OnBrain Clarity Review

OnBrain Clarity is a new nootropic supplement that calls itself “Viagra for the brain”. But do these claims stand up to real science? Here’s our OnBrain Clarity review.

What is OnBrain Clarity?

OnBrain Clarity is a nootropic smart drug supplement that claims to offer most of the same benefits as other nootropics, including intense focus, mental clarity, and cognitive precision.

The creators of OnBrain Clarity call their supplement “Viagra for the brain”. By taking a capsule per day, you can purportedly improve your IQ and mental strength.

Some of the other claims made by OnBrain Clarity is that it’s a “real life Limitless pill” and that bloggers and media are “buzzing” about the potential for the pill. As a testament to that buzz, OnBrain Clarity claims to have been featured on major media outlets like CNN.

In fact, the main sales page for OnBrain even posts a screenshot of an article from CNN along with a snippet from that article. Unfortunately, a quick search for that article reveals zero results, which means that the article was either removed by CNN or was completely fabricated.

Other bold claims made by the creators include the fact that we only use 10% of our brains and that this simple pill will help you use up to 90% of your brain.

Obviously, these are some very bold claims. Let’s find out how OnBrain Clarity actually works.

How Does OnBrain Clarity Work?

OnBrain Clarity claims to work by using a blend of natural and synthetic nootropic ingredients. Key ingredients include natural herbal extracts like Bacopa monnieri as well as synthetic formulas like vinpocetine and Alpha GPC.

Together, these ingredients purportedly boost your mental alertness.

Some of the key listed ingredients in OnBrain Clarity include:

Bacopa Monnieri
Alpha GPC
Huperzine A

All of these compounds are proven nootropic ingredients backed by real research. We’ve talked about each ingredient extensively at our own site. Unfortunately, the creators of OnBrain Clarity have refused to disclose how much of each nootropic compound is included in each serving.

Typically, a manufacturer wants to advertise its dosages. This helps customers know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies while also making it easy for customers to compare different values.

For whatever reason, the manufacturer of OnBrain Clarity has taken a different approach. They’ve only listed a handful of ingredients and refused to list the dosages of these ingredients. That should be worrying for anyone who wants to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies.

How to Buy OnBrain Clarity

OnBrain Clarity is currently only available online at the supplement’s official website, TryOnBrain.com. At that site, you’ll find the following purchase options available:

— Package 1: 5 Bottles for $158.95 ($31.79 per bottle)
— Package 2: 3 Bottles for $97.95 ($32.65 per bottle)
— Package 3: 1 Bottle for $54.95

The website claims that shipping is free across the United States and Canada (which are the only two countries where you can currently order OnBrain Clarity). However, when you reach the actual ordering page for OnBrain Clarity, you’ll see a charge of $4.95 added to your order for shipping.

You can pay for your nootropic by VISA, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express.

All orders come with a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can return it for a full refund minus shipping and handling charges.

Who Makes OnBrain Clarity?

OnBrain Clarity’s sales page provides no information about the manufacturing conditions or location of the company.

Instead, the only contact information provided is a phone number at 855-836-6672.

According to this page at CJB.net, that phone number is associated with Archie Street in Princeton, Missouri.

Princeton is a small town in rural Missouri with a population of 1,138 as of 2013. Archie Street is a small street that crosses the middle of downtown.

Aside from this scant information, the official OnBrain Clarity website provides no information about the manufacturer or producer of the supplement.

Should You Use OnBrain Clarity?

OnBrain Clarity makes numerous bold claims about its science, its sales figures, and its media coverage without providing any real evidence to reinforce these claims. It doesn’t describe how much of each ingredient is included in the supplement, nor does it post any scientific studies regarding the supplement.

Making things look worse for the manufacturer is the fact that they have appeared to fabricate fake news stories on media outlets like CNN to increase their legitimacy. Other bold claims made by the company include the fact that it has “124,000+ Facebook fans” and “750,000 satisfied customers” on Amazon.com.

To make matter even worse, OnBrain Clarity is surprisingly expensive compared to competing nootropic supplements, priced at around $60 for a single bottle that includes 30 capsules.

For all of these reasons, it’s difficult to recommend buying OnBrain Clarity. The only good news is that they do have competitive pricing when you purchase more than one bottle and they do use ingredients that have been proven to be effective.

If you have tried OnBrain Clarity, please leave your personal review below.


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