Tesla Shield – Personal Energy Enhancement Device Technology?


Have you ever felt like there has to be a way to have more physical and mental energy throughout the day, without having to take supplemental pills or consuming sugary energy drinks?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that there is a way to accomplish this and so much more, with one small pendant that hangs from your neck.

About Tesla Shield

The Tesla Shield Personal Energy Device made by Life Technologies has combined the studies and research of world renowned inventor Nikola Tesla and has re-imagined and re-engineered Tesla’s design for a personal energy device.

This small, purple pendant is a sustainable way to support the needs of your body, inside and out.

Accessible Life Force Energy In The Palm Of Your Hands

It has been said that only two elements are needed to be able to create optimal manifestation, a positive mind that believes in higher purpose and a viable, sustainable source of life force energy.

So in order to creatively manifest a way to finally realize your dreams, wishes, goals and even your ultimate dreams or fantasies you first must believe that those things can be yours. The next step is to be able to intensify those waves of energy through a conduit.

The Tesla Shield Personal Energy Device is made of a bioactive material that works to rapidly increase the output of your personal energy. Here are just a few other ways this personal device can improve your life:

  • Encourages increased positivity
  • Improves mental acuity and energy
  • Eases the symptoms of stress
  • Allows for easier meditation and more restful sleep
  • Creates improved energy flow for yourself and those you are around
  • Increases vitality and improves physical strength
  • Empowers your natural intuitive skills to shine through

Nikola Tesla Was More Than Just An Inventor

Though we mostly know of Tesla for his many inventions and his contributions to things like free energy, robotics, and even radio.

What most people don’t realize is that though he possessed a brilliant mind that could easily innovate, he was naturally almost obsessed with energy. To him, energy extended far beyond the current of electricity and was an entity unto itself.

His ultimate vision was to illuminate the world. But in order to do that, he would need to first make people see what he saw. He believed that pure, raw energy from nature could be transferred to humans so that they could be one with the earth.

One of the ways that he found to do this was through conduits similar to those that he also used in his work with electricity.

For these conduit bioactive materials are put in place so that Life Technologies could most effectively construct their improved version of the Tesla Shield.

Start Taking Better Care Of Yourself Today With Tesla Shield

Stop and think about it for a moment…. what do you think is currently standing between you, and a better version of yourself? If the answer was something small, simple and affordable, wouldn’t you want to make sure you had it?

The Tesla Shield has been introduced to the market by Life Technologies to not only give you improved energy, but to also improve the quality of your life as whole. They believe that Tesla’s invention should be easily accessible to everyone. Don’t let life get you down.

Instead, get an edge on becoming your best you and order your Tesla Shield today. Take advantage of the family pack discount and make sure your family is in on the action too.


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