Top 5 Exercises for Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief That Are A Must Do


Millions of people around the world suffer from neck and upper back pain every year. Whether it is from sitting at a desk all day or from unsupported bending and stooping, most people will experience some type of neck and upper back pain.

If you find yourself experiencing mild to moderate neck and back pain, your doctor may suggest an over the counter medication or home exercises to try to alleviate your pain.

If your pain is more severe, you will need to be checked for any underlying conditions that may need to be treated by your doctor.

Once you have determined where your neck and back pain is coming from, you will be better prepared to treat your symptoms.

While in most cases the pain goes away on its own in a few weeks, there are some cases that require medical intervention.

If your neck and back pain lasts longer than a few weeks, you should consult with your doctor for any treatment options that may be available to you.

Most doctors will want you to try treatments that are more along the lines of home remedies before they resort to any medical interventions.

We will be discussing the top 5 exercises to help you alleviate neck and back pain. These are more temporary solutions, but they may give you the relief you are looking for.

These are exercises that you can do inside your home on your own with minimal to no equipment needed.

You can also perform these exercises in the presence of a personal trainer who will be able to help you determine if you are performing the exercises the right way.

You always want to make sure that you have the right form so that you do not injure yourself or cause more pain to the affected area.

About Exercises for Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief

Front Raise

Start with this exercise to help get you going. With this exercise and the others we will discuss, there is no need for any type of weights.

If you wish, you can simply use water bottles or canned food for added weight. Begin by standing with your feet about hip-width apart, placing your palms flat against your thighs. Keeping your elbows slightly bent, engage your core muscles.

This will help give you strength to perform the exercise without putting added strain on your neck and back.

Once you have engaged your core, lift your arms straight in front of you. Remember to keep your elbows locked so your arms stay straight. You will want to hold this position for about 10 seconds.

After the 10 seconds are up, slowly lower your arms back to your thighs. You can also add weights to this one to help build up shoulder strength.

Repeat as needed up to ten times a day. Repeating more than ten times a day can put you at risk of injury.

Shoulder Press

This is an exercise that you will want to use weights with, as it will give you an advantage. Make sure to use weights or other household items that are of equal weight to prevent straining to one side of your body.

Once you are ready to begin, stand with your feet hip-width apart and your hands beside your ears. This should look similar to what a referee does in football when they signal a touchdown.

From this position, you will squeeze your shoulder blades inward. When you lift your arms straight into the air, relax your shoulders while pushing upwards.

Remembering to keep your shoulders, head, and neck in alignment is important. If you are not aligned then you will risk doing more damage to your neck and back.

Triceps Kickback

This is a great exercise for people with neck and back pain, but it’s also good for anyone as a part of their standard routine.

It allows you to increase your shoulder strength, which can help alleviate your neck and back pain. Begin with your feet hip-width apart and bend over slightly with your knees bent.

Pull your arms to your side with your elbows bent and weights in both hands. Keep your arms close up against your body with your knuckles facing away from your body.

Keeping your head down, bring one arm back at a time, rotating between the two. Once your arm is extended straight behind your back, hold the position for about 10 seconds before slowly bringing your arm back to its resting place and repeating the action on the other side.

Shoulder Fly

In this exercise, begin by bending your body forward slightly with your feet set to a wide stance. Bend your knees slightly and keep your arms in front with a soft bend in your elbows.

Once you are in this position, flatten your back and bring your arms up and out to your sides, keeping your elbows bent.

Your shoulders should mirror each other once you have reached the stopping point in the exercise. Make sure you keep your head bent slightly while performing this exercise.

Triceps Pull Back

Holding your head and neck steady, bend your body forward slightly, keeping your feet shoulder width apart.

Bring your arms out in front of you with your fists pointed towards the ground, making sure to keep your elbows straight.

Bring your arms close to your body and keep them there while you are performing the exercise.

Once you are in position, pull both of your arms back behind you. With your elbows bent, squeeze your shoulder blades as you pull your arms up slightly and back.

Exercises for Neck and Upper Back Pain Relief Review Summary

While these exercises will certainly help you to alleviate some of the back and neck pain that you may be feeling, they are not a quick fix.

These are exercises that you need to perform on a daily basis to make sure that they have the opportunity to do some good for you.

Always consult with your doctor before you begin any exercise routine and make sure that you do not have any underlying conditions that would prevent you from doing these exercises or that could potentially harm you if you do the exercises.

If you are uncertain about using these exercises at home, talk with a personal trainer at a gym to see if they will take a look at your technique and make sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.


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