Power To Pedal

Scientific literature has shown that as we age, the body’s capacity to perform intense exercise diminishes greatly. Thus, it is observed that older people begin to put on weight more easily and even lose their overall muscle definition.

Fitness experts have recommended that after the age of 35 it is essential that one maintain a daily exercise routine. This could consist of walking, jogging, cycling, swimming or even light sports. Cycling in particular is highly advisable, this is primarily because it is easy to perform and unlike walking and running, it takes a lesser toll on one’s knees and legs.

Another benefit of cycling is that it can be performed either indoors or outdoors, there are many high quality stationary exercise bikes available in the market today, they feature various exercise modes which allow users to increase the intensity level of the session and even track the amount of distance covered and calories consumed.

About Power To Pedal

Power To Pedal is an all new fitness program that consists of 6 follow-along Cycle Training Video workouts, each tutorial progressively lays the foundations for optimal cycling habits and weight management. As one moves along in the course, one can learn specific techniques to build their power levels, improve their muscle control and increase their overall stamina capacity.

A key aspect of Power to Pedal is its emphasis on fitness building, it offers users with a step by step instructional guide so as to help one progress through each each training technique. Thus, it is ideal for beginners who have just started their cycling / weight loss journey. Each video is around an hour long and includes various warm up methods so that the main session provides optimal benefits.

In terms of regularity, the author advises us to perform each specified workout at least 2-3 times a week. This is because if one get out of touch with the program for too long, then all of the benefits accumulated from the last session may be lost and the entire program cycle many need to be repeated. Ideally, each person should perform 3-4 sessions a week for a duration of 6 weeks for optimal weight loss benefits.

What Does Power To Pedal Entail?

The Power to Pedal system features various video prompts and instructions from the coach, which include tips on proper technique and posture. Similarly, there are also various inspirational and encouraging segments in the series so as to keep one going when the session starts to get intense.

The program outlines exactly how hard one needs to be working, how fast the user should be pedaling and what resistance should ideally be used. This means that users don't have to do a lot of thinking in terms of the regime, all they need to do is come prepared and follow the instructions to a t.

Another major benefit is that all the workouts are provided in a printable document format, hence one can print all of the charts and carry them when one is going to the gym, or travelling. Conversely, the training videos can also be downloaded in specific mobile formats which are compatible with all modern tablets or smartphones.

What Else Do You Receive?

Apart from the Power To Pedal program, users also receive a free copy of “The Guide to Indoor Training”. It is a compact, 38 page Ebook which features everything an individual needs to know about indoor training, it covers every small detail including setting up, nutrition, hydration, so as to allow users to obtain maximum benefits.

It also contains 6 bonus training plans, which have been especially designed for more professional and experienced riders. They can essentially be thought of as an advanced course.

Is Power To Pedal For You?

While anybody who is looking to workout and lose weight can benefit from these videos and training plans, the system is ideally suited for those individuals who have just starting cycling or people who have been physically dormant (haven't cycled for years) for some time now.

Since the program lays a lot of emphasis on the basics and proper technique, it can be used by beginners and professionals alike.

What's Needed?

The only prerequisite is that one needs to own either an indoor spinning bike with adjustable resistance, or an outdoor sports bicycle. It is also advisable to own an indoor trainer on which to place the bike on.

Power To Pedal Pricing and Availability

The Power to Pedal program is priced modestly at US$59 and comes with a 60 day full refund warranty, incase users are not satisfied with the contents of the system. Access is instant after the full amount has been paid either by credit or debit card. Users can also use options like paypal to complete the transaction.


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