fast Tap Out can help relieve your pain and help you recover.

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