Neuracel Review – Nerve Pain Relief Supplement?


Neuracel Review

Every day, millions of Americans suffer from nerve pain. Unfortunately, modern medication often only provides a few hours of pain relief. This leaves patients feeling more frustrated than ever before.

This is a problem that a new product called Neuracel wants to solve. Neuracel claims to have unlocked the hidden powers of a secret Chinese herb. The manufacturer of Neuracel formulated this herb into a convenient capsule. Each package contains 90 capsules, and you take 3 capsules per day to provide 24-hour relief from nerve pain.

What is Nerve Pain?

Those who don’t suffer from nerve pain may not understand what nerve pain is. Nerve pain is caused by a weakened nervous system. As our bodies age, our nervous system becomes less and less efficient.

Instead of transmitting synaptic responses from your toes to your brain, your nervous system may lose that response along the way. Your nervous system will tell your brain that your toes are in pain, when in reality, they’re perfectly fine.

Some of the symptoms caused by nerve pain include:

— Pain Or Stiffness In The Feet, Ankles, And Legs Upon Waking Up In The Morning
— Pain In The Legs When You Move Or Stretch
— Discomfort That Interferes With Your Life
— Increased Pain Or Discomfort After A Physical Activity, Even A Relatively Mild Activity
— Inability To Climb Stairs

Nerve pain can also be caused by certain conditions – like type II diabetes, fibromyalgia, sciatica, Lou Gehrig’s, multiple sclerosis, and lupus.

Many of those who suffer from diabetes develop peripheral neuropathy, for example, which is when the bottom of your feet get pins and needles and a “tingly” feeling.

Ultimately, nerve pain is a frustrating problem for millions of Americans. Unfortunately, many modern medications fall short on their promises to alleviate nerve pain and improve your quality of life.


How Does Neuracel Work?

Neuracel calls itself a “major breakthrough for people with nerve pain.” It claims to be the only solution people need to alleviate nerve pain and it’s an excellent alternative to modern medications and surgery – both of which are often recommended as the best treatment methods for nerve pain.

Neuracel’s secret is a blend of five “miracle ingredients”, including coridalis yanhusuo, prickly ash bark, lobelia, passion flower, and California poppy. I’ll explain how each of those ingredients work below, but most of them have been scientifically linked to various health benefits.

The manufacturer of Neuracel formulated these ingredients into a powder. They extracted the active components and put the resulting powder into a plant-based capsule that is safe for vegans to eat.

Ingredients in Neuracel

1) California Poppy

The California Poppy is the official State Flower of California. For years, this poppy was simply prized for its beauty – and then someone decided to test it in a laboratory setting.

Researchers found that the California Poppy had similar properties to its more famous and notorious cousin – the poppy we use to produce opium, heroin, and narcotics. However, the California poppy was able to produce similar benefits without the dangerous side effects. It promotes a feeling of relaxation and pain relief without being addictive or harmful.

2) Passion Flower

Passion Flower is native to the United States and was used by Native Americans for hundreds of years as a topical treatment for aches, pains, and discomforts. Today, Passion Flower has been studied extensively by the medical community and prized for its unique calming effect.

3) Lobelia

Lobelia has long been popular in ancient China and India, where it’s traditionally been used to treat upset stomachs and respiratory problems. Some studies indicate ancient peoples may have even used lobelia to treat cancer. Today, this ingredient is included in the Neuracel formula to help promote calmness in your extremities, including your hands and feet.

4) Prickly Ash Bark

Prickly Ash Bark can actually be found in a lot of other nerve pain and joint pain treatment formulas. Prickly Ash Bark supports the immune system and boosts nervous system functionality. It’s traditionally been used in formulas to counter joint pain and improve circulation.

5) Coridalis Yanhusuo

This oddly-named remedy comes from ancient China. Coridalis Yanhusuo is a relative of the poppy and is the most popular herbal sedative and pain relief treatment in China. It’s traditionally used to relax your muscles and promote a restful sleep.

Interestingly enough, the manufacturer of Neuracel claims that “none of these ingredients come from China.” Other pharmaceutical companies often say “Made in the USA” when the actual ingredients originate from China. With Neuracel, that’s not the case.

Instead, Neuracel claims that all of its ingredients are “either organic or wildcrafted.” All of the ingredients have a “Made in the USA” logo.

Benefits of Neuracel

The manufacturer of Neuracel claims that this breakthrough nerve treatment medication will lead to a number of powerful benefits, including:

— Reduced Pain And Discomfort Throughout The Body

Relief From Arthritis And Other Painful Conditions

— Increased Ability To Perform Physical Activities

— Reduced Pain And Discomfort Upon Waking

— More Comfortable Sleep At Night

— Reduced Reliance On Modern Medications And Treatment Methods

Buying Neuracel Online

You can easily buy Neuracel online at the official Neuracel website. The product is also currently available on Amazon, where you may be able to find a cheaper price. Many people prefer ordering through Amazon due to the superior return system and secure ordering form, but it’s really up to you.

UPDATE: Currently, Amazon has a listed price of $99.95 for Neuracel. However, that price has currently been reduced to “$64.99 + $4.62 shipping”. I’m not sure how long that discount will last, but that’s a pretty good savings (35% off).

Neuracel Pricing

Neuracel clearly lists its pricing information online. Keep in mind that these are the official listed prices on, and you may be able to get a better deal on third-party retailers like Amazon:

Silver Package: $69.95 + Shipping for one Neuracel bottle (90 capsules)

Gold Package: $129.95 + Shipping for three Neuracel bottles (90 capsules each, $43.32 per bottle)

Platinum Package: $149.95 + Shipping for four Neuracel bottles (90 capsules each, $37.49 per bottle)

As you can see, the more you spend, the more you save. Each bottle of Neuracel is designed to last for one month, so a Platinum package of Neuracel (which provides the best value) could be ordered three times per year to heal your nerve pain year round.

Ultimately, Neuracel claims that it’s pricing is significantly lower than the price you would pay for other nerve medications. For example, doctors will often prescribe medication that costs “$298 at CVS or $332 at your local Safeway.”

When you take these prices into account, Neuracel may not seem as expensive as you first thought.

Neuracel is also nice enough to provide a 30 day money back guarantee. The company will provide a full refund if you’re unsatisfied with the product in any way. All you have to do is send them back the bottle (even if it’s empty).

Conclusion: Who Should Buy Neuracel?

Those who suffer from joint pain have often tried many different herbs and remedies. Sometimes, these people rely on multiple medications or treatments just to make it through a day.

Nerve pain is an awful condition. If you’ve tried modern medication and it hasn’t worked, then Neuracel may provide the all-natural relief you need. It works for some people, but not everybody.

One of the most important things to know about taking Neuracel is that it can take some time to kick into action. Many users recommend waiting three weeks before assessing the results.

If you think Neuracel’s all-natural formula might be the key to your joint paint, then consider ordering Neuracel online today.

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