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There are many devices that can help you manage how much you walk and many of them come in the form of a nifty watch that wraps around your wrist and that you can monitor throughout the day.

While these are usually effective devices, there are other options that may be even more interesting and exciting to use – and that still enable you to reach your daily fitness goals. Having a device that helps you manage your fitness is the best way to stay healthy and active on a regular basis.

With that, this review would like to introduce you to Ruawalk. This innovative device enables you to walk at the right tempo and with that quality, it fosters a number of benefits.

What is the Ruawalk?

Ruawalk is a new device that enables you to walk at a specific tempo – but contrary to what you’d expect, this product actually makes the process much easier so that you can enjoy from all of the benefits that tempo-beat walking has to offer. As the brand explains, its product is meant to break boredom and to maximize the effects of walking at a specific tempo.

To help you time your steps perfectly and to get the results that you’re aiming for, the device utilizes music. You can choose any music that you put onto the device.

How Does the Ruawalk Micro-Guided Walking Tempo Controller Work?

Before adding a device to your routine, it is important to consider how it works. In this case, the device allows you to synch your steps to the music so that you’re always moving and building your activity level on a beat.

As you tap your feet to the music, you’ll be able to get fit and develop a figure that you can be proud of and feel comfortable with. The device is also extremely easy to use. Once you activate it and fit it onto your shoe, you’ll be able to get going.

How to Use the Ruawalk

As mentioned earlier, using the Ruawalk Mico-Guided Walking Tempo Controller is easy to use. Here are the main steps to using the product:

  • Download the Music to the Device

    The first step to using the product is to download the music to the device. You can do so through the device’s application. Once you’ve chosen the music and have downloaded it, you’ll be ready to listen to it when you use the product during your fitness routine.

  • Clip

    The second step to using the Ruawalk is to clip it to your shoes – preferably to the laces so that it stays in place and doesn’t fall off when you move. Once you’ve clipped it to your show, you can pair it with your smart phone so that you can get moving.

  • Start Walking

    The final step to using the product is the easiest – all you need to do is to start walking. The scientifically developed algorithm selects music from your list that helps you walk at a useful pace and that comports with your specific fitness goals. If you fall off beat when moving, the virtual coach will give you the motivation and support that you need to either speed up, slow down, and the like. As you step with the beat, you’ll earn points and maintain optimal fitness levels.

There are 7 Different Ways to Walk

As the brand explains, there are 7 different great ways to walk and each one is designed with three intensity levels so that you can go through a range of fitness to ensure that you are meeting your fitness and health goals.

The seven working programs are 15-30 minutes each and there are 30 tracks that are included when you launch the device. Here are the main walking programs that you can choose from:

  • I’m on a Diet

    This one is designed for men and women who are looking to shed a few pounds and to keep the weight off. You can replay the program for weight management so that you can enjoy from your newfound figure for years to come.

  • Youth and Energy

    This is the ideal option for those who are looking to boost energy levels and look radiant on a daily basis.

  • Mood Booster

    When you’re down, there is no better way to get your mood back on track than with music and activity. Here, you’ll be able to clear your head and get moving.

  • Lifestyle Tune Up

    Lifestyle Tune Up is ideal for those who are looking to improve their lifestyle by focusing on fitness.

  • Brain Walk

    The brain walk is to get your creative juices flowing so that you’re able to think at your finest.

  • Lunchtime Stroll

    The lunchtime stroll is a great option to combat the fatigue that comes after a meal. With this option, you’ll be able to digest more easily so that you feel lighter and energetic the rest of the day.

  • Power Commute

    Finally, the power commute enables you to amp up your commute with fun and interesting exercises.

You can view each exercise style in depth on the brand’s Kickstarter account. With the insight, you can make the right decision for every routine.

Four Colors

There are four different colors available, which are as follows:

  • Mint
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Violet

Where to Buy Ruawalk

If you are interested in purchasing the Ruawalk, then you can do so through the brand’s Kickstarter page. One device is just $79. If you buy 2, then the price is $169. As you buy more, you’ll keep getting the bulk price. Further, buying one or two devices is cheapest when you opt for the early bird or super early bird specials.

Ruawalk Summary

Overall, the Ruawalk is a great walk to amp up your fitness levels so that you can develop a fitter, leaner, and better body. The device is appropriate for men and women of all ages and who are looking to get more activity into their day.

To order and to learn more, just visit the brand’s website today.

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