Nexersys Home Gym Review

Nexersys calls itself a world leader in exergaming. Exergaming, as you may have guessed from the name, is a cross between exercising and video games.

Nexersys is an exercise program which involves striking a body-sized target on multiple target pads. In January of 2014, Nexersys was featured on the popular reality TV show Shark Tank. Since then, it’s steadily become more popular around the world.

Priced at $2,500 for the basic model and $7,000 for the commercial model, Nexersys is a luxury purchase for most people. It is, however, a premium piece of exercise equipment for those who want a personal trainer in their home.

Nexersys also sells commercial models to gyms and arcade models to gaming centers. So instead of buying a Nexersys machine for $7,000, you may be able to visit a Nexersys-equipped arcade or gym in your local area.

What is Nexersys? Should you spend $7,000 on Nexersys or visit a local Nexersys arcade/gym in your city? Find out today in our Nexersys review!

What is Nexersys?

Nexersys describes itself:

“as the world’s first arcade game that puts gamers in a virtual fighting ring and allows them to test their striking skills by throwing real punches and making contact with a real target.”

In terms of equipment, Nexersys is vaguely human-shaped and human-sized: it’s made from a series of steel arms and has padded targets on various parts of the “body” – or at least the place where a body part would be if it was human.

There are pads at face level, chest level, leg level, and on the left and right sides of the body. Nexersys is also fully adjustable and claims to be able to comfortably accommodate users anywhere from 5’2” to 6’8” in size.

Nexersys Models

There are three different models of Nexersys, including:

Nexersys Home (NXS-H): Priced at around $2,500, the home version of Nexersys is designed for family fitness and includes on-board fitness training and multiple profiles for the whole family to use.

Nexersys Pro (NXS-P): The professional version of Nexersys is designed for commercial gyms and fitness centers. It costs $7,000 and financing plans are available.

Fast Fists: This is a Nexersys-styled arcade game designed to emphasize the video gaming and competition aspects of Nexersys (like many of the fighting-style games you would see in a bar or arcade).

Nexersys is manufactured by Nexersys Corporation, which is based at 1021 East 7th Street, Suite 100 in Austin, Texas.

Features of Nexersys

Nexersys has a number of interesting features which make it one of the hottest premium fitness products of the year. Key features of Nexersys include:

Personal Training: The onboard computer delivers personal training-style workouts directly in front of your face. Those workouts include 4-minute circuits designed to deliver various fitness goals – like cardio routines or muscle mass building workouts. Workouts can get progressively harder over time as you grow stronger.

Personal Profiles for Up to 5 Users: Nexersys aims to be a workout machine for an entire household or family. Users can create their own profiles and track those profiles over time. Oddly enough, those who want to install Nexersys at their commercial gym will still be limited to just 5 profiles.

Real Time Results and Workout History: Get real-time results about your workout, including average strike accuracy, total strikes, and average strike power.

7 Leather Strike Pads with 3 Axis Accelerometers: Strike pads are fully adjustable and the frame can be modified to fit those who are anywhere from 5’2” to 6’8”. The pro unit features leather pads.

Onboard Custom Computer with 19-Inch LCD Monitor: The custom computer features a 19-inch LCD monitor (22 inches on the Pro unit). This computer can be used to display a target who appears to strike right back at you. Or, you can follow along with workout routines, where another individual is displayed on the screen working on a Nexersys machine.

Professional Grade, Adjustable Frame: The frame can be adjusted for different heights, frames, and workout routines. Leg pads can be removed for those who just want an upper body workout, or added back on for those who want a full-body workout.

The goal with Nexersys is to create a full-body cardio and muscle-building workout routine which remains interesting no matter how many times you workout. While treadmills and other cardio equipment repeat the same repetitive exercises and motions, Nexersys aims to keep things fresh.


Nexersys Home Versus Nexersys Pro

As mentioned above, there are three types of Nexersys machines, including Nexersys Home and Nexersys Pro as well as a third type, Fast Fists, which is more of an arcade mini-game.

The two most popular Nexersys machines are the Home and the Pro. Here’s a quick comparison between the two:

Nexersys Pro Features

— Costs $7,000

— Can Be Used In A Commercial Environment Without Voiding The Warranty

— Features A 22” LCD Touch Screen Monitor

— Leather Strike Pads

— Heavier Frame (315 Pounds)

— More Adjustable (5’2” To 6’8”)

— Audio Cable For External Speakers

— Extended Warranty

Nexersys Home Features

— Costs $2,500

— Using The Nexersys Home In A Commercial Environment Will Void The Warranty

— Features A 19” LCD Monitor With No Touch Screen Support

— Vinyl Strike Pads

— Lighter Frame (156 Pounds)

— Less Adjustable (5’2” To 6’4”)

Both units offer personal training, real-time workout feedback, and the same basic striking exercises across 7 strike pads.

One of the key differences between Nexersys Home and Nexersys Pro is that you can only use one in a commercial environment. There are slight differences in manufacturing, including leather pads and a 3” larger monitor. However, those differences don’t quite account for the $4,500 price difference between units.

Nexersys Fast Fists Review

Nexersys Fast Fists is the arcade game version of Nexersys. It features some important differences compared to Nexersys Home and Nexersys Pro.

The main difference is that there are no leg pads and the arms are doubled in length. There is also a “fun marquee and cage included to add to the experience.”

The interactive screen is still there. This time, the screen displays one of two different types of rounds: Training and Competition. In each round, players must strike pads that correspond to targets as fast as possible.

Key features of Nexersys Fast Fists include:

— A fun and challenging rhythm-based striking game suitable for bars, movie theaters, and other commercial venues not focused on fitness

— Multiplayer gameplay for up to 4 players

— Challenging 3D fighters appear on the screen, and players must unlock a ladder of different fighters before becoming the “ultimate champion”

Priced at $5,000, the Nexersys Fast Fists arcade game is somewhere between the Nexersys Pro and Nexersys Home.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Nexersys?

Nexersys is an interesting piece of fitness equipment to say the least. Exergaming is one of the fastest growing areas of fitness equipment, and Nexersys aims to be one of the best pieces of exergaming equipment available today.

The home version of Nexersys, priced at $2,500, may be outside the price range of many homeowners, but it’s priced about the same as a good treadmill, home exercise bike, or elliptical. It’s designed to replace all of those machines in your home.

Of course, those who are interested in a “cheaper” version of Nexersys may just want to buy a punching bag and a few striking-based workout tapes.

Whether you’re interested in the multiplayer fitness aspect of Nexersys or you simply want a good, entertaining workout at home, Nexersys could be your home’s new favorite piece of exercise equipment.

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