Those looking to begin or supplement an existing exercise regimen without having to leave home might be interested in this piece of exercise equipment.

With a focus on cardiovascular fitness to improve health and bodily composition, this treadmill is compact and easily stored in small spaces. Please continue reading for more on this treadmill that makes working out at home simple.

What is the Shayin Foldable Portable Treadmill?

Many people know that they should improve their health and fitness but often do not have the time or resources to make it to a gym. This foldable, portable treadmill makes exercising at home easy by its simple design and easy storage.

Cardiovascular exercise such as walking, jogging, or running has been proven to improve heart health, aid in stress relief throughout the day, promote general well being, and even improve mood and confidence.

Whether beginning a fitness routine or already regularly exercising, this treadmill can be used for any activity level. With a speed range of 0.5 to 9.2 MPH and twelve different athletic programs, any type of fitness goal can be achieved with the specificity of its settings.

How Does the Shayin Foldable Portable Treadmill Work?

Just like treadmills found in commercial gyms, this Shayin Foldable Portable Treadmill is a moving belt ideal for people to walk, jog, or run on. Ideal for exercising, it offers several different levels of incline and speed to get consumers to their fitness goals, whether that be losing fat, increasing muscle, or improving endurance.

Due to its ability to be folded up and its wheels for easy transportation, those looking to work out at home can put it away without it taking up too much space. This is ideal for people with busy schedules or those who work from home and do not have the time for heading to the gym.

Its simple construction allows it to be delivered pre-assembled and folded so that only a few screws are necessary to finish its complete installation.

Shayin Foldable Portable Treadmill Features

The Shayin Foldable Portable Treadmill ranges from 0.5 to 9.2 MPH and provides twelve easy-to-use programs. It also features a large LCD display through which progress may be tracked along with statistics such as heart rate, speed, and distance.

For safety, there is an emergency stop button on the handrail. To reduce noise and vibration, cushioning lines both sides of the treadmill.

Shayin Foldable Portable Treadmill Pricing

Available only through Amazon, this treadmill is available for $555.69 with free shipping. One may also choose to purchase expert assembly for an additional $83.69, though with the knowledge that only a few screws are needed to have the treadmill fully set up.

Should You Use the Shayin Foldable Portable Treadmill?

There do not appear to be any reviews online, so the company’s claims are not necessarily backed up by customers.

According to the information provided, though, this does seem to be practical solution for those looking to work out without the commitment of joining a gym. Those interested can find more information at


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