Robert De Niro & Robert F. Kennedy Donate $100,000 To Vaccines Truth


73-year old actor Robert De Niro has teamed up with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to award $100,000 to anyone who is able to prove that mercury-containing vaccines are safe.

Conventional wisdom tells us that vaccines are good for human populations. Vaccines are the reason people no longer die of polio or the mumps in 2017. However, Robert De Niro appears to have joined the “anti vaxxer” movement, which believes that vaccines cause autism and other health problems.

At a National Press Club event in Washington, DC earlier this month, Kennedy insisted that health authorities have covered up the dangers of vaccines. As reported by Buzzfeed,

“Kennedy argued that the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, in cahoots with journalists, have been denying the dangers of vaccines, fueled largely by money pumped in by a powerful pharmaceutical industry. He called the public health agency a “cesspool of corruption” and “a vaccine company,” that hid science from the public. To that end, Kennedy announced the “World Mercury Project Challenge,” offering $100,000 to anyone who could find a scientific study that demonstrated the safety of thimerosal-containing vaccines in children and pregnant women.”

Ultimately, Kennedy argues that there’s not enough information proving that vaccines are actually safe. To encourage someone to come forward with that information, Kennedy has teamed up with Robert De Niro to give $100,000 to anyone with evidence.

Don’t We Already Have Evidence that Vaccines Are Safe?

Of course, we already do have plenty of research showing that vaccines are safe. As explains, “Vaccine safety is science, and it is perhaps some of the most well-documented health science available.” goes on to explain that scientists have conducted rigorous and uncompromising studies year after year that have proven the safety and efficacy of vaccines. These studies have repeatedly determined that the health benefits of vaccines far outweigh the small risk of health complications.

Science also tells us that there’s no apparent link between vaccines and autism. The FDA conducted an exhaustive review, for example, that determined the amount of mercury found in vaccines is perfectly safe for infants, and there’s no link between that amount of mercury and autism.

Of course, if you believe that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is engaged in a conspiracy to cover up knowledge from the American public, then none of this information will matter – because if that’s the case, then reputable organizations like the CDC and FDA are compromised by pro-vaccine conspirators.

Want to make $100,000 from Robert De Niro? Don’t hold your breath for a payout in the near future – especially if De Niro and Kennedy believe the American government is actively covering up the truth of vaccines. We’ll keep you posted if anyone ever actually wins this amount in the future.

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