Plant Based Waters – New Natural Plant Protein Superfood Drinks?


Plant Based Waters is the latest trend in the marketing industry. The concept has been on the market for quite a while, however, more and more companies are now more interested in jumping on the bandwagon and offering more options to consumers. Instead of drinking soda or just plain water, what is the most popular plant-based water is being sourced from coconuts and otis as healthy as what we all know it would be.

Types Of Plant Based Waters

Listed below are some of the most common and popular Plant Based Waters, their benefits, and possible side effects:

Coconut Water

One of the most popular, tasteful waters, it has potassium that helps boost energy. Based on research, it is regarded as a sports drink by most athletes because of the health benefits, vitamins, and minerals that it can give out. Scientists found out that coconut water is retained in a person’s body for a longer period of time compared to water or other sports drinks.

Coconut Water regulates the body water, recycles it to energy, and then uses the same energy to support a person extend in any work. Coconut water also prevents urinary tract infection battling against too much sodium in the body. If you would like a little cleansing, lowering of blood pressure and a healthier drinking lifestyle, go for coconut water.

Aloe Vera Water

Almost the same flavor as the cucumber, it is regarded as full of vitamin B and contributes to proper digestion. Apparently, aloe vera water is not recommended to be taken daily as it has long term effects.

Possible protein loss, hepatitis, electrolyte imbalance and calcium excretion are some of the effects should this plant-based water be taken daily. Most doctors suggest medications with aloe vera as it is at times taken as an herbal supplement.

Cactus Water

This type of plant-based water is rich in Vitamin C, minerals, and electrolytes which are considered anti-inflammatory. The juicing process of cactus water is in losing the fiber which contributes to the digestion procedure. As what most scientists suggest, it would be best if it is consumed not as water so as not to lose all the nutrients that it could provide.

Watermelon Water

This is also an easy to find plant-based water. Some consumers would buy whole watermelon then juice it for freshness. Others would buy directly from the market juiced and bottled.

It contains potassium for electrolytes, lycopene and vitamin C for antioxidant, beta carotene, and citrulline for the amino acid. Know that this plant-based water is sweet and may contain more sugar than other plants but its freshness is natural and healthy.

Benefits Of Plant Based Waters

These are just some of the most common plant-based waters available on the market. Although they may be hard to find in some markets, there are companies that offer these products online.

More and more consumers are utilizing these amazing plant-based waters because of the nutrients they could get from it. Generally, plant-based waters are indeed healthier than that of soda and other processed drinks. Below are some of the known benefits:

Lowers Disease Possibilities

Research suggests that processed fruit juices contain more sugar and preservatives which may cause cancer, hepatitis, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, and other health threats.

Rich In Nutrients

Plant-based waters are rich in minerals, vitamins, fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients. This means that there is no need for you to take supplements, you will develop a better complexion, and more energy to take on the challenge of day to day activities.


Soda and processed drinks are at times made in factories that secrete foul smells contributing to air and water pollution. It is safer to drink natural water with ingredients that are freshly made out of the plant without adding chemicals or preservatives.

Weight Loss

These plant-based waters contribute to weight loss process. A person drinking these types of waters is observed to lose more weight and maintain good health. Since they are high in fiber and calories are low, plant-based waters contribute in the digestion process, leaving your body full of electrolytes for energy circulation and improved performance.

More Food Options

Not everyone knows that plant-based diets can be used as primary ingredients for consumable food. Consumers could create a plant-based diet while drinking plant-based water to maximize the nutrients that they could provide.

Saves Money

The good thing about having plant-based diet is that it does not only contribute to weight loss but it also contributes to saving money. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on supplements when you can already get it from plant-based waters. Another reason is that you can always make a large bowl then put it in the freezer, preserve it for days or even weeks.

Are There Any Reasons Not To?

It is true that plant-based water would help in the overall health of a person. However, this does not stop you from eating meat and dairy. A person on a plant-based diet can still eat whatever type of food in moderation. You may cut down on meat and dairy while maintaining your water intake for proper hydration.

It is also recommended that a person with a plant-based water diet still drink plain water to balance the sugar content of some plants. This lessens the possible bad effects of the plants. Be careful with the water intake as it you may have a bad batch to drink and instead of being healthy, you would suffer from another disease.

Plant Based Waters Final Words

The latest trend is to eat more plants than meat. You are not trying to be vegetarian but you just want to be healthy and you would like to energize your day. There are available recipes online for you to make your own plant-based waters. If you’d like, you can take it a step further to incorporate more plant-based diet items into the main dish, desserts, and other food that may be enjoyable and satisfying to eat.

All you have to do is add a dash of vegetables and you will get the same amount of satisfaction you get as what you are getting from meat. So go for it and stay healthy!

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