Dr. Kellyann SLIM Fiber – Balance Blood Sugar & Weight Loss?


To start this review, it is important that we learn about ‘dietary fibers’ and how they can play a large role in optimizing our overall digestive and circulatory health. When taken as a part of a healthy balanced diet, fiber has been scientifically found to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain and even eradicate some forms of cancers.

However, as mentioned earlier, the primary role of fiber is to improve our digestive health. Fiber dissolves easily within our intestines and is able to help clear out any blockages that might have accumulated as a result of poor eating and lifestyle choices.

About Dr. Kellyann SLIM Fiber

Dr. Kellyann SLIM Fiber is an all new ‘dietary supplement’ that has been designed to support our overall internal health. For example, when taken daily, it increases the digestion rate of unhealthy lipids and carbohydrates. Not only that, Slim Fiber also helps promote balanced blood sugar levels, maintain healthy triglyceride levels and increase weight loss ability.

The product also educates users in terms of their lifestyle choices so that they are better able to get into shape and feel more vital. Other key benefits of Slim Fiber include:

(i) Better digestion:

Through the delivery of key enzymes and nutrients, this supplement has been shown to break down food in a faster, more healthy manner When our digestive system is running at full efficiency, it is better able to produce energy and convert food into fuel.

(ii) Regulated cholesterol levels:

A highly underrated feature of this product is its potential to help reduce unhealthy levels of LDL. In addition to this, the active ingredients also increase HDL ratios in our bloodstream so as to maximize our circulatory system efficiency.

(iii) Blood sugar regulation:

As mentioned earlier, this supplement comes loaded with insulin regulators that can help optimize our blood sugar levels. This not helps us with our weight loss goals, but also prevents any sudden spikes or drops in our energy levels.

(iv) Appetite Control:

Since fibers are healthy and voluminous, they allow for a feeling of satiation to permeate our bodies. As a result of this, we are able to not only feel good, but also reduce our overall caloric intake quite substantially.

More About Dr. Kellyann SLIM Fiber

Unique Formula:

Each serving of Slim Fiber makes it easy for our body to get the optimal doses of fiber. Not only that, this supplement also comes packed with a blend of 12 other different active ingredients that our body needs for optimal function.


All of the added components that can be found within this product have been found to be free of allergenic proteins or harsh, irritating compounds that are commonly found in many cheaper substitutes.

Paleo Compatible:

When looked at in more detail, we can see that Slim Fiber is fully compatible with paleo lifestyles. In Fact it compliments our healthy efforts, and allows for amazing weight loss benefits.

What Are People Saying About Dr. Kellyann SLIM Fiber?

While Dr. Kellyann SLIM Fiber is fairly new in the market, there are still quite a few positive reviews that can be found online.

For instance, Selena R says ‘Slim Fiber has helped with my medical problems. I had lived with poor stomach health all my life, and Slim Fiber helped cure me of my condition. I would definitely recommend it to anyone seeking such a product.”

Similarly, Anthony Costa says “This seems to keep things moving in the digestive tract. It mixes into water quite easily. Maybe a little grainy for some, but you could always put it in a smoothie if that bothers you. I like that it balances your blood sugar too.”

Where Can I Make a Purchase?

All orders can be placed on the manufacturer's official website. A single unit contains 300 grams (10.6 oz.) of unflavored powder. This should work out to about 60 servings per container. The price is set at $42.00, and payments can be made via safe means such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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