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Over 40 Ab Solution Review – Does It Work?

Over 40 Ab Solution is a new diet plan that promises to help any man or woman shrink away stubborn fat cells in just 12 minutes a day. Here’s our review of how Over 40 Ab Solution works.

What is Over 40 Ab Solution?

Over 40 Ab Solution is a diet system that comes in the form of an eBook or printed text. The book is priced at $20 and is targeted to anyone over 40 who has struggled to lose weight. This isn't to be confused with the Abs After 40 Program we reviewed earlier.

In fact, the book calls itself “the biggest exercise breakthrough” for men and women over 40.

Some of the other promises made in the book include:

-Increase metabolic rate and fat burning for over 38 hours using a simple 20 second movement

-Tighten sagging skin and firm up embarrassing trouble spots

-Reactivate youth hormones up to 450%

Like many diet and exercise books available today, Over 40 Ab Solution frequently mentions that traditional diet and exercise patterns don’t work effectively on men and women over 40 years of age. Repeated exercise increases your belly fat hormone, boosts hunger cravings, and can lead to long-term muscle and joint damage.

By following the alternative diet and exercise lessons outlined in Over 40 Ab Solution, you can purportedly lose weight in your 40s, 50s, and 60s. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how Over 40 Ab Solution works.

How Does Over 40 Ab Solution Work?

Over 40 Ab Solution relies on a concept called Metabolic Zone Training. Which is just a fancier way of saying High Intensity Interval Training. Metabolic Zone Training makes it possible to exercise effectively for a short period of time just 3 times per week.

As the creators of Over 40 Ab Solution explain:

“Just one measly hour of exercise per week, over the course of just 7 days, produced what would take up to 6 hours of traditional cardio or aerobic exercise.”

These exercises crank up your metabolism and calorie burning, so your body continues losing weight even when you’re not specifically exercising.

Over 40 Ab Solution also claims that these exercises boost your body’s production of human growth hormone, or HGH, by 450% for “up to 24 hours”. HGH is a critical hormone our body uses to repair itself, and Over 40 Ab Solution claims that HGH can also be used to burn fat in your body.

Metabolic Zone Training is also called the “12 Minute Fountain of Youth Protocol”. It includes the three following zones:

-Zone 1: Primes your metabolism and hormones to burn stubborn belly fat every time you’re following the 12 minute exercise.

-Zone 2: Activate your Fountain of Youth to release trapped fat cells.

-Zone 3: Shrinks and burns off your body’s most stubborn fat and prevents it from coming back.

Obviously, each of these “zones” is just a different type of fat burning. But by progressing through the training programs listed in Over 40 Ab Solution, you can progress through the three zones and ultimately get the “abs over 40” you were promised when you purchased Over 40 Ab Solution.

Aside from listing these three zones, Over 40 Ab Solution provides very little information about how the training program works. The product’s sales page is filled with customer testimonials, although none of these testimonials extensively explain how Over 40 Ab Solution works or what it actually does to your body.

What’s Included with Over 40 Ab Solution?

Over 40 Ab Solution includes all of the following:

— Over 40 Ab Solution Training Manual:

Includes 50 pages of exercise charts (the daily 12 minute workouts) for a total of 20 different exercises. Each exercise is designed to engage different parts of your body. Exercises require no gym membership and no equipment – just your bodyweight and 12 minutes of free time per day

— Follow Along Success Tracker:

Lets you track your success, goals, weight loss, and achievements over time.

— Fast Start Guide:

This is the condensed version of the Over 40 Ab Solution. It promises to help you follow along with the program even if you have a busy life. The program is stripped down to the bare essentials – so you can open it up and start working out almost immediately.

— Stubborn Fat Solution:

This is a 7 minute daily exercise program that promises to help you “extract trapped fat cells from your problem areas”.

— Lean 19:

The Lean 19 teaches you how to eat the right combination of foods to stabilize blood sugar and keep your body constantly burning fat 24/7.

You can choose to receive the books in eBook form or physical copy (although you’ll pay an extra fee for shipping and handling when you choose the physical copy).

Over 40 Ab Solution Pricing

Over 40 Ab Solution is advertised at an initial price of $80 (or $80 + Shipping and Handling for the printed copy). However, the website automatically applies a discount code of 75% off your purchase price, bringing the price down to $20 for either edition.

That discount code is always available. If your code says it “expired”, then just hit the “refresh” button on the page to instantly activate that discount again. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

-Digital Copy: $20

-Printed Copy: $20 + $7.95 S+H

There’s one problem with buying Over 40 Ab Solution online: the company forces you to subscribe to some $7 per month weight loss website. There’s no ability to uncheck the box beside this option on the sales page.

