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Many leading fitness institutions have released studies which clearly show that in order to lose weight and get into peak physical shape we should follow a strict regimen.

For example, in order to lose stubborn belly fat it is recommended in many fitness plans that users regulate the intake of certain food types (fats, carbs, sugars), and perform special exercises that specifically target the fat deposits that have gathered within our waist region.

In addition to this, there are many training regimes that have been devised to optimize the working of our metabolic system. Through this users are able to help melt fat and convert it into fuel for our muscles and tendons to consume.

About Performax Labs Max Muscle Training Book

Performax Labs Max Muscle Training Book is a ‘free training system’ being offered by Performax Labs that covers all of the essential aspects of our health and fitness. For example, it takes care of all of our nutritional needs as well as looks after our athletic development. The program has been devised in conjunction with fitness experts and leading nutritionists.

The diet plans outlined in Performax Labs Max Muscle Training Book make use of natural ingredients that are easy to source and do not require any special means of purchase. The two main components of the Max Training system include:

(i) Max Muscle Training Book:

As the name suggests, this e-book is an exercise manual that looks to explore certain training styles that can help maximize muscle growth through proper training, diet, and supplementation.

In addition to this, other key features of Performax Labs Max Muscle Training Book include:

4-Week Hypertrophy Program:

Hypertrophy-Specific Training (HST) is an exercise means that is used to improve the overall conditioning and strength levels of our body. When used as part of a daily program, HST is able to help in the faster development of muscles without the user seeing any long term ageing related tissue losses.

Macro Recommendations:

These include dietary habits, regular advice and other pro tips that have been devised as a result of years of study. These recommendations have been provided by experts who have helped thousands of clients over the years to better help them get into peak physical condition.

Supplement Guide:

This is another underrated aspect of this book. It clearly delineates certain natural plants and vegetables that can serve as excellent supplemental choices.

Other than that, it also identifies potential items that can play a positive role in the development of our muscles (proteins, amino acids). All of the described ingredients are easy to source and can be purchased without a prescription.

(ii) 6 Week Fat Loss & Ab Trainer Book:

The name of this book could not be any clearer. As the name suggests, this ebook has been designed to primarily discuss the best ways to lose fat, maintain lean muscle mass.

However, what makes it special is the various techniques that have been outlined in this book that allows users to sculpt specific areas of their bodies using highly unique training methods.

Some of the other core components of this book include:

6 Week Abdominal and Cardio Routine:

This workout routine has been devised for people who are finding to hard to shed belly fat. The exercises have been created in consultation with fitness coaches who have tried these methods on men and women over the age of 40, and found them to be highly useful in melting away unhealthy accumulations in a quick and easy fashion.

Sample Diet Plan:

As the name points out, the book contains a full diet plan that can be followed for a period of 2-4 months depending upon what results we are expecting. The meals included in this plan are naturally prepared and are easy to cook.

Not only that, the ingredients are easy to procure and are known to help provide our bodies with a wide range of benefits like improved digestion, increased circulation, enhanced metabolism etc.

External Nutrition Guide:

This guide helps us choose our meal options more carefully. By fully outlining the pros and cons of many ingredients, minerals and other specialized nutrients, this guide helps us make smarter choices when it comes to recommendations that allow us to bust belly fat.

Other Important Information

(i) Works For Everyone:

The Max Training Program is unisex and can benefit both men and women. Not only that, the exercises outlined have been devised in a way such that they can be performed by individuals of all age groups.

(ii) Natural:

The foods that are outlined in this program are completely natural and do not contain within them any chemical derivatives that can potentially impede our weight loss progress.

(iii) Fast Results:

The program delivers results within 2-3 months of use. However, it should still be pointed out that in order to reap optimal benefits, it is recommended that people not eat any junk food or processed meals during the duration of the program.

Where Can I Obtain My Copy of Performax Labs Max Muscle Training Book?

Both of the books that have been described above are available for free from the ‘official Performax website’. All one needs to do is input their email address and some other personal details. Following this, a copy of both the books will be sent to the desired email address.

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