Lantusi Folding Electric Treadmill – Home Gym Running Machine?


About Lantusi Folding Electric Treadmill

A treadmill is among the most popular workout equipment, especially for exercising at home. If you want to maintain a healthy weight by burning some calories, then buying a treadmill is a good option. It is easy to use and suitable for many fitness levels. Nowadays, you can even purchase folding treadmills that can be safely put away when not in use. Here is a detailed review of the Lantusi Folding Electric Treadmill to enable you to decide its worth buying.

Lantusi Folding Electric Treadmill Key Features

  • • High definition touchscreen display
  • • Bluetooth compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • • Foldable design for easy storage
  • • Maximum user weight: 120kg
  • • 2.05 horsepower motor
  • • Speed: 14.8km/h
  • • Warranty: 3 years


• Easy to view the distance traveled, speed, calories and heart rate on the high definition rotatable touchscreen

• The Bluetooth connectivity means that you can easily connect your phone to the treadmill and track your progress or listen to music

• It folds easily without hassles and can be stored away to save space

• Easy to use handrail functions to either reduce or increase the speed

• The damping system and automatic incline makes utilizing the treadmill much easier

• Extended warranty period means that the machine will be durable


• Doesn't come with programmable workouts

Why Choose The Lantusi Folding Electric Treadmill?

Lantusi may be a new name in the treadmill industry, but their latest product is unquestionably worth checking out. This 2.05 HP motor powers this folding electric treadmill to a top speed of 14.8km/hr. At this high rate of speed, you will be burning non-stop through lots of calories. Best of all, you can quickly make fast one-touch changes to speeds and get that perfect workout going.

If you require more than mere speed for a great workout, then you will be pleased to know that this Lantusi Folding Electric Treadmill features five different incline levels. You can switch between flat road, climbing and mountaineering modes. The running board itself is well designed to make it safe to use at high speeds and also more durable.

The LCD console on this treadmill has everything that you will need. The rotatable, high definition touch screen has all the essential workout metrics for a great workout. You can easily see how many calories you have burned during that particular walk or run on the treadmill. Other crucial fitness data that are displayed include the heart rate, distance traveled, time and speed.

Most foldable treadmills sacrifice the size of the running deck to provide that portability benefit. However, this Lantusi Foldable Electric treadmill features a large sized deck complete with an improved cushioning system to ensure your feet are not strained during the workout. The treadmill also conveniently folds thanks to strong pneumatic shocks and rolling wheels.

Lantusi Folding Electric Treadmill Summary

The Lantusi Folding Electric Treadmill is an excellent option for general users who just want a smart, portable exercise equipment. There is enough room for your running strides, and the running deck is smooth and comfortable. Since it has an automatic incline, you do not have to stop and adjust your intensity during your workout. In closing, this 2.05HP treadmill is perfect for those who want to get more active, but still, want to retain the portability of a foldable exercise equipment.

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