Bio Coffee – 12 Day Challenge With Wheat Grass Alkaline Coffee?


Bio Coffee is a beverage that offers organic ingredients and plenty of nutrients to improve the amount of fiber in your body. This product is exclusively made from Arabica instant coffee, which is made with organic coffee beans.

What Is Bio Coffee?

In your daily routine, you require a certain level of nutrients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and body. However, many people choose to cut corners, eating fast food, and even forgoing the most important meal of the day to drink their morning brew.

Even though this hot drink will give you to energy to keep going, that’s not enough to support your body. Luckily, there is a beverage that can give you that boost, while supplying your body with important nutrients to keep your processes functioning properly. That drink is Bio Coffee.

Bio Coffee isn’t anything like the regular coffee that you drink. This combination of ingredients leaves you with a beverage that can easily serve as part of your daily required nutrients. In one serving, you get a helpful number of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and even probiotics to help with the various processes that go on in your body daily.

This coffee is organic, which means that it’s not treated with any type of harmful chemicals that could impact your health. Without this interference, you can get all the benefits that are offered by Bio Coffee alone, with the purest taste you’ve ever enjoyed. However, the impressive benefits are supported by healthy ingredients that set this coffee brand beyond the competition.

About the Bio Coffee Challenge

Due to the high content of vegetables and fiber in this remedy, the company invites you to partake in a challenge. This challenge requires you to drink at least one glass of the Bio Coffee each day, which shouldn’t be difficult for anyone that consistently drinks coffee to get them through that afternoon fatigue.

By giving your body the fiber and vitamins that it requires consistently, you can regulate your bowel movements, improve your general energy levels, and even make you feel healthier every day.

How Does Bio Coffee Work?

If you’re used to your coffee only offering the benefit of alertness, then Bio Coffee may be a surprising experience for you. The amount of benefits that you gain from even one cup of coffee is impressive, to say the least.

First, you will find that there are up to five servings of green vegetables inside every cup of this instant coffee. This is the amount of vegetables you are supposed to have on a daily basis, but you should still remember to eat your vegetables with your meals each day. Green vegetables are crucial to maintain balance in the body, while ensuring that toxins and other unhealthy substances are flushed out.

The main ingredient you will find in this coffee, other than the organic Arabica beans, is wheatgrass. Wheatgrass is rich with different nutrients, and is considered a superfood for the number of healthy minerals and vitamins that it offers to you. The wheatgrass in this coffee is grown without soil, so you can preserve every part of the plant for your consumption in this drink, even the roots.

Along with superfoods, this product contains both prebiotics and probiotics. The prebiotics are meant to help you absorb the foods you consume, enhancing your body’s absorption of the nutrients inside. Probiotics help with the after effects, eliminating bad bacteria from you GI tract to ensure that you can avoid stomach issues and reap the benefits from all the ingredients included.

The obvious reason that this product is effective in your regimen is due to the energy you gain from the nutrients is. When you consume caffeine, your body doesn’t give you a boost with extra energy. It prevents your body from using the energy boosts that naturally occur. Since Bio Coffee uses real ingredients and superfoods to achieve this effect, you end up with sustainable energy that other coffees can’t offer.

Finally, Bio Coffee brings you a high supply of fiber on a regular basis. Your body requires fiber for healthy bowel movements, and you may not even realize that your body is not functioning as it should. Per the creators of Bio Coffee, you should be evacuating your bowels as frequently as you eat.

However, to do so, you need to give yourself enough fiber to move along those processes. Regular coffee gives you this result, since it acts as a laxative. However, Bio Coffee can achieve this effect in a more natural and safe way by supplying your body with adequate amount of fiber, which your body needs anyway.

Pricing for Bio Coffee

There are multiple pricing options for the Bio Coffee regimen, depending on what you want out of it. The cost of one box is $20.00 plus $6.00 shipping but there are many ways to get a discount. If you want to get a second box, your total cost is $52.00 plus $6.00 shipping for each box, which isn’t a discounted amount.

However, if you’re willing to increase your purchase to three boxes or more, that is when you start seeing better discounts, since your price decreases to $20.00 per box, which would equal to $60.00 only, free shipping. Your purchase quialifies to be free shipping after your third item purchase.

If you increase your purchase to 36 boxes, your cost per box goes down to $17.00 per box with a total cost of $612.

If you want to start receiving these boxes on a regular basis, you have the option of signing up for the auto-shipment program that sends you the new shipment each month. You get to choose how many boxes you receive each time, ranging from three boxes to twelve boxes for $20.00 each. Your order qualifies for free shipping after any order of 3 or more boxes.

Contacting the Creators of Bio Coffee

Even with the plethora of information that Bio Coffee makes available to consumers, you may find that you have other questions that you want to address. You can fill out the online form on the Contact page, but you can choose to send an email or make a phone call for a quicker method of communication.

To call, you can use 855-BIO-12DAY (855-246-1232). However, the website doesn’t indicate when the company is available, so you may have to send an email to [email protected] instead.

Bio Coffee Conclusion

Bio Coffee is an excellent option for consumers that need to get more nutrition out of their normal routine. If you have kids, or even a busy morning, making a hot breakfast and prepping vegetables just isn’t a feasible option.

Bio Coffee helps you to get these nutrients anyway, and is available instantly to give you vitamins and minerals for a healthier lifestyle. Isn’t that what everyone wants?

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