My Diet Is Better Than Yours Review


ABC’s “My Diet Is Better Than Yours”

ABC recently premiered a new show called My Diet Is Better Than Yours. Find out everything you need to know about this new show today.

What is My Diet Is Better Than Yours?

My Diet Is Better Than Yours is an ABC weight loss show that follows a roster of celebrity trainers.

The goal of these trainers?

To use their own diet and fitness advice to get overweight Americans into shape.

Each trainer implements their own diet and exercise plan on an assigned contestant.

So far, ABC has ordered 8 one hour episodes. The season premiere of the show was unveiled on January 7, 2016 at 8/7c.

The show was originally called Diet Wars when it was sold to the network back in September. The show is being produced by Milojo Productions along with executive producers Chris Coelen (CEO of Kinetic Content), Katie Griffin, and Susan House.

Who Is Involved?

One of the major celebrity trainers involved in the program is Shaun T, the guy behind the popular workout program Beach Body Insanity, and Hip Hop Abs. He’s the host of the program.

In addition to Shaun T, five other “Diet Stars” will tell contestants who to lose weight, including Carolyn James, Jovanka Ciares, Jay Cardiello, Dawn Jackson and Abel James.

Each trainer is paired with a regular overweight contestant who wants to get in shape.

One of the twists to the show is that contestants can choose to eliminate trainers from the show if they don’t feel like the trainer is helping them hit their diet or fitness goals.

Types of Diets Used on the Show

There are five different diets that will be showcased on the show, including:

— The Clean Momma Plan: Promotes burning calories through performing different household chores.

— The Wild Diet: A high fat diet consists of foods that a primitive caveman would have found in the actual wilderness (similar to the paleo diet) combined with high-intensity workouts.

— Superfood Swap Diet: Swap out your favorite sweet foods with healthier alternatives.

— No Diet Plan and the Plate Method: Fill up half your plate with vegetables and the other half with protein and carbs.

— The Wellness Smackdown Plan: Aims to detoxify your body using herbs combined with an anti-inflammatory vegan diet.

In total, six different diet and exercise programs will be tested throughout the course of the show. As the creator of the program, Chris Coelen, said back in September,

“There are thousands of diets promising to help people lose weight, but choosing the diet that will actually work is a different matter. Our new format sets out to narrow the choice by selecting six diverse and revolutionary diet plans and, for the first time ever, testing these methods on TV in a real life experiment.”

How Are Contestants Judged?

Contestants will be tested throughout the duration of the show.

Tests will be performed by celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser, who will create different challenges and force contestants to work through those challenges.

The five metro Atlanta residents involved in the program include a radio producer and a local TV reporter.

Each contestant can try out a particular diet or exercise program but can switch away from that program if they’re not happy with it.

Where Does the Show Take Place?

Filming for My Diet Is Better Than Yours has already wrapped. The show was filmed in Atlanta over 14 weeks in 2015.

Unlike with other reality TV shows, the contestants return to their homes and continue with their daily lives during shooting.

Contestants are also not eliminated: all five will remain until the end.

What Do They Win?

What’s the motivation for 14 weeks of diet and exercise in front of TV cameras?

The contestant who loses the most weight will earn $50,000 cash along with $20,000 in free groceries from Earthfare as well as a feature in People magazine.

The Contestants

The Atlanta Journal Constitution was able to identify contestants involved in the program before the show even aired. Here’s the story behind some of the contestants:

Jasmin Queen

Jasmin is an Atlanta stay-at-home mom who wants to get in shape to run a half-marathon, work with her husband, and fit into her wedding ring. She’s been paired up with fitness expert Dawn Jackson Blatner, who advocates a diet called the Superfood Swap Diet. In that diet, you swap your favorite foods for healthier versions with no refined sugar and no snacking (although sweets and alcohol are allowed).

Kurt Morgan

Kurt wants to play a more active role in his grandchildren’s lives and become “the cool Grandpa”. Kurt has paired up with Abel James, who advocates The Wild Diet Plan we talked about above. In that plan, you focus on eating plant-based foods with no carbs. You are, however, still allowed to eat meats, cheeses, butter, and chocolate.

Jeff Benedict

Jeff is a producer at 92.9/The Game and claims he has never taken a family photo because of his weight. He’s been paired up with Jay Cardiello with the goal of crossing that picture off his to-do list. Jay advocates the No Diet Plan and the Plate Method, where you fill up half your plate with vegetables and the other half with equal parts carbs and protein.

Latasha Givens

Latasha is an 11 Alive reporter based in Atlanta who wants to become a “clean momma”. She is competing with trainer Carolyn Barnes, who advocates the Clean Momma Plan. That Plan describes how you can turn a daily mom life into an opportunity to burn calories. Latasha’s goal is to fit into her wedding gown.

Taj Robinson

Taj wants to lose 67 pounds with the help of expert Jovanka Ciares. Jovanka advocates a detoxification-based diet and stresses the maintenance of a balanced diet. Her diet is called The Wellness Smackdown Plan, which advocates an anti-inflammatory vegan-based diet that uses herbs to detoxify the body.

When Does the Show Air?

My Diet Is Better Than Yours will air across 8 one hour episodes, with two one hour episodes being shown every Thursday. The season will be complete by early February 2016.

“My Diets is Better Than Yours,” can be seen at 9 p.m. on Thursdays for four weeks starting January 7 on ABC. You can also watch live streams of the episodes online.

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