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Metabolic Conditioning is becoming more popular as days go by, and this increase has seen many people burn calories and get the required energy to keep their bodies fit. Many people will find metabolism hard to understand, and in that view, we shall find out what metabolism is and why metabolic conditioning is worth your attention. This will boost the understanding of the various metabolic activities surrounding metabolism.

Metabolism is simply the process by which the body takes in food and breaks it down to form energy. When the body uses oxygen and energy created from food, then this is referred to as metabolic rate or metabolism.

What Dictates Your Metabolism?

When it comes to the body’s metabolic rate, various factors will accelerate or reduce the metabolism. Since we have different bodies and the speed of functioning is different, you will automatically realize that some people lose weight faster than others. This means that some people can burn calories faster than others.

Some factors have been researched and found to play a vital role as far as metabolic rate is concerned. The main three factors that bring this difference include body size, age, and sex.

How do these three elements create the change?

Body Size

It’s believed that when you have a larger body that is more muscular, you tend to burn more calories. This is why many people will go to the gym to gain muscles and raise their metabolism by doing so.


Age is a significant factor to consider as far as metabolism is concerned. It is a defining factor on the amount of exercise a body can handle. As you grows older, you will find your metabolic rate going down day by day, and this will mean lowered energy. Remember, as you grow older, you will find it harder to run and maintain your body’s physique. This will see the body’s muscles reduce and the fat content increase. This is caused by a lower rate of metabolism.


This is a sector that has been a cause for much debate. In most cases, men are more muscular than women, and this is the reason why men will burn more calories than women. This has been the case for a long time, due mostly to the fact that men are more likely to perform physical labor, which builds ore muscle and burns more calories.

Other Factors

Apart from the selected three factors, we also have additional factors that create the differences in metabolic rate. These are physical activity and food processing. When you consume different types of food, you will notice that there are foods that require more energy to process and there are those that require less energy. Therefore, food processing works towards determining the number of calories that will be broken down.

When it comes to physical activities, this is under your control, and you can lift weights, run around, or engage in an activity that requires you to burn more calories. Therefore, it’s recommended to select various activities that can accelerate your rate of metabolism.

Metabolic Conditioning

With some basics information on metabolism, we now turn to metabolic conditioning. This is the pattern you set up to receive the normal reaction from your body. Despite the many definitions highlighted by different people, it all comes down to the patterns as described in the explanation. You will need energy to enable metabolic conditioning.

There are three energy sources that are essential for your body’s calorie burning. One of these is creatine. If you try burning calories and you want the process to be a bit faster, you will probably go for a protein that will make the work faster. Therefore, creatine increase will lead to more energy to help you burn calories faster.

Glycolytic pathways are the second essential energy. This energy works perfectly when someone is using short exercises such as jogging or weight lifting. When these activities happen, you tap into this energy to aid the process.

Finally, the third energy is the anaerobic pathway. It’s one of the longest energies drawn by the body. In most cases, when one is having a long run or an activity that takes a long time, then this energy comes out.

How Does Metabolic Conditioning Work?

After knowing about the three energies, you need to understand how conditioning works. First, know that there is a crossover and you need to know how to stack your workouts and sets.

Once you realize how to maximize on these crossovers, you will push your body towards getting your more energy to burn calories. Secondly, you need to know that metabolic conditioning features two parts: the actual workout and the resting period between the exercises.

Metabolic Conditioning Goals

If you want to exercise with the goal of improving your metabolism, first look at the kind of exercise you are doing. Second, look at the intervals between the exercises. If the intervals are regular and the practice remains constant, then your body will condition itself towards producing the right energy for the exercise.

For shorter practices, the range seems to be wide. For the ones taking longer exercises, such as a long run, the interval of conditioning should be a bit shorter. The two cases, therefore, require one to adopt a system that will promote the desired results as well as support the body toward burning more calories.

Metabolic Conditioning Conclusion

While it is true that you can’t control your metabolism entirely, but you can influence the rate of your metabolism with proper diet and exercise. Therefore, as you work on improving your metabolism goals, remember the various energies involved and how the intervals can add value to your exercise and the ultimate goals for your fitness. It’s possible to achieve the right physique through adjusting and controlling the way you burn calories.

If you propose to use extra protein supplements to enhance the process, then you need to follow a doctor’s guidance and not to overdose as you will receive counterproductive results.

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