TricHosanthes Kirilowii – Herbal Chinese Cucumber Health Benefits?


Native Chinese people are known for their use of traditional herbs. So important were those herbs that there was a list of fifty herbs that were considered fundamental in curing ailments. The tradition of using herbs to cure diseases was duly passed down from generation to generation.

Up to this day, the Chinese still mostly use herbs rather than conventional medicine in the battle against diseases. One herb that is listed among the fifty fundamental ones is Trichosanthes Kirilowii. That is, of course, its scientific name.

The Chinese people called it Gua Lou in their native Mandarin language. Today, it is known by a myriad of other names, such as snakegourd fruit, Chinese cucumber, fructus Tricosanthes, snakegourd seed and Tricosanthes fruit. The plant itself is also grown in many Chinese homes for aesthetic purposes. It is even used for landscaping.

The fruit, leaves, seeds and roots of this plant also have quite a number of medicinal uses. The plant is perennial in nature, and bears a resemblance to vines. It flowers between June and August and produces fruit between August and September. The plant does well in mild climates. It is cultivated for medicinal purposes in several regions in China, some of which include Shaanxi, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi and Shandong.

Although the plant is native to China, it is grown in other places in the world too. Some of the other continents where you can find the plant include Australia and Asia as a whole.

Benefits Of Using Trichosanthes Kirilowii

1. Good For The Lungs

Chinese cucumber has long been used to cure a number of lung ailments. For instance, it helps to drain the fluid that often clogs the lungs when you are suffering from one lung disease or another.

The herb also helps to drain heat from the lungs. In case your lungs are uncomfortably dry, consuming the herb can help moisten them a little. If there is one herb that can offer fast relief from the many ailments that affect your , it is Tricosanthes Kirilowii.

2. Clears Phlegm

Another reason why this herb is dear to many is the fact that it helps to clear phlegm. Phlegm can be unbelievably thick, and it can cause people untold discomfort.

Sometimes, it might be colored. This only serves to make you even more worried. The good news is the herb can help clear not only phlegm, but also pus. It also reduces chest pains.

3. Potential HIV Cure

Studies show that the herb can be a possible cure for HIV. It might appear too miraculous a statement to make, but it is actually backed by scientific proof.

Extracts from the plant have been shown to dissolve the protein layer on the RNA of HIV. Without the protection of this protein layer, the RNA cannot thrive. With time, it is quite possible that people could become cured of this disease that has been a cause of great devastation.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Another use of the herb is putting a stop to inflammation. Inflammation can range from uncomfortable to excruciatingly painful. It can also wreak havoc in your entire body. It hampers the correct working of vital organs in the body.

That alone suffices to disrupt the order of things in the body. Inflammation can also be a fountain of physical pain. This herb has natural cooling properties, which explains how it can curb inflammation. It is one of the best cures for inflammation known to man.

5. Potential Cure For Several Cancers

Research also points to the fact that the herb can be used as a cure for several types of cancer. These cancers include breast, lung and prostate cancer. An herb that shows even the faintest ability to fight the free radicals that often lead to cancer has to be exceptionally potent, don’t you think?

Side Effects Of TricHosanthes Kirilowii

Although there are a lot of benefits that can be gained from using the product, it is important to keep in mind the fact that the herb also causes a number of side effects.

One of the biggest side effects associated with the herb is a tendency to induce miscarriages. Pregnant women are strongly advised to keep a large distance between themselves and the herb. It is also extremely effective at inducing abortion. This is in fact one of its most common uses. Additionally, if you suffer from some spleen disease or other, you would be well advised to stay away from this herb.

The herb can cause stomach upsets and even lead to diarrhea. Other minor side effects associated with the product include nausea and vomiting. These often go away though and are not a cause for concern.

Continued use of the herb can lead to a number of undesirable consequences. You must not continually use the herb for a period surpassing one month. Overconsumption is often associated with headaches and fever, and can cause untold damage to the liver and kidney. It can also cause immense throat pain.

Products Containing TricHosanthes Kirilowii

One of the top products on the market that contains the herb is known as Gua Lou Tincture. It is highly regarded by many because it is an effective cure for many ailments. This is really no surprise given its primary ingredient is the Chinese Cucumber herb we’ve been discussing.

Another product that contains the herb is Tian Hua Fen. This is an alcohol based extract of the herb. It is also a potent cure for many conditions and it has impressive reviews. It is sold online at relatively affordable prices.

TricHosanthes Kirilowii Summary Review

Despite its side effects, Tricosanthes Kirilowii is a useful herb. It can be used to clear phlegm and get rid of chest pain. It is also very beneficial to the health of your lungs. Even more importantly, the herb has been shown to help mitigate the effects of HIV. For all we know, it might end up being the herb that saves humanity from the HIV epidemic.

Research suggests that the herb can also be used as treatment for cancer. It also helps fight inflammation. It goes without saying that the herb is more than merely useful; it is an effective cure for a wide array of diseases.

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