That $7 per month weight loss website is called the “Get Lean in 12 Club” and is described as a “premium publication that includes nutrition tips, workouts, recipes and more.” You get a free trial for the first 30 days, but you’re automatically subscribed to the website for $7 per month thereafter. You’ll need to manually email or call Over 40 Ab Solution to cancel this website subscription if you don’t want it.

All purchases are processed through Clickbank. You can use any major credit card or PayPal.

Who Makes Over 40 Ab Solution?

Over 40 Ab Solution is made by a husband and wife teamed named Shaun and Karen.

Here’s the story of how Over 40 Ab Solution came to be: Mark claims they launched a personal training studio in Michigan and quickly became “the 8th most successful franchise in the world”. They were both lean, healthy, and in great shape. Then, everything changed: Karen was diagnosed with cancer.

After cancer and chemotherapy treatment, Karen wanted to reclaim the body she had when she was younger. That’s when they both started looking into diet and fitness advice that catered specifically to men and women of their age.

Shaun Hadsall, the co-creator of Over 40 Ab Solution, describes himself as a “stubborn fat expert” and “best selling author”. He also claims he has helped “over 106,000 people across the globe” learn the truth about fighting stubborn belly fat.

Should You Buy Over 40 Ab Solution to Lose Weight Over the Age of 40?

Many diet and exercise programs available today focus on younger people – say, in their 20s and 30s. However, the same diet and exercise habits that worked in your youth may no longer work when you’re over 40. Over 40 Ab Solution plans to solve that problem by providing age-specific diet and exercise advice designed for men and women.

To do that, Over 40 Ab Solution contains 20 twelve minute exercise conditions that are specifically designed for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. Workouts consist of 20 to 60 second movements that focus not only on building muscle and burning fat, but also on activating hormones that burn fat even after you’re done working out.

Although the creators of Over 40 Ab Solution link to scientific studies, their program has never been independently studied. Nevertheless, there appears to be plenty of anecdotal evidence from happy customers who have successfully list weight through the training program. If you do buy Over 40 Ab Solution, make sure you’re paying the $20 price tag (refresh the page if you don’t see this offer). The normal retail price of $80 is far too high a price for a program with a measly 50 pages of content.

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  1. This is without question the MOST confusing, poorly thought out program I’ve ever purchased. In the instructions for diet and exercise, they use words and terms which they don’t even explain the meaning of, expecting you to understand it simply because they do. In addition the exercise schedule for the days of the week and what is required is extremely confusing, bouncing all over the place and after studying it closely and repeatedly, I still don’t get it. Also, many of the instructions for the exercises themselves along with the pictures are absolute crap, drawn out as if an 8 year old did it. For people so smart as to be able to find the solution to stubborn belly fat, they did a terrible job at creating this program. In all fairness, I have not tried the program yet simply because I’m still trying to comprehend it. It may work, but as of yet, I do not know.

  2. If you truly got the downloaded version, then it’s on your computer. Check “Downloads” if you’re using a PC. Don’t know where you look if you’re using a Mac. Also, your bank account or credit card should indicate whether you paid for it, reflecting a deduction.

  3. I ordered this program and paid for it because they said you had 90 days to cancel if you were not happy with it. I took it in to my Dr. to show her and she said I was to old and not in good enough health to follow it. I thought I knew how to cancel it, but then I discovered there are no directions on how to cancel it. Can you help me?

    • If you open your email from Clickbank, there will be a link to click on that will let you log in and then you can request a refund.

  4. Your video is so long and irritating I could not get through it toeven hear about the actual 12 minute what ever. There is no reason to say the same things over over for God knows how long three actually goes on. But after the longest 45 minutes of my life when I could tell you were not even close to wrapping it up.. I’ll never get those minutes back and now we r late for school!

    • I am with you carrie. …way to long of video…repeating the same thing over and over and over…we got it the first time…I finally just stopped it…it said in 3 minutes then…went on for several more…then I guess the wife was going to tell us the same thing all over.. .still don’t know what it is. …

  5. Please discontinue any connection I have with this organization.
    This includes taking $$ out of my account or Pay Pal or any info.
    I don’t want to be a member. If this is not the way to stop this
    please tell me how to.

  6. I’m pretty sure I ordered this Over 40 Ab Solution before thinking it would come in the mail. Then I realized later it was the downloaded version I ordered and paid for. I would still like to try this program, but can someone check to see if there’s a record showing I paid for it? I would like the printed version.

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