NovaSOL Curcumin – Bioavailable Turmeric For Better Absorption?


There seems to be some small confusion when it comes to the differences in curcumin. You might be surprised to know that it doesn’t matter, per say, how much curcumin you consume or if one has a higher extract ratio than another. What does matter however, is the rate in which your body is able to absorb it. Based on the absorption rate, is the true reading of the turmeric/curcumin benefit.

In order to achieve this bioavailability, the active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, needs to be at an efficient rate of absorption. This is especially important in the walls of your intestines.

What can happen with other curcumin products available on the marker is the supplement struggles with separation in the gut. This is due to a variety of reasons but the most common is lower gastric pH levels.

There are various research studies and trials available on the NovaSol Curcumin website, that help demonstrate the differences between their quality products and other competitors. A few main points to mention are that the curcumin product available by NovaSol, shows a 185X more bioavailable than any other powdered turmeric/curcumin product readily available.

The retention levels are outstandingly higher mainly because other products lose their retention through the liver in approximately two (2) hours. NovaSol Curcumin demonstrated a retention rate of more than 24 hours – that’s a huge difference. And, one that is without a doubt a massive benefit to the consumer.

What Are The Benefits Of NovaSOL Curcumin Anyways?

Curcumin, namely the one by NovaSol is a natural anti-inflammatory. It helps the body fight things in your body while repairing any damage caused. Now, without inflammation in the body, bacteria can take over our bodies – so although minimal inflammation can be beneficial, and our bodies way of protecting itself, too much inflammation can cause havoc.

Inflammation has been linked to just about every chronic disease in the western world. This includes diseases like cancer, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer’s and several other degenerative conditions.

Curcumin, has the same effectiveness in many cases, to anti-inflammatory drugs on the market. So, think of it this way – instead of feeding into the pharmaceutical world of drugs, consider adding a supplement like the NovaSol curcumin to your daily routines instead.

Another primary benefit of curcumin, is being able to increase antioxidant activity in the body. This means, it can help combat oxidative stress that is directly linked to early aging. It can help protect against free radicals and help improve antioxidant levels to heights that no other natural substance has been able to reach.

Not only is it adding antioxidants to your body, but it also works to help your body increase its own production. Curcumin is also incredibly beneficial to brain function.

Therefore, it has been linked to prevention and/or management of progressive Alzheimer’s disease. There is a link found in the ability to multiply neurons and helps the growth hormone found in the brain.

Heart disease risk? Curcumin has been found after years of studies, that curcumin by NovaSol, may help reverse many steps that lead up to heart disease. It helps repair the thinning of blood vessels and help reduce the oxidation and inflammation mentioned above.

Perhaps your concern lies with joint function and mobility. And, curcumin can assist and support in this area too. Because joint stiffness and/or soreness can be directly related to inflammation in the body, because curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can help alleviate the pain and symptoms often felt in the joints, and even in the muscles.

Lastly, curcumin has proven benefits that help improve mood and fight mental illness like depression. According to a study completed, some patients who were taking anti-depressants found the same relief from curcumin than they did with prescription drugs.

To say curcumin is anything short of a powerhouse, would be an understatement.

Ready To Order NovaSOL Curcumin?

For information, pricing and samples be sure to visit the NovaSol Curcumin website and contact them today!

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